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New Surrey Facebook Page launched with over 14,000 followers!

Surrey, British Columbia – A Facebook Page called “SUNDAR – South Asia International Expo” has been launched. The Facebook Page was originally “SUNDAR – South Asia Artists Community” and founded by social worker Alex Sangha and graphic designer Vinay Giridhar on October 22, 2015.

This page had grown to 14,083 followers with artists and people who love the arts joining from throughout South Asia and their diaspora worldwide! On May 1, 2019, the Facebook Page was rebranded to “SUNDAR – South Asia International Expo,” by Alex Sangha.

The new purpose of the page is to build public support for a South Asia International Expo in Surrey that would celebrate and showcase South Asian arts, culture, ideas, and innovation. The Expo would bring the countries of South Asia and their diaspora together worldwide to Surrey.  It would be truly an international event that has never been done before in this format to my knowledge, at least in North America.


  • Sundar is a common word for “beautiful” in Sanskrit. This is a tentative name for the South Asia International Expo.
  • To build bridges and peace and harmony between the various peoples, cultures, languages, and faiths of South Asia and their diaspora worldwide through the free expression of art and culture.
  • To promote equality, diversity, freedom of artistic expression, and social impact through peaceful and progressive means.
  • To encourage creation, collaboration, connection, community, and celebration within the South Asia and diaspora community and to share ideas and innovation.


  • For the countries of South Asia and their diaspora communities to be invited to set up exhibits and pavilions at the South Asia International Expo in Surrey.
  • Logo: Beautiful purple colourful peacock with golden wings (see JPEG logo attached)
  • Tentative Theme: Earth, Air, Water, Fire
  • Location: Bear Creek Park
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies: The track at Bear Creek Park can be refurbished into an outdoor stadium
  • Tentative Date: Summer.  Date to be determined.
  • Number of Pavilions: 15 to 25 from the countries of South Asia and their diaspora worldwide
  • Formal Reception Centre: The Surrey Arts Centre in Bear Creek Park can be expanded and be a formal reception centre for dignitaries, high level politicians, and other guests who need tight security.
  • Transportation: Shuttle buses can leave from King George Station and Newton Exchange to Bear Creek Park which is very centrally located in Surrey


  • This proposal has been endorsed by Ravi Kahlon who is the Parliamentary Secretary for Sport and Multiculturalism in the BC Government of Premier John Horgan.  Ravi stated on OMNI News that “he hopes the City of Surrey supports the plan and he is looking forward to review final proposals.”
  • This proposal was endorsed by Anita Huberman who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Surrey Board of Trade.
  • This proposal was endorsed by Ken Dhillon who is the President of the South Asian Business Association.
  • Hundreds of people have commented and liked posts about this proposal on Facebook and social media.
  • The interview that Alex Sangha and Upkar Tatlay did with OMNI News regarding this proposal got over six thousand (6000) views in less than one day.  Here is a link to the video:


Follow the new SUNDAR Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/sundarexpo/

Surrey604 Staff
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