SFU receives $17 million for new Quantum Algorithms Institute

The BC government will invest $17 million over the next five years to create a Quantum Algorithms Institute at Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus.

The institute, which is one of the first of its kind, will focus on building quantum computing software and algorithms. And it will help SFU collaborate with other research universities in the province to position BC as a world leader in the emerging field of quantum computing technology. In the process, the university will develop a new graduate degree program in quantum computing.

The funding announcement is part of the BC government’s commitment to promote the City of Surrey as a second Lower Mainland downtown. With plans to build an innovation corridor that will boost economic growth and increase employment in Surrey and the Fraser Valley. The innovation corridor will be developed in consultation with local government, businesses, First Nations and other partners.

BC Premier John Horgan delivered the announcement at SFU’s Surrey campus and said, “Creating an innovation corridor in Surrey and up the Fraser Valley will create good jobs, attract talent, reduce commute times and raise the standard of living. Working with our partners, we will create an innovation hub where companies and talent will cluster, supporting our goal of a strong, sustainable economy that benefits the entire province.”

Andrew Petter, SFU’s President and Vice-Chancellor, said “Simon Fraser University is pleased to be a partner in the new Quantum Algorithms Institute. Undergraduate students in science, tech, engineering and mathematics will have a unique opportunity to continue their education in graduate studies with a focus on quantum computing.”

The Minister of jobs, trade and technology, Bruce Ralston added,“Quantum computer solutions will help develop the innovations of tomorrow in sectors such as transportation and logistics, medical research, advanced design and materials testing.”

Last year, the province invested more than $700 million to support the BC’s innovation ecosystem.

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