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Healthy Living in Early Recovery



Alcohol, within the realms of dating, is commonly used to demolish fears and cultivate “liquid courage.” Perhaps drugs and alcohol make us feel more flirtatious, outgoing, or just overall likable. In general, dating can be extremely intimidating, uncomfortable, and even disappointing. When faced with the reality of doing all of that completely sober, some would gracefully bow out. However, many have done it. Recovery is hard, and dating in recovery is even harder – but many are willing to walk through fear in hopes of finding their significant other.


Many of us have used our addiction to propel the desirable personas suitable for varying situations. Whether we were looking to become more courageous, sociable, or even more willing to welcome vulnerability many of us sought out liquid courage to produce the desired effect. Maybe our only experience dating was wrapped up in the love affair with our beloved vices. Either way, George Sand said it best “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”  


There’s a certain vulnerability required when embarking on the road to long-term sobriety. We can utilize what we have learned, in recovery, to our advantage when we start dating.


Focus on Your Sobriety 

It’s not uncommon for the all-or-nothing mentality to plague us, even after we get sober. Life is all about balance…this is also true within the parameters of interpersonal relationships. Before we can add value to any relationship, we must first make sure our lives are in order. It’s been said many times “Anything you put before your sobriety, you will lose.” Making our recovery the number one priority is the only way to ensure our sobriety and decrease our chances of relapse.


Self-Love is the Best Love

Many of us have walked into the realm of recovery, beaten into a state of submission, by way of incomprehensible demoralization. Most of us have defined ourselves by our failures and inadequacies. This unhealthy mentality has utterly destroyed our self-esteem. It has been proven that we are able to love someone only at the capacity we love ourselves. It is crucial that we redefine ourselves without the presence of a drink or drug.


It’s very likely that the person we want to engage in a relationship with is not interested in getting to know the train-wreck version of who we used to be. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Loving yourself is not an overnight matter, which is why many would suggest halting on dating until after maintaining a solid year of sobriety first. Some of us may settle for unhealthy, codependent relationships if we are not careful to rediscover who we truly are and love ourselves exactly as we are.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Sobriety can be a super sensitive and personal subject matter, especially within the realms of dating. So when is the right time to mention your recovery? The answer, to this question, can be affected by many contributing factors. Addiction statistics reveal that over 23 million people are actively involved in addiction recovery, it’s likely the person you’re dating has been affected by addiction in some facet. A good rule of thumb is to bring up the subject of sobriety in a natural way.


Most of us have spent our lives, as the actor, playing the perfect part based on who everyone else thought we should be. Now that we are sober, we learn how to be and accept ourselves for who we really are. Whether it’s revealing your sobriety, less than favorable clingy tendencies, or even your fear of vulnerability…it’s always best to let the person know up front. If you notice a shift in the conversation, then this relationship probably isn’t for you anyways.


One of the best parts of being in recovery is the personal evolution required to maintain sobriety. As addicts in recovery, we learn how to take care of mind, body, and soul. Some recovering addicts do it through working out, prayer, meditation, 12-step fellowships, and new hobbies. Those of us, in recovery, are constantly trying to better ourselves. This daily platform for growth is not only beneficial in relapse prevention but it can also cultivate a strong foundation for future relationships.


This article was submitted by a reader from the Surrey Community. You can submit your own community story, press release, event or public notice directly to our Community Board today! We also have advertising and promotional options for businesses.

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#Liveoffthefloor concerts feature Surrey bands getting back to live



#liveoffthefloor concerts feature Surrey bands with nowhere else to play

The Longest Intermission – Getting musicians back into the swing of performing their new music and fans a chance to experience it.

With the support of the Province of British Columbia and the City of Surrey , Penmar Community Arts Society (Penmar), is launching The Longest Intermission, a virtual concert mini-series featuring local bands recorded live off the floor in Ocean Park Community Hall.

Since covid has shut down live music for over a year, bands have struggled to make a living, but continue to create and put out new material. The Longest Intermission gives bands the chance to rehearse in preparation for a return to touring and share it with fans through livestreaming.

Each band receives a copy of the professionally produced audio and video files that they can use to promote themselves and apply for other performance opportunities, both during and post covid. Each performance will be marketed to fans and potential fans throughout BC and livestreamed as a special event.

The Longest Intermission features two bands – Sleepy Gonzales and Brass Camel – all musicians that originated from Surrey or still live there.

The rehearsal will be produced, marketed and streamed as two virtual special events by Penmar with Partner Tradable Bits , who has sponsored us with use of their state-of-the-art marketing and streaming platform as a way to support emerging musicians.

The project received additional support from Long & McQuade (White Rock) that supplied lights for the production, Face The Music that is sponsoring each band with a video marketing package, and Music Lottery who is also providing financial support.

