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Why Would Companies Use Identify Verification in Their Business



Whether dealing with customers through a website, a web app, mobile app, or over the phone, knowing who they are can improve the business relationship. But there are other benefits to being able to check the identity of a new customer.

Here we lay out the reasons why ID checks are helpful, even for newer businesses that might see it as too much trouble to integrate.

Lower Fraud Rates

Companies of all sizes worry about the increase in fraud, especially with the online business done at a distance. The ability to remain anonymous while dealing with businesses poses a considerable risk, especially to smaller businesses that cannot survive a significant amount of fraud in the first few months.

By using a knowledge-based authentication system, it’s possible to clarify who the person is that’s placing an order through their business. This avoids the risk of accepting payments and dispatching goods, which initially looks good but is subsequently rejected by the bank.

Faster Completed Transactions

The approval process for getting started with a new business customer is time-consuming. There are several checks needed, sometimes across more than one system to verify enough details to authorize their account and let the transaction go ahead.

A company like Cognito HQ offers detailed verification services that match up a phone number and name to existing records to verify that the person exists. Cognito helps to prevent fraud and has industry-leading match rates.

Other information that is already known relating to their identity correlated with their phone number helps to round out their customer profile. Be using these types of verification services, the account can pass several early checks before the new customers get too far ahead in the sign-up and ordering processes. It also speeds up the final approval to go ahead with their order when breaking up the verification into different stages.

Separates Serious Users from Casual Ones

It is difficult for companies to know when a mobile user is seriously invested in the brand and app, or if they only occasionally use it.

While the business will likely have useful information to know how often the app is loaded, they aren’t inside the mind of the user themselves. Therefore, by requiring confirmation of basic identifying information from the user to access higher-level features, it separates the wheat from the chaff. As a result of that, the business now can readily work more closely with identified, verified users.

Unfussy Integration into Existing Apps

It’s not necessary to invest huge sums into the development of a verification system.

Look for companies that provide an SDK to developers. An SDK package lets third-party developers add code that allows for encrypted communication to verify the information entered already.

This is a cost-effective way of turning an app with unverified users into one divided between users who are verified already and those who are not (or who failed the checks).

User identification combined with verification brings mobile apps to the next level. Companies should readily embrace this technology to advance their relationship with their users and increase their fraud protection too.

Surrey604 is an online magazine and media outlet based in Surrey, BC. Through writing, video, photography, and social media, we secure an intimate reach to the public. We promote local events and causes.

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OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body Expands To Six Locations With Two New Collision Centres In South Surrey-White Rock Inbox



From left: Scott Lowe, Body Shop Manager, Richmond location; Megan Lowe, Office Manager, Richmond location; Emily Lowe, HR & Certification Manager, OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body; Bob Lowe, Founder, Richmond Auto Body; Randy Lowe, President, OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body

OpenRoad Auto Group is pleased to announce that OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body is expanding to six locations with the acquisition of two new collision centres in South Surrey-White Rock.

The repair shops formerly known as Don Beck Collision and Modern Bradley are now owned and operated by the OpenRoad Auto Group and Richmond Auto Body partnership, and have been renamed OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body – White Rock and OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body Express – White Rock.

“We’re honoured to continue the legacy of what the former owners built in the community for the past few decades. We look forward to taking these businesses to the next level with our premium collision repair service now available in the very community in which we live in South Surrey–White Rock,” said Randy Lowe, President of OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body.

With 60 years of experience, OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body has become the most trusted source in automotive repairs in the Greater Vancouver area, with locations in Richmond, Langley, North Vancouver, Coquitlam and now two in South Surrey–White Rock.

The family-owned and operated company is proud to offer the highest number of manufacturer-certified collision repair services for a wide range of automotive brands including Tesla, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, BMW, MINI, Lexus, Toyota, Honda, Lamborghini, Acura, Honda, Jaguar, Land Rover, Kia, Nissan, Dodge and Chrysler.

OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body plans to upgrade both South Surrey-White Rock collision locations with new signage, new high-tech service equipment, plus innovative new tooling in order to comply with new certification standards for the automotive brands that the company services.

OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body takes pride in employing the most highly trained technicians in the industry while using state-of-the-art technology and equipment. The company offers ICBC and private-insured repairs while providing a lifetime guarantee on all work and parts.

OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body – White Rock is located at 2450 King George Boulevard while OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body – White Rock Express is located adjacent at 2500 King George Boulevard. For more information, visit


OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body is a family run business by the Lowe family.

With 60 years of experience, OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body has become Metro Vancouver’s trusted source for the highest-quality automotive collision repair services. There are six locations: Richmond, Langley, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, and two in South Surrey-White Rock.

Founded in 1960 by Bob Lowe with the first location in Richmond, B.C., the company partnered with OpenRoad Auto Group in 2007. Today, it remains a third-generation, family-run business now owned by Bob’s son Randy and his children Scott, Emily and Megan.

OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body is the most certified collision repair company in B.C., servicing over 20 certified brands from Toyota to Tesla, and is one of only two centres in Canada to carry official certifications by Lamborghini and Acura NSX.

The company’s mission is to provide industry-leading quality, service and innovation through technology innovation, training and manufacturer certifications. OpenRoad Richmond Auto Body makes collision repair simple and worry-free while upholding the highest standards in the industry.

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Canadian Startup Launches theMaskWash B.C. Sisters Develop New Mask Washing Solution



theMaskWash, a new portable mask washing system hits the Canadian market today. Developed by two B.C. sisters, this eco-friendly solution gives consumers a hygienic and time efficient way to single-wash cloth face masks at home or while travelling.

“We wanted to develop a quick, hygienic and efficient way to wash our masks, without having to wait until we collect enough clothes to throw it in the wash machine,” says theMaskWash co-founder, Tammy Sablic. “You wouldn’t want to wear dirty underwear everyday and masks are essentially the same.”

“We saw a gap in the market and that’s why we developed theMaskWash,” says co-founder Rosana Sablic. “The silicone bag design is a mini wash station you can use at home or take anywhere in the world. We choose silicone over plastic, because it can withstand high temperatures of hot water.”

theMaskWash System consists of the following components:

  • theMaskWash silicone bag – food-grade silicone, BPA free, phthalate free, sealable, dishwasher safe, temperature safe from -70 to 220 C
  • theMaskWash waffle weave microfibre drying towel – made from 80% polyester/20% polyamide for ultra absorbency.
  • theMaskWash 100% cotton drawstring carrying bag – for easy storage and travel.

theMaskWash is a personal mask washing system launched by two local B.C. sisters. Born out of a dissatisfaction of having to do more laundry to keep masks clean, theMaskWash helps consumers save time and money through an eco-friendly silicone sanitary solution.

“It was around the time that Health Canada and the WHO recommended daily mask wearing in public. First, the struggle in the beginning was finding a well priced and well made mask. After buying one, thinking that I could throw it in the wash after a couple of wears, we soon found out that the guidelines for wearing one was to wear a clean one everyday. Yikes! That meant doing laundry EVERYDAY.

Even though we invested in a few masks, I found that they got dirty fast. They would accidentally fall on the ground outside, get stained with lipstick or just plain ‘get gross’ with the scent of my breathing on it all day long.

One night when I was washing dishes and thinking how I had to wash my masks because all three were dirty, I took a closer look at a porcelain oval bowl I was washing. It was the right size to act as a contained space to wash a few masks. However, porcelain is too heavy and really not suitable for use in the laundry. I thought about a plain plastic container, but plastic doesn’t hold up to extremely hot water…it would probably warp.

After some more thinking and some research online, I thought silicone is the way to go. We found a manufacturer who was able to provide us with the shape and size we wanted and tested it out.

It completely solved my issue of containing my masks in one spot so I can wash them frequently. My hands fit perfectly in the wash bag so I could give my heavily stained masks a good scrub and it could accommodate really hot water so I could even leave them to soak for a while.

I thought, I can’t be the only person who has this problem. I think anyone wearing a mask wants to wear a clean one. It’s basically like changing your underwear everyday. You don’t want to wear dirty underwear everyday…masks are essentially the same. It’s the right thing to do to stay clean and fresh without having to turn on the big laundry machine.

