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7 Life-Changing Health Benefits of CBD for Seniors



Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

Do you ever think how wonderful it would be if we could be young forever and enjoy all that life has to offer? Unfortunately, Mother Nature has different plans. Life comes in stages and our body will inevitably begin to give way in time.

In the quest to slow the side effects of aging, man has been seeking various medications to make this possible. While science has tried with many breakthroughs, there are side effects and other concerns. CBD, however, offers a series of breakthroughs with tremendous benefits to seniors.

CBD for Senior Health

Gradually, CBD has found its way into almost every part of our lives. This is a fantastic plant with tremendous health benefits. According to a survey, 51 percent of seniors have used CBD and have experienced immense health benefits when using it for various health issues.

It is not surprising that CBD has proven effective for many health issues. According to studies, there are psychoactive and non-psychoactive components of CBD. The psychoactive part comes with a plethora of physical, medical, and therapeutic health benefits.

Marijuana is now legal in several countries around the world. With this, many companies like NuLeaf Naturals manufacture various CBD products such as CBD edibles, vapes, oils, creams, and products (even for animals) that take care of different health issues.

Additionally, below are seven benefits on how CBD can help seniors.

1. Pain Relief

Old age and pain go hand in hand. There are various pains from arthritis, strains, muscle ache, etc. Luckily, CBD can help manage multiple forms of pain, especially chronic and cardiovascular pain.

Every cell in the body has CB1 and CB2 receptors. CBD works on both receptors in the cell to produce healthy body cells. The result of this is reduced inflammation and swelling – the root cause of muscle and joint pain.

Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash

An advantage of CBD for seniors is that it is natural and triggers no side effects. There’s also little chance of becoming addictive unlike other pain relievers.

2. Helps with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the ailments common to seniors is dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This happens due to the degeneration of the brain which consequently triggers various mental diseases. Interestingly, CBD provides tremendous health benefits for the brain.

When some psychological changes occur in the brain, it leads to debilitating mental health issues. Neuroprotective agents in CBD can help fix neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration, and oxidative damage, which precedes Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Upon taking CBD, it interacts with CB1 and CB2 receptors, stopping the development of these neurological issues.

3. It Boosts Appetite

As people grow, the amount of food they eat reduces. Their environment and, at times, circumstance contribute to this. In time, they lose their appetite altogether, yet a regular meal is necessary for a healthy body. With CBD, they can improve appetite and make eating enjoyable.

Also, CBD is a potent tool in boosting metabolism. This helps deal with excess fat, hence keeping seniors in optimum health.

Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

4. A Tool Against Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are also pretty common in seniors. Sadly, they cannot use conventional pills as the side effects are usually too pronounced for their age. Yet, leaving the condition untreated significantly reduces the quality of life.

CBD is a perfect solution that helps deal with this. While CBD does not make people high, it can bring a sense of euphoria, altering the brain’s response to anxiety. This balances the chemical levels in the brain, triggering happy feelings.

5. It Improves Bone Health

Another common issue with old age is osteoporosis. This is a condition in which seniors have fragile bones because they lack essential minerals. It can trigger pain, inflammation, and sadly make them prone to fractures.

With CBD, you can strengthen and support your bones as well as its regeneration. This also reduces the risk of bone fracture in seniors. If seniors use CBD regularly, they can enjoy a better quality of life with little pain.

6. It Improves Sleep

Another issue most seniors complain of is sleep disorders. This could involve difficulty falling asleep and enjoying a good night’s sleep. This can cause a reduced quality of life, especially when they feel tired and weak all day. CBD can manage various sleep issues like insomnia.

One of the causes of sleep disorder is anxiety or pain. CBD addresses the root cause by producing a calming effect, making it easy to fall asleep and maintain a good rest.

When seniors worry, they are filled with thoughts that make their minds work excessively. CBD brings about a calming effect, which helps do away with the concern and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

7. It Helps with Glaucoma

Many seniors also have problems with glaucoma, a condition where increased eye pressure causes gradual loss of vision. There are many studies that reveal how potent CBD is, in helping with glaucoma.

When seniors take CBD, it lowers the intraocular pressure (IOP) in the eye, which results in better eye conditions. In fact, there are CBD infused eye drops and in the later stage of glaucoma, the reduction of IOP is extremely beneficial. In the end, CBD treatment will come in handy.


