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Gaming Dominating the Canadian Entertainment Sector

Canada is thriving. From being a fintech hub to crypto frontrunners, the country appears to be putting its foot down on the innovation pedal. The gaming industry is also doing exceptionally well in Canada, and it is dominating the local entertainment sector. In fact, it is not just dominating Canada but also the world in comparison to other gambling economies.

Gambling in Canada has experienced a sharp peak in interest too. Back in 2015, the industry contributed $3 billion. Fast-forward a few years and the industry is now contributing 24% more to annual GDP. Although the increase in popularity has created more money and jobs, these have not been distributed equally with Quebec and Ontario profiting the most.

What Do Canadians Bet On?

Canadian betting habits are not too different from other betting trends around the world. Many of their gamblers choose to play fun slots at RoyalVegas casino, which is just one of many popular online licensed sites available. Others prefer sports betting and table games. All of these preferences make up for a holistic and healthy betting market.

Comparing Canada’s Entertainment Sector

Along with gaming and gambling, the two other forms of entertainment which hold strong positions in the Canadian economy are animation and film production. Animation is especially popular in Vancouver with around 60 studios committed. However, these studios also work on video games and gambling, meaning there is an instant crossover between the entertainment arts.

Video game development and interactive media claim the biggest number of entertainment studios in the country. There are currently 170 video game studios in Canada, made up of huge names such as Electronic Arts, Kabam and SEGA. That means there are more studios committed to creating great interactive games than there are committed to making exceptional TV and films.

What Does the Future Spell for Canadian Gambling?

If you hadn’t already heard, Canada is one of the leaders when it comes to embracing cryptocurrency. They are already accepting crypto for fried chicken, home tax and holidays. The gambling industry is a perfect match for crypto because it can make players safer, help make secure payments, and even offer new gambling experiences at crypto casinos.

Due to the nation already being onboard with crypto, it may also run away with the lead when it comes to merging crypto into gambling – something that not all casinos have been enabled to do. Along with their developments in fintech, Canada may be the most promising setting for the future of gambling.

Some Final Thoughts

Canada’s accomplishments may often be overshadowed by any noises made south of their border, but when it comes to facts and figures, there is nobody competing with the success of their gambling market. It would take a brave man or woman to bet against this success considering the steps they are taking in other industries, and how these industries can feed their healthy gambling machine.

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