The goal with these special events is to work with the bands to promote their latest music which they created while unable to perform during covid. We are able to stream into communities that the bands are currently unable to tour to, with an opportunity of reaching new audiences.

Live from the Floor special event broadcasts take place on May 1st and May 8th and will feature a video of the Ocean Park Hall performance and a chance to interact with the bands.

Accessible for everyone.  Registration is required and there are free tickets available and paid options to support the musicians in this series and bringing back live!

Event Information and link to register –

Sleepy Gonzales video “aliens exist” –

Brass Camel video “Pressure Cooker” –


Dione Costanzo

Event and Marketing Specialist

Operations Manager, Penmar Community Arts Society

About Penmar

Office – 604-535-1162

Cell – 604-817-1526

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Help Canadian Artists Get Played



Canadian musicians have a great opportunity to get radio play right here in Vancouver. Mary Kirk of Durham Radio has applied for a Vancouver license. With a new, local radio station artists will have a greater range of options to be heard, played, and paid for their music.

Durham Radio needs our help to get their application accepted. I’m reaching out to all musicians to send a letter of support for Durham Radio’s application.

Here is a message from  Mary and Doug Kirk:

Dear members of our Wave artist family,

We at Durham Radio Inc. have applied for a new FM license to broadcast The Wave on 98.3FM in the heart of Vancouver, Canada’s second-largest English-speaking market and a perfect backdrop for Canada’s Smoothest Groove!

Our application was publicly posted Monday, March 22nd on the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission’s site (CRTC).  In order to be successful, we now need huge public support, especially from our wonderful Wave family of artists.   We hope you will add your own letter of support, documenting your past experiences with The Wave and with us personally, emphasizing our commitment to our artists, especially our Canadian vocalists and instrumentalists. If you have a personal story that will illustrate the impact the Wave has had on your career in the music industry, we would so appreciate your sharing it with the Commission.

Please begin your letter with a clear statement of support for our application.   Then explain why you think that our “Smooth Groove” format would be a welcome addition to the Vancouver market. You may have some thoughts beyond the obvious arguments that we’ll be adding diversity of choice for listeners and a new fresh sound, primarily from artists who do not get played on any other stations in Canada. Our dedication to live music around town and major show production will of course continue, once attending concerts is allowed again!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your efforts to make “Vancouver’s Smoothest Groove” a reality!  Our West Coast Wave will play an even balance of instrumental and vocal music and will be 40% Canadian in content. We are eager to get all our artists back on FM radio in Canada and introduced them to so many new fans.

With your help, we hope to be able to report on a favourable CRTC decision by late summer.

To mail your support: CRTC, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2 To fax your support please send to 819-994-0218 for further instructions contact Cat Levan at


Many thanks for your support,


Cat Levan



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Clubhouse App Everything You Need To Know About The Social Media Phenomenon | X-Byte Enterprise Solutions



here you will understand what clubhouse social media mobile app is all about, how this clubhouse drop in audio chat app is different, what happens in the rooms, & many more. let us deep dive into what goes into the clubhouse app development cost blog for better understanding.


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2009 successful fight to keep road out of Bear Creek Park breached by present Safe Surrey Councillors



The Mayor and Council, City of Surrey, B.C., at meeting Monday, February 22/21passed 5-4—an amendment to the 10-year plan and project #7065 (84th Avenue through Bear Creek Park)—to be fast-tracked to give 84th Avenue extension through Bear Creek Park a 2-year priority.

Clrs Pettigrew, Locke, Hundial and Annis questions:

  • the successful 2009 community fight to keep 84th Avenue from going through the south end of Bear Creek Park
  • community opposition in the past to the environmental impact on the two Class A red-listed salmonid creeks (“Bear Creek” at about 13720 and “King Creek” at about 13800)
How could Surrey Councillor Guerra justify her voting to put the road through Bear Creek Park, by stating at the February 22nd council meeting that she believes this project is not cutting down any trees?
Has she and her fellow SSC councillors (who made the  5-4 decision) ever walked the area?  Has she seen the fish spawn in the two red-listed creeks? Has she heard the owls?  Seen the raptors? Enjoyed the quiet of this undeveloped portion of the park?
We pay our mayor and councillors to make informed decisions, not to just vote en bloc.
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Startup Program by X-Byte Enterprise Solutions in CANADA



X-Byte is launching its super-exclusive StartUp Accelerator program to help and guide all the aspiring business owners out there to scale their operations and grow their venture in 2021.

It’s a one-of-a-kind supercharger program conceived and developed by X-Byte Enterprise Solutions to boost the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit. We are open to up to 25 startups to teach, guide, assist, mentor and share everything we know about running a successful business in this current day and age. Our Program walks every selected entrepreneurial candidate through the following essential modules.


Get in touch with us for your specific business requirements.


 | Visit us:


| Phone: +1 (832) 251 7311


 | Email:

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