The introduction of CBD came with a tremendous blessing. The implication of this is that people can enjoy a long good life without the health issues that are peculiar to old age.

CBD is safe, effective, and potent for seniors. It doesn’t have extreme side effects and can be very beneficial when administered appropriately. There are many forms of CBD like oil, edibles, gummies, and balm. As a result, seniors will be able to take it in whatever form that suits them.

Indeed, CBD is a ticket for seniors to enjoy a good life without being a burden to themselves and/or their families.

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9 Cannabis Friendly Places in Vancouver



Even before Canada became the first G7 nation to legalize recreational cannabis, authorities in British Columbia turned a blind eye to its use and sale for decades. This lenient attitude towards cannabis led British Columbia, and specifically, cities like Vancouver, to be dubbed titles like the “New Amsterdam” and the “Amsterdam of North America.” For those who didn’t quite have the budget to fly off to the Netherlands, Vancouver provided a cannabis vacation that was within reach.

When medical cannabis came along, a crop of medical dispensaries opened their doors, providing much-needed medical cannabis for patients who were in need. Now that recreational cannabis has been made legal nationwide, Vancouver is still a cannabis hotspot with plenty of places for cannabis lovers to visit.

It is important to note that due to the complicated nature of acquiring a business license to sell recreational cannabis, many locations were forced to close their doors as recreational dispensaries. Still, there are a few that are operating. There are also quite a few lounges and cannabis-friendly other opportunities lurking about for those who want to visit Vancouver, British Columbia.

New Amsterdam Café

Vancouver has what is called a “safe harbor” law, which allows anyone with a medical marijuana card or legally obtained cannabis to smoke their product in public. The New Amsterdam Café not only has coffee and baked goods to satisfy the munchies, but they’ll also provide a Volcano Vaporizer, a glass bong, rolling papers, or your choice of devices to enjoy your cannabis. They also have some nifty merchandise, so you can score some souvenirs for friends and family back home.

Cannabis Culture Head Shop

Unfortunately, the Cannabis Culture dispensaries were some of those that were affected by license difficulties, but their head shop remains open. Owned by Marc Emery, Cannabis Culture is one of those places every cannabis lover must-visit in Vancouver. A seed sanctuary has a home on the second floor and their vapor lounge, mentioned above, is the perfect place to take your dry herb vaporizer to enjoy your cannabis while taking in a little of the history and the culture of cannabis.

High Score

High Score is bound to appeal to both cannabis lovers and lovers of retro video games. Combining both a vapor lounge and old-school cabinet video games, High Score provides competitive events and theme nights. Arrive on Mario Monday and you can compete with others playing Super Mario Brothers. On Wednesdays, you can find yourself racing against other cannabis lovers in the original Mario Kart. Or, on Fridays, take in some competitive Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. Saturday features our favorite hedgehog, just in case you can make it by for Sonic Saturdays.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, the High Score is temporarily closed.

The Healing Tree

If you’re in need of scoring some choice cannabis in any number of preparations, then you might want to stop by the Healing Tree. Offering a wide range of products and devices, the healing tree is a place to get vape pen ready oils, concentrates, edibles, and topical cannabis preparations. If you need to consume on-site, be sure to visit their smaller store, just south of downtown Vancouver, which has its own vapor lounge.

The Healing Center

Don’t confuse THC (see what they did there?) with The Healing Tree. This dispensary is incredibly clean, well-lit, and has a Stanley Kubrick-esque vibe to it that will make anyone feel first class just for scoring their cannabis here. However, in order to purchase, you must be a registered member with a verified medical marijuana card.

Cannabis and Yoga

While not a place in and of itself, several yoga studios have opened up in the Vancouver area that combines the stretching and meditative properties of yoga with the mind-expanding properties of cannabis. If you’re visiting Vancouver and need a spot to exercise, check out Flower & Freedom, or Ganja Yoga, which takes place at the Cannabis Culture Lounge, mentioned above.

Wreck Beach

Not for those with children in tow, Wreck Beach is one of Vancouver’s clothing-optional beaches, just in case, your cannabis consuming has led you to a hankering for the outdoors. Take in the sights of the waves lapping at the sand or just simply watch other beach-going cannabis lovers rid themselves of their modesty after lighting up at one of the cafes mentioned above. Don’t worry- if you don’t feel like taking it off, you don’t have to!

