The Ultimate Guide To Trying An Online Doctor

Whenever you are feeling unwell due to some health issues, be it slight or urgent, you always look to visit the doctor to get treatment as soon as possible. But what if you’re home on the weekend and you catch a rising fever and what to get it checked but your general physician will not come until Monday. Will you wait it out until you get checked or look elsewhere?

This predicament is one most of us have faced at some point or another. With telehealth on the rise, you can receive through your communication devices such as smartphones, videos, texts, one solution which has been around for some time. Many people consult online doctors from the comfort of their home and at times or situations when it would be difficult to physically visit the hospital.

There are still many concerns that come to one’s mind when considering whether to consult a doctor online or not. We will now address some of the issues people face when physically visiting a doctor and the benefits of consulting a doctor online.

How do you consult a doctor online?

You can either arrange e-visits with an online doctor through your own service provider or you can arrange a consultation through an online-only service. The booking process is normally not complex and is similar to arranging an in-person visit. You can use your application or online service to search for the best online doctor for you from the available doctors in the database. This can be done from any location convenient for you. You set a time with the doctor and then you talk to them.

The conversation could take place as a video call, an audio call, or through a written form such as a text message or email according to what you require. Video calls allow you to communicate with the doctor is real-time and present your situation to them properly. The doctor can then diagnose your issue in light of the answers you gave to their questions. The doctor can also write you a prescription if needed, preferably to a pharmacy close to you, which you can pick to receive the medication required.

Costs of visiting online doctors

Online doctor visits are convenient not only in terms of the comfort with which you can access medical care, but they also help you save time and money. The location of the medical facility you have to visit may be far away and require you to arrange transportation which will add to your cost. Although online doctor visits cannot replace the need to visit the hospital in case of an emergency, however, regular visits which are meant for minor issues can be conducted online and will help save costs and time.

For minor issues which you may have ignored otherwise, telehealth allows you to easily get professional medical care from your home and leave no stone unturned. Whether your cost of consultation online is paid for by your insurance coverage varies. Most insurance coverage does include telehealth in their plans. However, you would need to confirm whether your medical plan includes costs of online doctors or not.

The issues of primary and urgent medical care facilities

Conventional healthcare centers cannot be completely removed become of how important they are. But there are many issues that patients face when visiting the centers which make the experience difficult for them. One of the most common problems is the number of patients that visit these medical centers. Good medical facilities are high in demand and are regularly visited by large numbers of people. The staff and resources, being limited, are burdened by the large numbers of visitors.

This also leads to queues and long waiting times. When a person is already feeling unwell, have made the effort of traveling to the medical facility, and they still have to wait for a turn to visit the doctor, it becomes highly inconvenient and tiresome for them. For people located in rural areas, good medical facilities might be located far off and require long travel time. Those people who have issues with transportation may need to arrange or find public transportation. Furthermore, sometimes doctors are not available all days of the week and you must schedule a meeting on the days that they will be visiting the clinic.

The problems are not only restricted to long waiting times leading to stress negatively impacting health but also to actually contracting a contagious disease. When waiting in a medical clinic you may have to sit along with patients who might be suffering from a contagious illness. There is a high likelihood that you may catch a contagious infection or disease when visiting the facility physically.

Benefits of consulting a doctor online

Consulting a doctor online can prove useful to you in many ways. To begin with, you can talk to your required medical professionals from the comfort of your home. You do not need to travel long miles to reach the medical facility only to wait for more. You can talk to the doctor at the exact scheduled time and carry on with your routine otherwise.

Online consultations usually take about 5 to 15 minutes. They are done quickly, yet they allow you sufficient time to explain your issue clearly to the doctor to get a complete diagnosis. Other than emergencies and conditions where the doctor physically needs to examine the patient’s injury or issue, online doctors can provide prescriptions for most of the commonly experienced medical issues.

You can consult doctors for non-serious consultations as well, such as diet plans with nutritionists, advice on health care or weight loss. Depending on the intensity of the issue you are facing, you can mostly always consult a doctor online remotely from the comfort of your home. You will be getting the necessary care and treatment as you would be if you visited the doctor personally and still be able to make the experience as comfortable and safe for yourself as possible.

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