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It can often be difficult to seek out skilled and like-minded people to work with. You can spend hours online, sifting through search engines and social media platforms to find new people to work with and still have no luck. You may not know what their values are, what kind of person they are, if their skill set is exactly what you need; and, in the end, you may simply face the fact that their services are out of your budget. The sad truth is that in our communities we are surrounded by skilled people, people who can offer a service, and yet we have no way to communicate with them, no way to seek them out…until now.

Trades4Trades is the website you need to change the way you interact and build connections in your community. A seamless way to trade skills, items, services and facilities in one easy to use online platform. It doesn’t end there! You can trade skills, work with new people; and develop long lasting connections and friendships with people who share the same values as you.

If you are a business owner – even better! Trades4Trade provides you with a platform to barter; network and showcase your business, and build your reputation online and within your community. Putting you in touch with people who can help you grow, trade a skill or just support your business. We pride on building local working communities and networks to help people support each other in the development of skills and ultimately their future.

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Build a strong future as a solo-trader, average Joe or a business with Trades4Trade. Ultimately save time, energy and money instead of looking for the wrong person in all the wrong places. We have one goal in mind: To give you a seamless skill-searching journey that reaps many benefits.

Here’s how it works: Sign up today for free (yes, you heard us!) over on our website Fill out your sparkling new profile then have access to 300+ skills. If we don’t have the skill you are looking for get in touch and we will add it, simple. As a network that is continually expanding you will have access to location-based skills, services, items and facilities. Once set-up you can post exactly what you’re looking for, create a business profile and start building a strong community around you. It sounds super easy – because it is.

Start building your community using Trades4Trade now.

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