Canada High Tours

If you’re not a local and you’re just visiting Vancouver, check out Canada High Tours. They provide plenty of 420-friendly tours, featuring everything from a 2-hour educational session that will teach you how to roll a joint to a two-hour tour of some of Vancouver’s finest and most artistic graffiti. They can also take you on a 90-minute tour of some of Vancouver’s finest vapor lounges. If you’re feeling a bit more in a mood for cannabis cuisine, there’s also a four-hour-long culinary class that will teach you the concepts of cooking with cannabis.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Cannabis in Canada



Canada was among the first few countries to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes. It has been legal over two years now, but the system can still be confusing for some people.

Purchasing legal cannabis means Canadians can now walk into a physical store or find an online store officially sanctioned by your provincial government. Nevertheless, many grey market dispensaries still exist both in the online and offline world. It’s important to know that consumers are entirely safe from prosecution when buying and using both grey and legal cannabis.

Who Can Buy Cannabis in Canada?

The Canadian cannabis laws made it legal as of October 17, 2018, for adults who are 19 years of age or older to possess, use, and share up to 30 grams of legal cannabis. Fresh cannabis or cannabis oil can either be bought from a provincially-licensed retailer or federally-licensed producers online.

Individuals can also grow up to four cannabis plants per residence for personal use and make cannabis products from the same without using organic solvents.

Recommended THC Products for New Users

The explosion in cannabis popularity has led to an explosion in cannabis products as well. THC and CBD can enter the body in so many ways- vaping, smoking, ingesting, and through the skin. Hence, it can be used to make a lot of products. However, certain products seem to be more prominent or on the rise than others. Here are 6 THC product recommendations for new users.

  • Oils: Cannabis oil is a versatile compound, as it can be taken by itself in several different forms. CBD oil contains low traces of THC. Thus, it won’t give you the high that’s generally linked to marijuana. Additionally, it helps with pain, anxiety, and nausea relief without psychoactive reasons.
  • Butters: THC butter, also known as cannabutter, is cannabis-infused butter used to make cannabis edibles, especially baked goods like brownies and cookies. Depending on the intended use, cannabutter may contain only CBD, which isn’t psychoactive, or both CBD and THC, which results in mind-altering properties.
  • Tinctures: Made by pulling THC and other compounds from the plant using alcohol, a tincture is a kind of cannabis extract that is ingested by dropping under the tongue. They are easier to dose, and the effect kicks in quicker than an edible.
  • Gummies: Local dispensaries across Canada are sure to have gummy bears, worms, and more to choose from, whether with just CBD or with THC as well. It is one of the most common options for people looking for a treat. Some gummies are THC dominant for a long-lasting high while others are CBD dominant for medicinal purposes.
  • THC Chocolate: The most popular edible options, THC chocolates, are perfect for those who want to try legal weed but in a more refined method than smoking a joint. These chocolates are sold in a limited fashion as they contain THC.
  • Cannabis-infused Drinks: Cannabis beverages, especially cocktails infused with cannabis, are still in their infancy. Across Canada, some dispensaries sell cannabis cola and fruit punch. Also, multiple cafés sell cannabis-infused coffees, hot teas, flat waters, iced teas, and more. Beer is another drink that is most used for CBD experiments, as terpenes in cannabis offer different aromas and tastes.

The beverages come in a variety of strengths, from pure CBD drinks to heavy-hitting THC options. According to industry-experts, cannabis-infused drinks are low-calorie, gluten-free, and produce no hangover.

Recommended Strains for New Weed Smokers

Often many first-time users’ cannabis experience tends to be not so pleasant because they try the wrong strain or cannabis product. Maybe they had a gummy with far more THC than they could tolerate, or it was a super stoney strain that made them locked to the couch.

Choosing the right strain can hence make the difference between loving or hating cannabis. Here are the cannabis strains best for new users.

