Gift Giving Season: How to Give Gifts Without the Risk of Spoiling Your Children

It is entirely understandable to want to give your children everything that they ask of you, especially if you did not grow up with too many things as a child. It is only human to want to provide for your children the support that you might not have enjoyed yourself. However, there is always the risk of spoiling your kids, as they may grow used to the coddling and gift giving to the point where they expect only the best.

It is why many parents often feel frustrated and unsure of what to do when it comes to the act of giving their kids gifts. After all, if you give them whatever they want it could be setting a bad example, which could lead to bad habits forming as they grow. Here are just a few tips to giving gifts without the risk of spoiling your children.

Do not be afraid to say no

The first and most vital step is to learn when to say no to your children. Even if you might have money to burn, if your kids demand that you give them toys or gadgets so soon after you have just given them what they asked for, you will be setting a bad example by caving into their demands. Set expectations for your kids and for yourself and let them know that they cannot always have what they want; otherwise, they will not learn to appreciate the value of money.

Give them gifts that will allow you to bond with them

While your kids might ask you for the latest video game console or a high-tech smartphone, it is often an excellent idea to go for a few classic choices. For example, while they might not ask for a scooter for kids, the opportunity to learn how to ride a scooter or a bike while bonding with you is often more than enough for them to enjoy such a gift. It is no stretch to say that for most kids, anything that helps them bond with their parents is great.

Help your kids earn their gifts

Even if you might want to give them gifts, it is a common scenario for kids to ask for something that might be more than your budget. In those situations, it is a good idea to help them earn what they ask for. They could work on a few odd jobs around the neighbourhood, or perhaps they have a set amount of chores to work on every day. You would be surprised how willing kids can be to earn their keep, as the thought of earning their money is often a novel idea at a young age.

It is understandable to be worried about spoiling your children with lavish gifts. Fortunately, you do not have to suffer through trial and error. Following the steps above will ensure that not only will you be able to give your kids the gifts that they want, but you can do it without worrying about spoiling your children.

Surrey604 Staff
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