How to play the US lottery without having to fly to Washington

As much as we love the lottery, we can admit to a little bit of jealousy when it comes to overseas jackpots. That isn’t to say that our record-setting £161 million lottery in 2011 wasn’t impressive, but it’s hard to measure up to the US’s $1.586 billion as won in 2016.

There can be a problem in signing up for overseas lotteries, however. Even when it is completely legal, as it often is, there can be websites which lock us out due to regional restrictions. Fortunately for us, there is a way around this issue. Even better, this solution can open up an entirely new world of entertainment possibilities.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network. These are paid services which effectively work as a bridge for your internet into other cities or countries. Using a VPN, it is easily possible to make your internet think that you are a US resident. This can overcome many issues faced by regional restrictions.

Day 89: ”Millionaires”” (CC BY 2.0) by seanmfreese

In this case, we tracked down the biggest lotto website around. Lottoland lets you play the Mega Millions lottery, the largest lottery in the world. If we had an active VPN set to Washington, we could access this lottery easily not only from Surrey but from anywhere with an internet connection.

What Else is a VPN Good for?

Another advantage here is that VPNs offer a far wider range of possibilities than just the lottery, both in terms of safety and entertainment.

As routing systems, VPNs come with their own protection against unauthorized access. This means far less stress on your end, as any potential hackers will need to go through an extra layer of encryption before breaking into your machine becomes possible.

VPN & Internet Security on Your Computer” (CC BY 2.0) by mikemacmarketing

Just as with betting on the lottery, it is the regional unlocking capabilities of VPNs which offer the most in terms of entertainment. For an example, we’ll take a look at how popular streaming service Netflix compares between the US and UK.

In the United States, Netflix boasts 1,326 different TV shows and 4,339 different movies, at the time of writing. The UK, however, offers a comparatively paltry 542 TV shows and 2,425 movies. Like with the lottery, VPNs can offer a solution to this disparity.

For users who wish to pursue this route, we would recommend first checking out the data packages available with the different VPN services. While this would not be an issue for playing the lottery or light browsing, the heavy data use required by constant video streaming might demand a service with a higher data cap.

Not Just for Desktops

The last great thing about VPNs we want to touch on is their ability to run on different devices. You don’t need a desktop and a high degree of technical knowledge to get these systems working.

Modern VPNs come with detailed and easy to follow tutorials and work perfectly over desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices.

If you want to see what the rest of the world’s internet has to offer, there has never been a better time to get started.

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