Comprehensive Guide on How to Manage your PDF Files

Portable Document Format (PDF) is popular with many people owing to its multiple features. Its portability and mobility are among the features that most people like. It is easy to share and transfer the PDF file format over the network. Many users have declared it as the best file format. If you are searching for a PDF creation software, you can head to The PDF website offers a complete solution for all your PDF needs. Having the best PDF creation software is one thing, knowing how to manage your PDF files will enable you to get the best out of your software creation tool. This guide will show you how to manage your PDF files like a pro.

1. The large sized PDF document

Large sized PDF documents provide a significant challenge when you open it or want to send it through email over the network. Trying to open such a large size in Adobe reader possess difficulties as it takes too long to open. In some cases, the application may even hang. If you want to access a certain page in a large document, you can wait for a long time which is frustrating. The best way to overcome this issue is to divide the large file into multiple parts. That way it becomes easy to open it. In the case of sending the file, breaking the file into multiple parts will make it easy for you to send only the required pages.

2. Unlimited PDF document

Another difficulty occurs where you have multiple PDF files in your system. Storing and managing a vast number of files is not easy. They could even get misplaced. Supposing you want to send say 30 PDF files via email. Sending one by one can take a lot of time. The best way would be to merge all the 30 documents into a single file. Uploading it once will not only be fast but will make it easy for the receiver to manage.

3. Security of PDF document

Security of your PDF documents is of utmost importance. Your PDF documents may possess valuable information hence you should ensure that you have taken the necessary security precautions to protect all your documents. Some of the best security practices is having a competent antivirus solution that can protect you from malware that’s used by hackers to steal data.

4. Remove protection from PDF documents

You might have faced a situation where you downloaded a PDF file from the internet, and you can view it or read it. However, you find that you are unable to copy any content from the file. The reason why you cannot copy the content is due to a restriction which is called restriction on copying of content from the file. If a PDF file is protected or secured by such restrictions, you must remove all security parameters from them to gain full access.


Many people like the PDF format because after you save your files to PDF, it preserves all the visual elements of your documents. The above solutions will go a long way to help you in managing your PDF files.

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