3 Killer Tips for Small Fashion Websites on Instagram

When you hear about fashion websites and Instagram, what comes to your mind first? Based on studies, fashion websites and brands receive about 16,616 likes as well as 102 comments for each post. Again, one-third of Instagram users wear a fashion garment they saw on the photo-sharing social channel.

Then, it is a considerable number, approximately 265 million individuals. The millennial generation loves Instagram and follows celebs and brands. Therefore, if you have a fashion website and business page on the image-sharing site, there is nothing like it.

When you send a direct message to fashion influencers, ensure you use unique and non-generic content. For instance, if you want to network with fashion influencers, highlight how you loved watching their outfit of the day posts or vacation fashion videos on their Instagram feed.

Now, these are all about the big shots in the industry. Can a small fashion website make its mark using Instagram marketing and drive traffic to the site? Yes. Here is how:

1. Tell a story through Instagram photos

You all know that visuals create a greater impact than walls of text. Therefore, make the best use of Instagram photos to tell an interesting story about your fashion business. It will drive user engagement with stunning website visuals, thus driving traffic to your site.

Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, the picture of a jacket on a store shelf will not pique audience interest. However, a young woman sporting that jacket and hiking in the mountains will attract customer attention.

That is because the visual content is more relatable than the first one. Most of us hike in the mountains when we visit hill stations, especially the youngsters. Besides, if you want to learn how to drive more Instagram likes and comments, study sites like stormlikes or similar platforms.

2. Post high-definition photos that fit your theme

If you walk into a physical store, it has its own ambiance, style, and setting. Every item, product, and décor in different parts of the store looks balanced and blends with each other. When it comes to your Instagram feed, the same rule holds and works in the same way.

Your fashion garment images may be different but your entire Instagram feed should look a single, natural outfit. The images used in your fashion website must fit the theme of your brand. To cut a long story short, all your fashion garment and accessory photos must bear a signature look and feel.

3. Ensure your feed is shoppable

A display window of a physical store attracts customers walking on a busy street. It happens when you organize your products in a beautiful and creative way, highlighting the best angles. The same rule holds when it comes to Instagram posts.

Post high-definition photos and videos of models flaunting your fashion garments and accessories to make them shoppable. You should use the same images on your fashion site’s product pages to attract millions of eyeballs. It is the best way to make your feeds shoppable.


Now that you have these tips handy, work hard to drive quality traffic to your fashion website through Instagram marketing.

Surrey604 Staff
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