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$58m Vancouver penthouse tops list of Canada’s most expensive condos



One of the world’s leading condominium real estate platforms has revealed the ten most expensive condos ever sold or listed in Canada, with an 8,000-square-foot Vancouver penthouse worth $58m topping the list of properties. This is followed by another Vancouver condo also situated in Coal Harbour worth $38.88m, and a $35.8m 48th floor penthouse at the Hotel Georgia residences.

One of Canada’s leading condo real estate platforms has revealed that a $58m top floor penthouse in Vancouver is the most expensive condo ever sold in Canada, followed by two more Vancouver properties, worth $38.88m and $35.8m respectively. used its internal data, as well as an array of publicly available data from the last 30 years to curate the list of the ten most expensive properties in the country.

A 8,000-square-foot Vancouver penthouse worth $58m topped the list, followed by another Vancouver condo also situated in Coal Harbour worth $38.88m, and a $35.8m 48th floor penthouse at the Hotel Georgia residences. Canadian households now own $5.7 trillion worth of property assets, according to Statistics Canada, a 300% increase since 2005*. The average price for a condo in Toronto is $574,000**, whilst the average price for a standard house in the city is $1.04m***.

The five most expensive condos ever listed/sold in Canada, and how much they’re worth, are:

  • Coal Harbour 8,000-square-foot Penthouse – $58m
  • Coal Harbour 26th floor 6,670-square-foot Condo – $38.88m
  • Hotel Georgia Residence 48th floor Penthouse – $35.8m
  • Fairmont Pacific Rim Penthouse – $29.9m
  • Four Seasons West Penthouse Toronto – $28m

The full list of the ten most expensive condos ever listed/sold in Canada can be viewed here:

After being built in 2012, the 8,000-square-foot Coal Harbour penthouse was initially sold two years later for $16.6m. The property boasts a selection of four bedrooms and five bathrooms, plus two rooftop terraces and a balcony totalling 4,840-square-feet, as well as a private seven-car parking garage.

Also built in 2012, the second property on the list, a 6,670-square-foot Coal Harbour Condo, takes up the entire 26th floor of the tower it’s situated in, and is the only apartment in the building with this feature. Views from the property span across; the ocean, the mountains, and the Lions Gate bridge. The condo also boasts three terraces, two fireplaces, an indoor pool, and a six car garage space.

PreCondo is Canada’s leading condominium real estate platform, connecting buyers and sellers from around the globe. The site currently hosts more than 650 properties, in 100+ neighbourhoods across the country, and has successfully helped to sell over 700 condos since its launch in 2013.

Surrey604 is an online magazine and media outlet based in Surrey, BC. Through writing, video, photography, and social media, we secure an intimate reach to the public. We promote local events and causes.

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Flash Sale with U-Eight Income Properties in Kelowna




2021 is just around the corner so why not get a head start and make some goals for your financial future? There’s no time like the present to begin your property investment journey.

If you have been searching for an investment-worthy area in BC, look no further than the sunny Okanagan. Just steps from UBC’s busy Okanagan campus and North Kelowna’s business district lies U-Eight, a new development of move-in-ready homes that are perfect for anyone looking to build their investment portfolio. The University District’s appeal is met with an urban atmosphere surrounded by nature’s beauty and enjoyed by the university community, families and professionals alike. This thriving centre is not only rich in arts, culture, and academics, but also on the verge of expansion and growth.

U-Eight rendering.

Now is the time to take advantage of U- Eight’s flash sale from November 21st to 30th. With discounts of up to $50 000, two- bedroom homes will start from $344 900 and three bedrooms from $424 900 during this 10-day sale. Current low interest rates are an advantage for those who want to enter the real estate market in this quickly developing and growing community. Furthermore, demand for rental housing in Kelowna, steady UBC Okanagan enrollment and growing industry add to the favourable investment environment. U- Eight homes are move-in ready so you can begin your income property adventure as soon as possible.

As an income investment property, U- Eight checks all the boxes for liveability. UBC Okanagan’s campus is a 5-minute walk and North Kelowna’s Business District is a short drive away. Commuting is efficient with transit routes and walkable neighbourhoods right at your doorstep and a variety of restaurants, wellness services, boutiques and local specialty shops conveniently accessible. The connection between people and place is visible in the design of the development, allowing for easy modern living while complementing the natural beauty of the region. The U-District is also connected to Glenmore, Lake Country, Winfield and Kelowna International Airport (YLW), allowing you to enjoy the amenities of these neighbouring areas. Many flexible options exist for those with various lifestyles – there’s truly something for everyone.