We at theMaskWash have always been sticklers for cleanliness. This is how my sister and I grew up. Washing our hands as kids morphed into something ‘next level’ as adults. Way before Covid times, we are the ones you have seen on planes, with our pack of disinfectant wipes wiping down everything before taking our seat (yes, we felt the stares and eyerolls). In our hotel rooms, every light switch, handle, remote control and bathroom fixture was also wiped down. Extreme? Maybe to some. But really it was a natural progression to where we are today.

Now we have fabric masks thrown into the mix. We are diligently wearing them everyday in order to reduce the risk of viruses transmitting amongst our nearest (and sometimes not so dearest) circles. However, we also need to wash them everyday and we’re certainly not going to throw in one or two masks in a wash machine to run a whole cycle. And, we can’t leave it unwashed for days hoping to collect enough clothes to do it either.

So, we’ve come up with theMaskWash system. Our silicone bags accommodate a few masks at a time so you can safely contain the ‘dirty’ in one place, quickly allowing you to hand wash them (even allowing them to soak if they’re extra soiled—I’m looking at you, lipstick) without mixing with all of your other washables. That way you can get those masks clean, dried and ready to wear the next day, and everyday.”

theMaskWash – Tammy Sablic

Tammy has over 25 years of sales, marketing, and training experience in a variety of industries. Although she has a BA in French and Spanish and a BEd Secondary, teaching was not her true calling. Soon after graduating, she decided to make her mark on the world of sales and marketing, educating her clients about which product or service would best suit their business needs.

Providing solutions to the problems her clients face is how Tammy has spent her career. Whether in the educational publishing, floral or technology industries, it is her customer-centric perspective that drives her dedication to her clients. This approach is what has helped her achieve the desired outcomes and what still makes her successful today.

theMaskWash – Rosana Sablic

Rosana has held business development, consulting and management positions in private and public companies spanning Canada, the US and Europe for over two decades. These roles fueled her interest in human development at a core level. She is a Certified Executive Coach and a Certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner.

In addition, Rosana is a published author of “Nona’s Story: Your Story”, a guided journal for individual self-reflection and legacy purposes. For Rosana, it’s about co-creating relationships with amazing people who think positively and help each other to live better in our global community.

theMaskWash System Care Instructions

You’ve made a decision to wear your fabric mask every time you go out and cannot safely socially distance. And now, you can wash it everyday, in a hygienic, efficient way so that you are ready to wear it anytime you need it. No need to wait until you collect enough clothes to throw it in the wash machine. Plus, it won’t mix with any of your other washables, so you know you are getting it as clean as you can.

Let’s go over a few things. Your theMaskWash System consists of the following components:

  • theMaskWash silicone bag – food-grade silicone, BPA free, phthalate free, sealable, dishwasher safe, temperature safe from -70 to 220 C
  • theMaskWash waffle weave microfibre drying towel – made from 80% polyester/20% polyamide for ultra absorbency.
  • theMaskWash 100% cotton drawstring carrying bag – for easy storage and travel.

Before using your silicone wash bag, microfibre towel and cotton travel pouch, please wash them. All of them can be washed by hand; however, the silicone bag can safely go in the dishwasher (top rack), and the towel and cotton pouch in the wash machine in the cold wash cycle. Dry on low in your machine or hang to dry.

Use your new theMaskWash silicone bag as a mini wash station that is unique to your fabric mask. By washing your fabric mask everyday (following the care instructions as per the manufacturer), you are keeping it clean, therefore, adhering to the mask wearing rules advised by many scientists, doctors and the World Health Organization. Congratulations and THANK YOU!!

Just a couple of tips when washing:

Fill the bag with water approximately 2/3 full using a bit of your favourite detergent. You can get your hands in there and give your mask a little swish or rub if heavily stained and seal the top using the zip lock seal and give it a little shake.

IMPORTANT: You MUST HOLD ON to the seal as you are agitating as the pressure of the water will open the seal!! And boy, will you be mad if you spill water all over your floor!

Rinse your mask thoroughly, wring it out, and either hang to dry or lay flat on your ultra absorbent microfibre towel.

Once dry, go out there and enjoy wearing your freshly cleaned mask knowing that you are contributing to the overall safety of your fellow humans!

