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Death of Democracy Protest in Surrey City Hall



United Citizens of Surrey state that DEMOCRACY HAS DIED IN SURREY and call on the Mayor and Council to listen to and address citizens’ concerns.

January 13, 2020, Surrey, B.C. – The Surrey-based group “United Citizens of Surrey” gathered for a “Death of Democracy” protest in the City Hall foyer and to attend the City Council meeting. This was a protest against democratic procedures not being followed by the Mayor at Council meetings and Councillors’ voices being silenced by the Mayor.

In the foyer, “Death of Democracy” protesters, wearing black, had a skeleton in a casket…….we will likely see their continued presence at upcoming Council meetings. (see photos) “City staff attempted to get protesters to go outside the foyer into the -7 degree weather, but they were adamant about staying as precedents exist; i.e., those supporting McCallum’s budget were allowed to keep their signs at the December 16th meeting.” according to Mahwish Yousaf of United Citizens of Surrey.

At to-night’s Council meeting of January 13th, Councillors Pettigrew, Locke, Hundial and Annis each spoke to the Council about the procedures at December 16th meeting; and, subsequently declined their support of minute approval.

McCallum cautioned crowd about clapping for these Councillors; however, in his Mayor’s report, when he spoke to proceeding to by-laws on plastic bags, he surely did not ask for clapping to desist.

According to Citizen/taxpayer Annie Kaps, “At the December 16th meeting,

  • McCallum pushed through 33 motions (#11 and #15 to 47);
  • not only did Mayor McCallum not follow correct meeting procedures—ignoring point-of-order submissions—the minutes incorrectly recorded (when video viewed) a Councillor’s vote regarding Metro representation;
  • since Mayor does not appear to count Councillors’ votes—never turning his head—it’s almostimpossible for the City Clerk to properly record hands which appear ever so briefly;
  • Mayor urged taxpayers to leave, stating budget item was finished and that other items on theagenda had to be dealt with. Media and a few attendees in the chambers knew differently, as theydidn’t leave until after final reading. Truly an undemocratic move.

The divide in City Council was visible in December 16th meeting, where separate groups rallied for and against a city police force. The meeting was delayed at several points, especially when the Mayor and the remaining four Councillors of his coalition left the chambers. The budget was passed, providing no funding for additional police officers or fire fighters, but earmarking $130 million for transition to a city police force. In August, the provincial government approved Surrey’s plan to transition to a municipal force. The Mayor has stated that the force will launch in the spring of 2020.

The United Citizens of Surrey is an advocacy group dedicated to bringing awareness of Surrey issues and the seeking of solutions through democratic means, all for the betterment of our community.


WHAT: Death of Democracy Protesters
WHEN: Monday, January 3, 2020, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
WHERE: Inside City Hall and during City Council meeting

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Surrey launches public campaign to encourage physical distancing commitment



The City of Surrey is encouraging residents to not let down their guard and maintain the practice of physical distancing to fight the spread of COVID-19. The message is clear: stay the course as we battle to flatten the curve.

The Surrey Flattens the Curve campaign calls on residents to share their personal commitment in limiting the spread of COVID-19, while rallying others to join the fight. This public campaign includes a social media badge and banner enabling residents to share their pledge with family and friends, as well as digital billboard ads, local transit shelter ads and digital promotion of the campaign hashtag, #SurreyFlattenstheCurve. The campaign emphasises the three main actions needed to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“I am extremely encouraged to see that so many Surrey residents doing their part to curb the spread of the virus, and it is imperative that we do not ease up on the physical distancing measures,” said Mayor Doug McCallum. “We are launching this public campaign now encouraging residents to double down on their efforts as the fight continues to flatten the curve.”

The City is calling on residents to:

  • Maintain a physical distance of at least 2 metres or 6 feet when going outdoors for fresh air, exercise or essentials like groceries, prescriptions or take-out meals. If the location or area is busy, find another spot to visit or come back at another time.
  • Stay home and avoid gatherings
  • Wash your hands often

“Our collective efforts to maintain physical distancing will be critical as we move forward against the fight against COVID-19,” said Mayor McCallum, “The Surrey Flattens the Curve initiative brings to the forefront the community spirit needed to stop the spread of COVID-19. We will come out of this pandemic stronger for it.”

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City of Surrey Media Release – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from Mayor Doug McCallum – March 23



The battle against COVID-19 is in a critical phase.