  • Harlequin: Known as the super relaxed strain, this early hybrid is known for its calming properties. It is a Sativa-dominant hybrid and a descendant of Columbian Gold, Swiss Landrace, and Thai strains. Harlequin makes a perfect option for first-timers as it packs an exceptional CBD ratio of 5:2 and relaxes the body by easing aches and pains.
  • Pennywise: Pennywise is a cross between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper with a perfect balance of THC and CBD, as close to 1:1 as it can get. This Indica-dominant strain is also a super-efficient form of medical marijuana and is ideal for those who want to experience milder psychoactive high.
  • Plushberry: Plushberry is another moderate THC strain that will ease novice weed smokers into the THC experience without giving a too-powerful high.
  • AC/DC: AC/DC is an excellent strain for metalheads. It’s also a high CBD, low THC strain like Harlequin. Ac/DC will help you relax and slowly work your way into the marijuana users’ world.
  • Jack Herer: Jack Herer is for those who want to try something a little higher in THC. With moderate THC levels, it will not set off some of the drug’s more potent side effects such as paranoia and anxiety

Where to Buy Weed at a Physical Location

Presently, Canada is home to more than 100 physical stores that sell legal cannabis products. Large dispensaries typically have their growers, and small dispensaries source their weed from local growers. Users can also purchase pot from provincial government stores.

However, there still aren’t enough stores to meet the demand for high-quality cannabis. For this reason, many Canadians resort to online cannabis stores.

How to Purchase Weed Online

With the new regulations in place, Canadians can now purchase weed from Canadian online dispensaries. It is considered a convenient way as people can order pot from the comfort and privacy of their home and have it discreetly delivered to their door.

Nevertheless, several factors should be considered when purchasing cannabis online. For instance, how big is the company? Is the company licensed by the government to sell cannabis? Do they offer a secure checkout process? Furthermore, you should also consider the price and product quality.
As a rule of thumb, research the companies in great detail before deciding to purchase your cannabis.

Stay Aware

Regardless of where you plan on buying cannabis products from in Canada, ensure that you read and understand the local laws. Even though cannabis is legalized, the regulations for possession and usage vary from province to province. For instance, the legal age to use weed is Quebec is 21, and in Alberta, it is 18. Using it as a youth is a criminal offense and can result in maximum penalties of 14 years in jail.

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Cannabis Accoutrement Brand Serves Up a 420 Valentine’s Day



With legalization a thing of the past. The cannabis industry has been cultivating many creative and upcoming brands along with influencers. A 420 Valentine’s Day seems like a fun and visually beautiful concept.

Two B.C. women have collaborated to share their vision and create exceptional beauty surrounding cannabis.

Michelle Bell is the founder and designer of the cannabis accoutrement brand

In 2018 was founded, the concept was to add fashion to your high. Creating limited edition colour stories on the famous tea cup sets has been one of the many unique pieces of her ever growing collection. Stash boxes come with ashtrays which embody her signature mandala. As 2020 unfolds the brand has begun production of many new and exciting items. Michelle creates all her images, designs the sets, sets up the photo shoots and is the photographer! She is enthused to introduce swimwear to her brand which is coming very soon!

In 2018 Dunja began her IG @westcoastbloom With many years of experience as an international makeup artist and model, Dunja found herself submerged in the world of cannabis unexpectedly. After a major car accident Dunja became one of many Canadians dependent on opioids due to chronic pain. After years of struggling she weaned off with the aid of cannabis. Dunja’s passion was somewhat unclear but she knew all she wanted was to be surrounded by cannabis, learning to grow, learning the endless medical benefits along with gaining hands on knowledge and creating tinctures and topicals to help manage her chronic pain. Once legalization took place Dunja began sharing her life journey through her IG account. Her love of beauty and cannabis is showcased to her followers

Michelle and Dunja naturally met through social media. With a undeniable similar creative passion they founded their friendship and began their collaboration. As canadian women in the cannabis industry they both are uniquely breaking the stigma. Cannabis has never looked so classy.

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Province Brands of Canada Inks Deal to Distribute First CBD Beer Nationwide In Ireland



First Step in Opening European Market in 2020

Award-Winning, Cork-Based Barry & Fitzwilliam Named Exclusive Multi-Year Distribution Partner

Province Brands of Canada, a leading researcher in cannabinoid science and the developer of first-of-its-kind luxury beverages powered by cannabis, is excited to announce today the selection of its exclusive distribution partner to bring the first nationally available nonalcoholic CBD beer to the Irish consumer.

