The Growth Of Mobile Gaming In Canada

The market for mobile gaming continues to grow alongside rapidly moving technological advancements. It was the fastest-growing sector in 2018. Canadians love gaming, and the country is home to one of the highest per capita percentages of video gamers worldwide, with a growth of 5% in mobile gaming during 2018. A recent report from EEDAR and the mobile research firm Sensor Tower shows that mobile gaming revenues are continuing to grow. Mobile Gaming now represents the largest income chunk in the gaming market.

Most Mobile Gamers Are Female

While you may associate gaming with younger men competing avidly in esports or sitting alone at home, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, published demographics on mobile gaming have shown that 51% of mobile gamers in 2018 were female; a very interesting development in what has been seen as a male-dominated area.

Twenty-three million Canadians are gamers, and 46% of these play most often on mobile devices. Games ranging from Candy Crush Saga and Pokémon Go to League of Legends, and Fortnite shows just how wide and deep the choice is. These immersive experiences are available on mobile for any sex and age group.

Adults Favour Chance Genre Games

A large percentage of Canadian adults of both sexes favour chance genre games, from puzzles to popular casino titles. Their influence was a significant factor in skill/chance games, becoming one of the top three highest-grossing genres, alongside puzzle and strategy. These three combined to drive 56% of all mobile revenue in 2018.

However, the most popular option for mobile gaming among the adult audience is casino games, such as slots and tables games. Canadian players simply love gambling. Many online casinos are now offering extremely generous bonuses for Canadian, which you can check out if you click here. The growth of gambling amongst adults only seems to keep growing.

Children Represent 20% Of All Gamers

Surprisingly, younger children aged between 2 and 12 represent a massive 20% of all Canadian gamers. With 71% of parents actively engaging in gaming at least once a week with their kids, they hear about the most popular or upcoming games by word of mouth. Children are much more likely to use tablets over smartphones for mobile play, with 83% using them, compared to 54% of adults. They play around 5 hours a week on average and spend around $17 every year on new games.

Mobile Esports Is The Future

A staggering 94% of Canadians own a mobile device. Unsurprisingly, this means that 46% of Canadian gamers play most frequently on mobile. The high speeds and low latency that 5G promises to deliver are sure to increase this figure. It will make it faster and easier to stream and play games, whichever mobile device gamers choose. This opens up a whole new world of opportunity, especially to the already popular multi-player esports market.

Counter-Strike and Starcraft 11 are two of the most popular esports options for Canadian players. Counter-strike is currently played by 18 professional Canadian teams, who have won well over $1,500,000 in prize money. Game development companies are busy making huge profits with the launch of games like Clash Royale, which you can check out if you click here. This multi-player battle arena yielded $1 billion in revenue before it had even been on the market for one year.

Canada has already hand-grown many successful gaming companies that could well prove to be the pioneers of this new age of mobile gaming. Keep a lookout for some exciting developments.

Surrey604 Staff
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