I want to personally thank and commend the citizens of Surrey who have been doing their part. Over the last few days, I have personally observed that the vast majority of our citizens are taking personal responsibility by staying home or when outside, strictly adhering to social distancing measures. I am proud at how the citizens of Surrey have remained vigilant, calm and, most importantly, taken personal responsibility in this collective fight against COVID-19. My sincere thanks to everyone who is carrying out their civic duty by exercising good judgement and common sense during these challenging times.

Unfortunately, there are still individuals who are willfully ignoring the orders and measures issued by the Provincial Health Officer, such as gathering in large groups both in public spaces or at home.

The time has long passed to be cavalier about COVID-19. As we hear daily, the gravity of the situation is severe. No one has a cloak of invincibility against the virus. To the few who are defying the Provincial Health Officer’s orders, advice and measures, I implore you to stop. Carrying on with this kind of behavior is selfish, and you are risking the health and well-being of your family, friends, and everyone in our community. We are in the process of finalizing enforcement measures and penalties for those who continue to defy the orders and measures.

City of Surrey recreation centres, city playgrounds, city skateparks, city sports courts for team sports such as basketball, lacrosse/ball hockey, civic ice arenas, culture facilities, museums, public pools, and libraries are closed until further notice.

City of Surrey parks and beaches remain open, but all users must be following proper social distancing measures.

We can and will get through this challenging time, but everyone must come together and do their part.

  • All gatherings (indoors or outdoors) over 10 people are discouraged.
  • Social distancing by keeping about two meters (six feet) from one another.
  • Use virtual options to connect with others
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Using soap and water is the single most effective way of reducing the spread of infection.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing
  • Stay home when you are sick.

Thank You
Mayor Doug McCallum

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from Mayor Doug McCallum City Services and Operations



The impact COVID-19 is having on our everyday life is unprecedented.

All of us are adjusting to new measures and approaches in how we go about our daily lives and how we interact with one another. With this in mind, I want to assure our citizens that the core services and operations that the City of Surrey provides are being maintained for the well-being and safety of our community with measures put in place to keep our staff and front line responders safe.

While we are doing everything to ensure for a smooth continuation, I would ask the people of Surrey for their patience given the fast-changing nature of events.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Surrey RCMP and Surrey Fire are taking proactive steps to ensure that the safety of Surrey residents will not be compromised.

Front line policing is the top priority with resources shifted to ensure for response to Priority 1 emergency and 911 calls, managing prolific offenders in the community, maintaining a highly visible police presence in the city and protecting Surrey’s most vulnerable with RCMP and Mental Health Outreach Team operating at full capacity.

Surrey Fire Service is, currently, at normal service levels and all Surrey Fire Halls are at full operational strength to respond to emergency and 911 calls. Surrey Fire has contingency plans in place to ensure maximum response capability is maintained.

Starting Monday, March 23rd, all city run day camps will be shut down.

Also, starting Monday, the two daycares located at civic facilities will be shut down to the public in order to prioritize space for health workers, first responders and essential service workers.

As part of the City’s COVID-19 pandemic response, modifications have been made to our customer service counters at City Hall such as the requirement to use to use hand sanitizer stations upon entry and exit from City Hall. To protect our staff, as of yesterday afternoon, the City has begun implementing remote work options that ensure employee safety while maintaining full continuity in City operations.

I want to stress that while you may see a change in how business is conducted at City Hall, the business of the City has not stopped.

For example, the Planning and Development Department are prioritizing permit applications to expedite issuance for simple permits. Remote inspections have been expanded to enhance social isolation opportunities while keeping projects going.

As of tomorrow, a call centre to direct planning, development and building inquiries and to make appointments that would normally take place at City Hall will be in operation, so our clients will not have to come to City Hall. The phone number for the planning, development and building call centre inquiries is 604 591 4086.

Ensuring that business continues is vital in the days ahead, that’s why the City has approved infrastructure construction to proceed for the Anniedale Tynehead NCP. This new infrastructure represents $35M dollars worth of construction and the project itself will bring more housing choices to Surrey. The funds for the infrastructure has been paid by the developer.

City staff have also been taking stock of large format industrial space that could potentially be used to set up temporary hospitals, or as space for production lines to manufacture essential medical equipment, or for warehousing of essential resources.

There have also been a lot of questions regarding property taxes. We are actively working with the Province on what can be done on this front and we will update you as soon as we can.

As we all know now, events are changing everyday, and I can assure you that the City of Surrey will adapt accordingly.

While our recreational facilities are closed during this time, we have begun to put up videos of classes that you can do at home. We just launched the videos last night and we are continually adding to it, which includes resources from our libraries, museums, and galleries. I want to thank our Parks, Recreation and Culture staff for the great and quick work they are doing on this front.

