Surrey RCMP claims 36% decrease in shootings in 2018

A 36% decrease in shootings in 2018 is a sign that the measures targeting gang related crimes will benefit Surrey according to Surrey RCMP Sergeant, Chad Greig. Compared to previous years, shootings in Surrey have decreased by a third. To Greig, the statistics reflect the amount of gang related crimes in the city because of the involvement shootings have with gang violence.

“Gang violence is a very broad term. Shootings are a part of gang violence so that is a part of our plan for lowering gang violence,” said Sergeant Greig. Apart from the lowering crime as is takes place, the RCMP has initiated multiple programs particularly for the youth of Surrey. “The purpose is to build trust in the police,” he said. Surrey councillor Doug Elford said that while the RCMP’s success is beneficial as they are “managing the problem” the improving statistics do not put a damper on the cities plans to terminate the RCMP’s contract with the City of Surrey.

“A 36% drop is encouraging but some would say a 36 percent is not great in the first place because the issue still exists,” said Elford. “What we measure is, do residents feel safe in the community?” Since the new year there have been two shootings. Nether related to have possible gang motives.

Nikitha Martins
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