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My Top Ten Wishes For Canadians For 2019!

My wish for 2019 is that everyone has an opportunity to enjoy a good quality of life and have the capacity to reach their potential and make their mark in society. Here is my top ten wish list for my fellow Canadians.

That Canadian citizens have the opportunity to opt-into the public service benefit plan at the same rate as public servants. This would be a self-pay program and self-sufficient.

That eco-friendly small businesses benefit from full tax relief during the first five years of their operations to nurture, grow, and develop their business. The businesses would be stimulating the economy and would be contributing more taxes once they’re established.

That the government provide a full tax rebate on “basic internet and cell phone” packages and that wi-fi is provided free in all public locations. The internet and cell phone companies could pay for this program by charging more for upgraded packages just like airlines charge more for business and first class compared to economy.

That any families on low-income receive monthly direct cash payments that would be sufficient to lift them out of poverty. This would be a long-term investment that would pay for itself in increased positive health, social, and economic outcomes for the children and families the program helped.

That youth 19 and under receive free passes to local recreation centres including gyms, pools, and ice rinks to help develop a lifelong habit of fitness. This program would pay for itself through savings in police, court, prison, and probation related costs as the youth would have a strong alternative to gangs, drugs, and other social ills.

That lawyers fees be regulated, and capped like dentist fees. The government could charge premiums to purchase insurance to cover the cost of legal fees just like dental insurance.

That the federal government launch a national vacation program where citizens receive tax deductions for travelling and discovering Canada. This program would pay for itself through increased economic activity with Canadians spending their vacation dollars in the country.

That all levels of government provide incentives to allow employees to work from home with flexible hours. This would also pay for itself because employers would not have to build offices for employees and there would be fewer cars on the road and demands on public transit. It would also save a lot of time. A happy employee is a productive employee.

That the government make post-secondary education free “upfront” for all citizens and interest-free. The government could clawback a percentage of a student’s income year by year when they start working until their debt is paid in full.

That youth 16 years old be provided with the right to vote. This would encourage politicians to prioritize youth issues and invest in our next generation.

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Alex Sangha
Alex Sangha is an award winning author and social worker based in Surrey.  He completed a Masters in Public Administration and Public Policy from the Department of Government at the London School of Economics.  For more information on Alex check out his author blog at