Following an extensive search and competition, Province Brands of Canada announced that Barry & Fitzwilliam has been selected as exclusive distributor across the Republic of Ireland for Province Brands of Canada’s superior line of CBD beer in a multi-year relationship between the two firms. Barry & Fitzwilliam is Ireland’s largest independent premium drinks distributor, with a portfolio of more than 120 top-brand beers, wines, and spirits, a commitment to nationwide distribution, and an emphasis on high-level customer care.

“Province Brands of Canada is very excited to be working with the fine team at Barry & Fitzwilliam to bring the first nationally available CBD beer to the Irish consumer,” said Dooma Wendschuh, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. “Three years ago, we began our journey. To be preparing to bring our first beers to Ireland and to be entering the European market is a breakthrough step for Province Brands of Canada and our approach to research, development, and innovation.”

“Barry & Fitzwilliam is delighted with our new association with Province Brands of Canada,” said Michael Barry, Managing Director of Barry & Fitzwilliam. “Province Brands is at the leading edge of CBD-infused and other cannabis powered beverages internationally and we are excited to be at the forefront with them in Ireland.”

Ireland ranks 6th in the world for beer consumption per capita and the new venture between Province Brands and Barry & Fitzwilliam is expected to begin offering CBD-infused, barley-based, non-alcoholic beverages across Ireland in February 2020.

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The Way Cannabis Is Slowly Changing Our Understanding of Medicine



The Way Cannabis Is Slowly Changing Our Understanding of Medicine

Medicinal cannabis and CBD is helping us to get out of our comfort zone and start exploring new ways of healing. This is how we learn more about our body and its infinite capabilities. Most importantly, cannabis is giving us hope in medical situations that seem irreversible. It might not always be a cure, but it can provide the needed relief that some people desperately need.

What we know so far is not much but it’s very important, and that’s what we are going to talk about today.

What Is Medicinal Cannabis?

First things first, what’s medicinal cannabis? Medicinal cannabis is basically the same as recreational cannabis, with only one difference – it’s usually prescribed by medical professionals to ease or help with certain medical conditions. The most common condition is chronic pain. Over 60% of prescriptions are for this purpose.

Other common reasons for a prescription are:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spasticity (tight or stiff muscles) from MS
  • Muscle spasms
  • Cancer
  • Nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Appetite loss
  • Glaucoma
  • Schizophrenia
  • Eating disorders such as anorexia
  • Wasting syndrome (cachexia)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

If you want to target many of these conditions and symptoms without getting high, you can also use pure CBD. It can help you even without the THC and other cannabinoids found in cannabis. Plus, since November 2018, it’s legal in all 50 stats, provided it was derived from hemp. CBD’s popularity has skyrocketed since the Farm Bill was passed.

How Does Medicinal Cannabis Help Our Body?

How does it work? Cannabis consists of cannabinoids, active chemicals that are similar to the ones our body is making while keeping us in optimal shape. According to scientists, cannabinoids are maximizing that process, making our body, in turn, to function better.

Additionally, science has proven that cannabis has the ability to deal with inflammation, reduce anxiety, and relieve pain. It can also attack and kill cancer cells and slow down the rate of growth of tumors. Other benefits include controlling nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy better than any modern medicine available.

There is also evidence that cannabis can help patients with MS to relax their muscles. What’s more, it can stimulate appetite and help with gaining weight in people who suffer from AIDS or cancer.

Medicinal cannabis is also one of the most promising treatments for people with severe seizures. Studies showed that people significantly reduced seizures after taking cannabis, which brought to the approval of Epidiolex.

Still, this is not to say that cannabis is the ultimate cure for all illnesses. It too may come with unwanted side effects.

How Can Medicinal Cannabis Be Taken?

There are many methods, but some of the most popular include smoking, inhaling through vaporizers, eating, applying it on the skin in form of oil, lotion, cream, or spray, or placing a few drops of a liquid under the tongue. They all serve the same purpose, even though each method affects your body in a different way.

For instance, the sublingual method will give you almost instant effects, while for long-lasting ones and dealing with chronic pain it’s more advisable to eat it.

Bottom Line

As you can see, cannabis is opening new doors in modern medicine by helping us think out of the box. It still has a long way to go, especially because research is going slower than with other medical treatments, but this is also changing as the NHS is finally nudging doctors to prescribe two cannabis-based medicines, Epidiolex and Sativex, as well as other types of medicinal cannabis.

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