In the meantime, I continue our residents to enjoy our outdoor spaces including our parks, playgrounds, and beaches. Get out in the fresh air but do so by being mindful of social distancing. Use your judgement, Surrey is a big city, there are many outdoor spaces you can make use of while keeping social distancing intact.

I want to conclude by saying that I am proud of our residents for their calm and resolve during this time. We will get through this because we are all in this together.

We should also take a moment to thank the people who are working on our behalf during this time. From health care staff and front-line emergency responders, to the grocery clerk and transit operators,

everyone who is going to work to keep us safe, our kitchen pantries full, I want to thank you. I also want to encourage everyone to take a moment and send a message of thanks and support for their efforts they are doing on our behalf.

Thank you.
Mayor Doug McCallum

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Surrey Libraries Online Library Still Open for Business



Surrey, BC – While Surrey Libraries branches may be closed temporarily, registered patrons can still access digital books and media from home using mobile devices or computers and laptops. If you’ve never browsed Surrey Libraries’ online library before, now is the perfect opportunity to try something new.

If you’re looking for books to read or listen to, find eBooks, eMagazines and downloadable audiobooks for all ages in our library catalogue ( or on our Books and Media page (

Stream an amazing collection of movies and documentaries through Kanopy, access the largest online collection of classical music, operas, and ballets in the world through Medici TV, or tune into Access Video on Demand to watch hundreds of classic and contemporary feature films from around the globe. Find these resources as well as streaming movies for children on our Books and Media page (

Surrey Libraries also offers online resources to help stay connected to the latest news with up-to-date articles and magazines ( Press Reader contains over 1,000 different newspapers from various countries and in many languages. Flipster and RBDigital provide access to hundreds of magazines, including titles on entertainment, lifestyle, current events, and science and technology. There are also online courses for adults in everything from writing to computer programming and applications via, Kanopy Great Courses and Gale courses. Find out more on these at

Kids can also keep busy with online streaming and educational resources form the library. The Kids and Families ( page has Access Video on Demand – Just for Kids with streaming videos that will keep kids entertained at home. Kanopy Kids is another database that offers movies, TV series, and storytimes. Kanopy Kids also offers many educational videos in topics such as math, science, and languages.

Information on online library resources is available at

And for the full alphabetical list of databases that Surrey Libraries offers, visit the online library page (

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from Mayor Doug McCallum



As you have heard from the statements made today by Prime Minister Trudeau and our Provincial Health Minister and Health Officer, increased measures are being taken in the fight against COVID-19.

The City of Surrey has taken steps to minimize the risk of transmission of the virus. Yesterday afternoon, I ordered the closure of all City recreation centres, ice arenas, culture facilities, museums, pools and libraries until further notice. This was a proactive measure that was done in in the best interests of public health.

For the time being, spring break camps and daycare facilities run by the City of Surrey are continuing based on the most current guidelines provided by the Provincial Health Officer and the BC Centre for Disease Control. These programs are a valuable service to families who are working during this unprecedented time of COVID-19. We know the situation is fluid and we are monitoring it closely with Fraser Health. If the continued programming of our day camps and daycares is deemed unsafe for our children or staff, they will be shut down immediately.

In these anxious times, we all need to look out for one another, that is why I am so disheartened when I hear of hoarding or panic buying of basic items and, worst of all, reports of people who are reselling these items to make a quick buck.

To the storeowners and retailers who sell items in high demand, I urge you to put limits on them.

To those who are stockpiling or reselling, I appeal to your basic humanity to stop this kind of behaviour because it’s not only irrational but you are benefiting at the expense of someone in your community.

As we head into this next phase of the fight against COVID-19, it is vital that we have the self-discipline to follow through with the health protocols that have been put in place to minimize the spread of the virus. I also want to remind everyone to take care of themselves both physically and mentally.

It can be easy to be overwhelmed by the daily rush of events, that’s why it’s important to stay active by getting some fresh air. Take a walk, go for a run or a bike ride in our beaches and parks. Conversely, getting adequate sleep is equally important.

With our recreational programs affected by the closure, the City of Surrey will be posting on our website, in the next few days, videos by our fitness and yoga instructors that can be done at home. I hope our residents make use of them to help them stay active and mentally healthy.

Finally, I want to make special mention of our seniors. They are one sector of the population where I ask everyone to do their bit to support them. Yes, we have to be mindful of social distancing, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose all human connection. So, pick up your phone and make a call, or facetime, or text a loved one or a friend.

The best way to get through this is if we come together and look out for one another.

Mayor Doug McCallum

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