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  1. INCREASED ECONOMIC ACTIVITY – The Expo will inject thousands if not millions of dollars of economic activity into the local economy.  This is great for jobs, businesses, and economic growth.
  2. INCREASED TOURISM – The Expo will attract visitors and tourists from throughout the Metro Vancouver region, Canada, and the world.  High profile dignitaries visiting the South Asia International Expo from abroad will lend buzz, excitement, and enhanced profile for the event and the city.
  3. POSITIVE GLOBAL MEDIA COVERAGE – Increased media attention and exposure about Surrey from all over the world.
  4. FOCUSED AND FEASIBLE – Surrey has an established South Asian population.  An international Expo of this nature is much more realistic for a city the size of Surrey because it has a clearly defined mandate.
  5. UNIQUE CULTURAL AND EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE – Increased opportunities for locals to participate in unique art and cultural event and learn about the diversity and diaspora of South Asia.
  6. PROMOTING PEACE AND HARMONY – To demonstrate to the world that we can build bridges and peace and harmony between the diverse peoples, cultures, languages, and faiths of South Asia by coming together to showcase art, culture, ideas, and innovation and celebrate diversity.
  7. PROVIDE A PLATFORM FOR LOCAL ARTISTS AND TRIGGER NEW IDEAS AND INNOVATION – To encourage the creation, collaboration, connection, community, celebration and provide a platform for local artists to showcase their work in various exhibits and pavilions.  The Expo will allow us to learn from each other and have the opportunity to share local knowledge and expertise with the ideas and innovation of South Asia and trigger new creative enterprises.
  8. ENJOY INTERNATIONAL SOUTH ASIAN FOOD, FLAVOURS, COLOURS, MUSIC, DANCE, AND PERFORMANCES – To experience the food and culture of all the countries of South Asia.  The countries would be directly invited to set up their exhibits and pavilions which would provide a unique first-hand perspective.
  9. TIMELY, RELEVANT, AND UNIQUE – Reflection of what’s going on in Surrey since about 40% of the population in the city is South Asian.
  10. LASTING LEGACY OF NEW FACILITIES AND NEW MARKETS FOR CANADIAN EXPORTS – The Expo will create a lasting legacy for Surrey such as a new Stadium and expanded Surrey Arts Centre in Bear Creek Park.  The countries of South Asia and their diaspora will also be building long term partnerships and networks with businesses, organizations, government, and the people of Surrey for mutual socio-economic benefit.  This is a great way for Surrey and Canada to diversify its market for Canadian goods, services, and other exports.

There you go!  These are our Top Ten reasons to bring the South Asia International Expo to Surrey.

This type of event has never been done before in North America and is, therefore, a very timely and relevant international exposition.

The South Asian community is a key demographic and integral part of the City of Surrey.  It is fitting, therefore, that an Expo about South Asia and its diaspora be hosted in our beautiful city.

The Expo will promote unity in diversity among the people of South Asia and their diaspora and send a message that peace and goodwill is possible by coming together and learning from each other.


Any organization that wants to help bring the Expo to Surrey can do the following:

  1. Request a copy of the official draft proposal.
  2. Check out and follow the official website.
  3. Join the official Facebook Page.
  4. Furnish a letter of support.
  5. Tell your friends about the Expo.

Official Website:

Official Facebook Page:

Letter to Surrey Council regarding South Asia International Expo – May 1 2019

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