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New Study Shines a Spotlight on British Columbia’s Love of the Lottery

While the success of different sectors generally goes up and down over the years, one area which seems to have undoubtedly enjoyed a consistently strong period in recent times is the gambling industry.

On a global level, it has achieved significant success, with research from Statista suggesting that the gross gambling yield worldwide could reach a massive $495 billion this year. While a significant proportion of that may be linked to the growth of online gambling – experts suggest that the web-based market could be worth $73.45 billion by 2024 – it is fair to say that offline forms of the pastime are still doing well too.

The lottery remains a major part of this world, and there is now fresh evidence of how such games are particularly popular in the British Columbia region.

Great Expectations?

A poll by Research Co. published this month has revealed how 58 percent of residents in the region bought a lottery ticket in the past year.

Furthermore, it also shone a spotlight on the expectations of those who get involved in the game, with 41 percent admitting that they did not expect to win anything. In contrast, 38 percent said they hoped for a small prize while 21 percent had their hopes set on a big win.

The research organization also went on to examine how the responses of players differed depending on their age, with younger lottery players generally being more optimistic about their chances of grabbing a jackpot. In contrast, half of those aged 55 and over felt it was unlikely they would win a prize.

Other Gambling Views

Research Co.’s study went on to examine other gambling habits among those living in the British Columbia area, with it revealing that around half bought a scratchcard and more than a third also visited a casino in the past 12 months. More than 60 percent of those surveyed revealed they also felt positive about the impact of casinos, outlining how they believe such sites bring in vital tourism dollars and create job opportunities.

Another aspect that was considered in the survey was sports betting, a topic which has been widely talked about across the past year or so in Canada with areas like Ontario reportedly pushing for single-game betting to be introduced in the country.

Research Co. found that just 10 percent of people in British Columbia placed bets on a sporting event with friends or family across the period analyzed, while the activity was also found to be more popular among those aged between 35 and 54 than older generations.

Fascinating Insight

The poll by Research Co. has undoubtedly put a fascinating spotlight on not only the gambling habits of British Columbians but also the expectations that they hold around such activity. It highlights how the lottery and other forms of the activity are very popular with many people, even when they are unsure of their chances of success.

With the gambling industry going from strength to strength at the moment, it will undoubtedly be fascinating to see how trends and attitudes in British Columbia develop across the months and years ahead.

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