More Firework Complaints For Diwali Than Halloween

According to the Surrey RCMP, Diwali received more fireworks-related complaints this year than Halloween.

Diwali is a festival that is celebrated around the world, mostly by South Asians. It was celebrated on Sunday with a bang. The fireworks drew 147 complaints to the Surrey RCMP.

Meanwhile Halloween resulted in 121 fireworks-related complaints on Thursday.

Constable Richard Wright said the numbers were tracked “over the course of the day” for both festivities. “The bulk of it would be in the evening, because that’s when fireworks are set off. I don’t think there was a specific time constraint put on that stat. It would be during the evening of.”

On Halloween, police dispatchers received 359 calls for service during the nightshift. “That’s just nightshift, just Halloween night,” Sturko said.

Typically when there are no holidays and festivals going on, the Surrey RCMP receives about 125 to 260 calls in the evenings.

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