The Current Favorite Online Hobbies in Canada

Due to the widespread availability of mobile devices, more people now have access to the internet than at any other time in history – because of this, the ability to surf the web is no longer considered the luxury it was 20 years ago. An increase in internet speeds and more affordable internet packages mean we now spend more of our free time online. With over 30 million users, Canada is regarded as one of the biggest online markets worldwide, a figure forecasted to grow over the foreseeable future. Hence, we thought it would be a good idea to have a closer look at just what Canadians get up to online.

Social Networks | No matter what your personal take on the subject, the social media juggernaut remains as irresistible as ever (as is our desire to stay connected). Whether it’s individuals using Facebook to keep in touch with friends or business professionals using social media as an invaluable recruiting and marketing tool, social media popularity shows no signs of dipping and this is especially true in Canada. Platforms such as YouTube and Twitter remain as popular as ever in the country, while 54% of Facebook users in the country access the site at least once a day.

Online Casino | Online casino remains one of the fastest growing industries on the planet and as a nation, the Canadians are as active as any when it comes to blackjack, roulette and poker. In addition, the popularity of online slot games seems to be rising. There are now a number of review sites detailing the best online slots available in Canada and other highly populated western countries. Such sites indicate who are the top providers, which are the largest, which are most convenient. With that research and legwork already done, it’s no surprise that online casino remains one of the most popular pastimes in the Great White North.

Internet Shopping | While traditionalists still enjoy purchasing on the high street, online shopping is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Thanks to online shopping, most of us are just one click away from buying virtually anything our hearts desire. The fact that you can do so from the comfort of your own home is a big draw for shoppers and recent research has shown that Canada is still into online shopping in a big way.

Streaming | With the decline of cable TV, streaming sites such as Twitch, YouTube and Netflix remain as popular as ever worldwide. According to a recent survey on North American TV Habits, Canadian households with streaming subscriptions will outnumber those with cable by the end of next year. With new streaming services launching on a regular basis, the relationship between Canadians and streaming looks set to carry on blossoming.

Trends for 2019 and Beyond | In such a rapidly changing environnment, it’s difficult to predict what the latest internet fads and trends will bring. However, online healthcare, augmented reality glasses and social media shopping are just a select few online trends that are expected to blow up within the next few years or so. Whatever the future holds for the internet, it’s fair to say that Canada will once again be at the forefront of any exciting new developments.

Surrey604 Staff
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