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The Change Makers – Episode 4 | Perminder Chohan

I first met Perminder in a small Starbucks in Delta. It was late summer, and it felt like everyone around me was trying to enjoy the outdoors as much as they could before the sun and warmth would trade with the cold and rain of winter here in the lower mainland. The couple ahead of me in line ordered their Cold Brews to refresh themselves before heading back out into the evening sun. There were those, like me, who welcomed the air conditioning and took seats inside.

Paarull, Perminder’s public relations specialist, arranged our meeting. She loved our show, and what we are trying to accomplish with the series, and like any good PR professional, she believes in her client. Up until this point, all I knew of Perminder was the hype. Author of two books, a managing director with over 500 advisors and 7 offices in the lower mainland, and the many charities he is involved with.

They are amazing accomplishments and could make for a great ad campaign, but they are not enough to craft a story. To me, these successes do not make-up a person or a brand, so my desire to meet Perminder was to just listen to his story. This is what I believe is the most important part of crafting video content, stories, and even ads. It’s as much about building relationships as it is understanding all the elements that need to come together.

My turn came up in line, so I ordered a Berry Hibiscus Passion Tea and sat down with Perminder and Paarull. In that two hour conversation over tea, the hype washed away to reveal a very real person. Despite what he has accomplished in his life so far, or the wealth he has earned, he did not want to be remembered for those things. He deeply wanted to be remembered as the kind of person who was there for others.

He was aware that this desire was shaped by his father. Growing up in a small village in India, he would see his father doing his best to help all those who asked. When he was old enough to ask, his father replied and told him that “if you are there for others, others are going to be there when you need them.”

As a young man, he had wild dreams of traveling abroad and making a better life in some far-off country. If you haven’t guessed yet, that far-off country turned out to be Canada. But no matter how far away his new home was, his father’s teaching never left him. He felt as though it was written into his very DNA.

In our conversation, I learned that he firmly believed that if you want to be successful, if you want to make a change, that change begins with you. I don’t know if he noticed, but I could see that this also came from his father’s teaching. How could you be there for others if you were unable to be there for yourself? How can you make a difference in the lives of others if you do not make a change in your own? Change begins with you.

This is what change makers are made of because change begins with one person making a difference one action, one moment at a time.

You cannot overcome your DNA, so despite the challenges that came with immigrating to a foreign country, even in failure and bankruptcy, he was there for others even though it cost him. His tenacity and care for others eventually found their home when he began his career in the financial services and life insurance industry.

Now, as a leader and coach, he teaches his extraordinary secret to business success. Do I have to say it? Have you guessed what that might be? Treat people like they are your family and be there for them. What kind of service or product would you give your family? Only the best.

Please check out Perminder’s website to learn more about him and his foundation. Don’t forget to follow, like, and share this story and others.

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