Invest in U- Eight during this flash sale and begin reaping the benefits of your income property. Connect with U-Eight’s, Terra Shalaby at 604-332-2150 via phone or text. If you are curious and want more information on the U-Eight development please visit

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$16 Million In Federal Funding For Affordable Housing Allocated To Surrey



Surrey, BC – $16.3 million in funding for new permanent affordable housing has been earmarked for the City of Surrey. The injection of money is a result of the federal government’s Rapid Housing Initiative and will create a minimum of 33 units of new permanent affordable housing in Surrey.

“In order to affect real change in affordable housing, senior levels of government have to step up and partner with municipalities on this front,” said Mayor Doug McCallum.

“That is exactly what the federal government has done with the Rapid Housing Initiative. The projects that will be created by this funding will not only help alleviate some of the pressing needs surrounding affordable housing now, but it will be of great value in positioning us for the future. As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, I am very pleased that Surrey has been identified to receive federal funding from this very worthwhile housing initiative.”

The Rapid Housing Initiative is delivered through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the funds can go to cover the construction of modular housing, the purchase of land and the conversion of existing buildings to affordable housing.

“I would like to thank the federal government for stepping up to fund such an important initiative,” said Cllr Laurie Guerra, Board Chair of the Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society. “This program is indicative of the partnerships we need at every level of government to help solve the affordable housing issue that we face in the Lower Mainland.”

City staff will begin work on an investment plan to outline the proposed capital projects. Upon approval of the plan, construction will be completed within 12 months of the finalization of the funding agreement.

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Continued confidence in Surrey’s residential building sector



Confidence in the residential construction sector remains strong in Surrey as more than $808 million in housing developments were given approval to proceed by Surrey City Council at last night’s  Regular Council – Land Use Meeting.

Projects of note include several apartment towers ranging from 26 to 49-storeys, three dedicated rental apartment buildings, and a live/work residential townhome project.

“It’s no secret that Surrey has always been a desirable place for young families and first-time homeowners looking to get into the market,” said Mayor Doug McCallum.

“Among the new developments, I am especially pleased with the projects that will expand the rental housing stock in Surrey. These new projects approved by Council will bring even more housing options on stream for people looking to call Surrey home.”

Development projects given approval to proceed include the following:

  • 2 high-rise residential towers (45 and 39-storeys) and 11-storey mid-rise rental building (Application number: 7919-0223-00)
  • 32-storey residential apartment building (Application number: 7919-010500)
  • 26-storey market condo and 21-storey rental apartment building (Application number: 7918-0393-00)
  • 13-story rental apartment building and 16-storey market apartment building (Application number: 7918-0443-00)
  • 7 apartment buildings of up to 6-storeys and 55 townhouse units (Application number: 7915-0393-00)
  • Seven, 5 to 6-storey apartment buildings (Application number: 7917-0544-0)
  • 6-storey mixed-use building comprised of 30 market and 70 non-market rental units (Application number: 7918-0450-00)
  • 39 live/work residential townhomes (Application number: 7914-0207-00)

This latest round of development approvals comes on the heels of nearly $700 million in building projects approved by Council this past July.

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Development and Construction Remain Strong in Surrey



More than $692 million in development projects were given the approval to proceed by Surrey City Council at last night’s Regular Council – Land Use Meeting. The projects that were brought forward range from high rise residential towers, rental apartments, townhouses to industrial warehouses.

“With close to $700 million in building projects before Council last night, it’s clear that there is no shortage of confidence in developing and building in Surrey,” said Mayor Doug McCallum. “Surrey City Council has made it a priority to make sure that planning for our growing city does not halt during COVID-19. Several of the projects given the approval to proceed are along the corridor of the new Surrey Langley Skytrain extension and they align with Council’s Smart Development strategy that calls for new development to coincide with the construction of transit, schools, and other amenities.”

Development projects were given the approval to proceed to include the following:

  • 6-storey apartment building and 162 townhouses (Application number: 7919-0109-00)
  • 2 high rise residential towers and a mid-rise rental building (Application number: 7919-0223-00)
  • 6-storey apartment building and 55 townhouses (Application number: 7915-0393-00)
  • 3-storey rental apartment building and 4-storey rental apartment building containing a combined 104 units (Application number: 19-0168)
  • 4-storey rental apartment building containing 156 units (Application number: 19-0118)
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How Will Coronavirus Impact The Housing Market?



