Kapade Fashion Labels launches new boutique in the heart of downtown Vancouver

Fashion Designer Vaneesha Advani has launched Kapade Fashion Labels a new boutique in the heart of downtown Vancouver as of November 20, 2018. The boutique carries European fashion and accessories and one label from New York.

“Kapade means clothes – I hope to bring a new clothing concept to Vancouver. The concept of the store is to bring in amazing capsule collections from Europe that you can mix and match – making Kapade a one stop shop. It’s all about creating a timeless, classic look.” Advani

Advani will also be carrying her own collection Designs by Sonia made in Eindhoven. The store will serve as the second workshop for her line which she created in Netherlands. Her own jewellery line currently is carried in showrooms in Paris as well as Japan and one of her fans include the infamous Iris Apfel.

The store is located on 440 West Hastings and carries unique holiday gift ideas.


Tell us about Kapade Fashion Labels and the concept behind the store.

Kapade, was just a fluke, I did not put much thought behind Kapade everything was rather organic and came about at the right time. Just a month prior to leasing this place I overheard my mother telling someone that I will be opening a store soon, when I heard that I was upset as I had no plans as such, I just wanted to continue designing my own collection and attend shows as always, work with Japan and Europe.

Month later I was browsing through the net with no serious intent, I came across few places for rent, just curious out of curiosity I called the realtor, who responded right away and showed me the place which I am leasing now. I remember telling her no way, I was ever going to take this place as it was huge.

I kept looking at smaller spaces out of curiosity but now I was starting to become serious. All the smaller spaces I saw I did not like any one of them, the day I was disheartened and wanted to give up, I got call from the same persistent realtor she knows who she is and I am glad she did and rest is history.

As far as labels are concerned I know almost all the designers personally, Daniela of Elementum and myself have known one another from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, we both started designing our collections from there and also did photo shoots together, Mutsaers leather handbags also from Netherlands, I used to go there to have my leather cut and still do, the company has history it is one of the oldest company in Netherlands.

Their handbags are handmade in their factory and are of high quality and high standard, the company was started by the grandfather and now is run by his son and grand daughter. When in Eindhoven I spend time with them in their workshop/factory, it feels like home. NRK, well Ana and myself meet at the shows in New York, I love her collection, buying as a designer is totally a different experience.

What inspired you to launch your own store?

As mentioned above, it just happened more like serendipity one thing after other. Once I made up my mind about the store I knew what I wanted and which collections I wanted to have in the store, I had a vision which was clear, of course the store has a lot of potential and is still work in progress, which is quite apparent as Idid not have much time, from the conception to present it has not even been two months, basically this store as you see was build in less then two months.

What’s your inspiration behind your own collection Designs by Sonia created in Netherlands?

Inspiration for designs by Sonia collection came from my travels to Africa initially, I fell in love with their old beads, I am fascinated by old and new, I like to take old materials and create contemporary designs or take new materials and make them look old. The collection is mainly sold in Europe, in Japan in Plain People stores who are all over Japan and in USA and now also in few selected stores in Canada.

You are bringing in capsule collections from designers all across Europe. Can you tell us about the process of picking each collection and why?

In simple words they all work well together it is like a thyme, you can mix and match just about any piece with another designer’s piece, it is effortless look and yet very today.

Can you tell us what designers you are carrying in the store now?

Nrk: New York, Elementum: Netherlands and Portugal, Petrucha: Spain, Ablesia: Portugal, Henry Christ: Germany and Designs By Sonia: Netherlands, Mutsaers: Netherlands and Uli: Netherlands and few more to be added soon

What can we expect in the future at Kapade Fashion Labels. Are there any particular designers you are hoping to showcase in your store?

Yes, I am planning on adding more designers but will only disclose once those collections are in.

Surrey604 Staff
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