Effective Tips to Grow Your Followers on Instagram for Business

Instagram presently has over 1 billion monthly active users. It is certainly one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms and is particularly popular with the young population as younger people seem to be a hot favorite target for many small businesses. If you are not using Instagram for Business, it is high time you started doing it if you are looking to achieve your business goals and aspirations.

However, it is certainly not enough to just sign up and start posting on your Instagram business account. You obviously need to impress people so that they follow you. When you have followers, you could post pictures of your services or products. Your content would then be seen by your followers. Let us explore some practical steps for growing more followers on your Instagram business account.a

Come Up with a Unique Bio

There are a number of effective strategies that could be used for driving more visitors to your profile. However, you need to press the follow button if you wish to see the results. Your Instagram bio is your first opportunity to impress people. So, it is mandatory to tell everyone clearly who you are and exactly what you do.

They should know why they should be following you. You should, in fact, consider positioning your bio as a clear explanation of how precisely you could help them instead of writing a bio completely about yourself. You should also have fun because Instagrammers are more into making solid connections instead of being sold to.

Generate a Consistent Appearance

Your first few posts or pictures could go a long way in creating your first impression on the minds of other Instagrammers or visitors. They would be giving your visitors a clear idea about the kind of posts and visuals to expect from you when they decide to follow you. So it is important to maintain consistency for users to be able to make the right decision. This could imply using bright, crisp, and high-resolution pictures or just keeping all the filters more or less consistent all through.

Use the Best Relevant Hashtags

Remember hashtags on Instagram actually are clickable. Instagrammers are free to follow their hot favorite hashtags. Hence, if you are using hashtags in a comment, photo caption, your bio, or even your story, it would make things simpler for relevant Instagrammers to identify and find you.

For instance, suppose a food blogger posts a photo of a delightfully scrumptious smoothie bowl using the hashtags #vegansofig, #superfoods, and #cleaneating. By using specifically these three hashtags, your picture is cataloged hence, other users on Instagram who love healthy food could find it easily.

Location Tagging Is a Good Idea

You are advised to include location tagging for gaining greater visibility hence, greater online presence and ultimately business success.  Instagram’s feature involving a location tag could prove to be immensely beneficial to local businesses in boosting overall online visibility. You could consider tagging your location in stories and posts for people who are searching for such posts in that specific location so that they could find you easily.

Moreover, visitors to your website may not even know whether you are having an Instagram account. They seem to be interested in your type of business hence, you could consider including a follow link or button for them to find you easily.

Include It Also in the Email List

It could be a good idea to let all your email subscribers know that you are currently on Instagram. It is not required to create a special message regarding it. You simply need to incorporate a link into the email content. You may consider adding a link right at the bottom of your newsletters. Moreover, you may consider including a P.S. to inform your email subscribers about your Instagram account.

Cross-Promoting on Other Social Networking Sites Is a Must

If you are already having accounts on Twitter, Facebook, or some other social media platforms, it is surely a good idea to inform your followers on these social media platforms regarding your Instagram account so that they may be motivated to follow your brand here in Instagram too.

Connect Actively with Influencers

One of the tips for using Instagram for business 2018 was connecting with social influencers and it is the same even in 2019.  You may consider opting for paid campaigns essentially with popular influencers. There is absolutely no reason to find top celebrities, you could be happy with simply people who boast of moderately popular accounts, as well as, a tremendous amount of influence the specific niche they are in.

Experts feel that there is absolutely no limit to what an influencer could do in a marketing and promotion campaign. They could consider sharing services or products with audiences. Implement an effective way matching your goals.

As per, content promotion is supposed to be the commonest case used for determining the role of an influencer engagement. Influencers could help in promoting your products or services by recommending your products or services or by wearing clothes or displaying logos from your brand during an event.

Social influencers could incorporate your links into their website or blog posts. These links are great for directing users straightaway to all your services or products. You could be using either a contextual content link or an image link.

Focus on Hosting Giveaways

Another great way of boosting your online visibility or increasing the number of potential followers is by effectively hosting a giveaway where precisely you ask your followers to choose an image for reposting, tagging friends, or tagging you in your post’s comment. You may consider partnering with other Instagram users or businesses to boost the overall business reach and partner with other Instagram users for giving away numerous items and boost the overall reach.

Conclusion: Sharing Valuable Content Is the Key

The key to boosting and sustaining a massive following on this social media platform is effectively posting content which would be providing value to precisely your target audience. Irrespective of the number of influencers you are partnering with, nobody would be on Facebook.

So you must consider posting content which would efficiently educate, inspire or provide entertainment. You must remember posting content which entertains them in a distinct way. You must consider posting content that should be educating you, inspiring you, and even entertaining you.

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

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