The coronavirus has already had a huge impact on how we all live our lives, leading to mass unemployment worldwide, changes to our day to day structure and permanently forcing us into our homes for the time being. In a time where there is so much focus on houses and the protection they bring, how is the housing market going to look on the other side of this crisis.

Talk of a potential collapse has circulated for years, as we get further and further away from the 2008 financial crisis. Now that we’re looking down the barrel of unprecedented change without an end date in sight, what has been the early impact on the housing market and what can be expected?

A change in price

While we’re still in the early stages of both a national and worldwide fightback against the virus, it has been long enough for significant financial changes to take place. Like many industries, the housing market saw closures, unemployment and furloughing in the early days of the crisis. Like the majority of the world, Surrey ground to a halt when more extreme lockdown measures were implemented to contain the virus.

Many couples and individuals who were lining up to sell their house in the not too distant future will be asking when they can expect to get an appropriate return on their investment. While the year started somewhat strongly, with the Vancouver housing market considered to be stable and strong despite some soft lowering in house price, the immediate coronavirus fallout has put everything into limbo, leading experts to fear the worst.

Fortunately for potential sellers in the Vancouver area looking to offload their home within the next couple of years if not months, it is estimated that the coronavirus crisis will not lead to a significant drop in house prices, with some experts estimating appreciable gains within the next couple of years. This is a positive sign for real estate, as it seems rather than leading to a complete collapse as some may have thought, it will simply set the market back by a year with a small estimated decrease.

While the financial implications of this crisis will lead to some buyers being unable to participate in the market and some sellers holding off for a couple of years, there are still millions of people nationwide looking to buy a new home and sell their current one in the immediate future, crisis or not. Thankfully, Surrey is considered to be a “safe bet” when it comes to the housing market, with prices remaining stable in the area despite fluctuation in neighbouring towns and cities.

Sales will collapse

Unfortunately, while house prices may be able to find some level of stability in the aftermath of the crisis, the same cannot be said for the number of sales.

Coronavirus’ greatest impact has been on our way of life, removing all sense of human interaction. Between viewings, contract signings and the moving process, buying a selling a house is all about human interaction, and simply not feasible under lockdown measures or while the threat still looms. This lead to an immediate fall in the number of sales between February and March of this year.

Unlike the travel industry where lost finances from 2020 are expected to be somewhat recouped through delaying holidays and travel to 2021, house purchases are not being delayed in the same manner. This presents the industry with a huge hole in the yearly revenue total with no obvious sign of when it is going to be filled.

Deals are in limbo

While future deals are being cancelled, ones that were in process as the virus started to make an impact are now in limbo. This presents a challenge for the market to protect these assets and the challenge of how finances surrounding present deals will be affected by coronavirus changes.

There will be many people who had sold their current house and were in the process of buying another when the lockdown was announced and businesses closed, and vice versa. Many buyers aren’t able to get into their new homes. Potential sellers are unable to hold viewings on their homes, delaying the process by many months.

This has created similar issues in the rental market. Not only have there been talks of and developments concerning freezing rent payments during the crisis as low paid or unpaid tenants deal with the fallout of rising unemployment, but there is the issue of people whose contracts have run out during the crisis and have been unable to secure new housing due to cancelled viewings.

This had lead to an increase in online services as estate agents who were in the position to move to an entirely remote setup thrive in a less crowded market. Companies throughout the process of purchasing a house have moved into this model such as online mortgage broker Breezeful. Likewise, many estate agents have been offering virtual viewings of a 3D mapped and controllable walkthrough of a property, thanks to scanning and display software from Matterport.

While no substitute to being inside a property, there were signs of the industry heading this way before the full impact of the virus became apparent, but its impact could increase their popularity and potentially the speed and processes of selling and buying a house, which could be essential to market recovery as we leave quarantine.

With some of the biggest banks in Canada offering homeowners the chance to defer mortgage payments for up to six months, there is already evidence of a significant response to the coronavirus’ impact on the housing market. While not forecast to be the disaster it has been to industries such as retail and the arts, we are yet to fully understand what it could mean for the finances and practices of the sector.

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