Questions? Browse the links on or email at

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London Drugs Christmas Tree – Supporting Our Seniors



I came across an amazing post this morning by Natalya Cannon, on Facebook and just wanted to spread the word about this lovely and thoughtful endeavour.

London Drugs has Christmas trees with tags with the names of those living in care homes. You can select a tag and there is a “wish list” of items on there that would be wonderful for the individual to receive during the holiday season.

As we know, the upcoming holiday season will be very different from those we’ve had before – many of us will be separated from family and for seniors living in care homes, it may be even harder this year should there be further lockdown and limitations to visits.

This is a wonderful and socially distanced way to share some love and care for others, during a time where a little bit of kindness can go a long way.

I’ll be heading to my local London Drugs to select a few names and start putting together my parcels. Stay safe everyone!

For more information and details, please visit the London Drugs website.

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10 Marketing Tools and Supplies You Need to Boost Business



As we are fast approaching sci-fi world standards with things like virtual-reality, smart homes, and digital currencies, there are still some constants. For one, offline marketing tools are still necessary. The standard is now a 50/50 share of digital and offline advertising and marketing investment.

That means that your business needs to incorporate a strong offline and online strategy to succeed. Neglect either one and you could get left behind. Startup or established, your business stands to gain a lot from a variety of marketing tools.

You don’t need a lot of money to acquire a strong marketing suite of tools. A lot of what’s out there can be done with free apps or minimal investment. Most of the offline marketing investment will come from pure hustle.

Are you ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level?

Online Marketing Tools

For the first half of our marketing strategy, we’re going to focus on digital marketing. While there are comprehensive online marketing services, you can automate a lot of it. These are just a few examples.

Buffer for Social Media

Social media marketing is a huge time-sink. Even with a dedicated social media manager, you may not be reaching your full potential. That’s because it’s a delicate balance between too much activity and not enough.

You want to be on multiple social media platforms, but you also want to take advantage of each one’s potential. Duplicating content sharing on each platform isn’t inherently bad, but you definitely want to mix it up. This is where Buffer can help.

All your accounts can be connected into one dashboard. There, you can schedule a balanced ‘drip feed’ of content for each account. This lets you be able to queue up a month’s worth of content in one evening and then just focus on engagement.

Buffer is also great for studying which types of posts work and how frequently you should be posting it.

Growth Hacking

If you’ve never heard of the term “growth hacking” before, don’t worry, it’s perfectly legal. This is just a cool phrase to describe the online version of networking up. Normally, making connections online with experts, industry leaders, and B2B deals happens very slowly.

With tools like Sniply, you can start forming strong bonds with other influencers and industry experts. This platform lets you share content to and from influencers, building rapport, feedback, and trust. Sniply is a two-way street, allowing you to tap into bigger audiences while aligning yourself with interests for long-term benefits.

Website SEO

The tried and true formula of gaining more traffic to all of your accounts is strong SEO. Your website should be checking all of the boxes off for organic SEO:

  • Balanced keyword density
  • Strong meta-description
  • Web page speed optimization
  • Daily content updates
  • Responsive webpage design

Your website’s SEO is important for keeping and retaining the attention of your visitors. It should contain a cohesive theme of branding, promotional materials, unique content, and business information. First-impressions are very important for any long-term marketing strategy.

All potential customers and curious minds should find it easy to navigate your website. Draw them in with your story, make it memorable and relatable. This is an opportunity to create value that goes beyond expensive PPC campaigns.

PR Management

“Big data” is a marketing tool that is actually very accessible to the average business. All you need to do is plug in keywords related to your business (name, products, niche, etc.) and you’ll see in real time how successful your marketing is.

With Google Alerts, you can get email updates for every mention of your brand on the internet. This might be useful for sharing bragging rights on your social media or responding to complaints online.

Social Mention is another powerful tool that does alerts, plus things like Sentiment Analysis. This lets you know off the bat whether there’s positive or negative publicity brewing. It won’t completely replace a PR manager, but it will make the growing pains much easier.


The most important link in the automated online marketing chain: automated messaging. Email marketing tools are necessary if you want to build a massive following that isn’t tied to just one platform. Email isn’t going to lose relevancy anytime soon.

In order to get a large, active email list, you need an autoresponder. MailChimp is a good one, of course, but we’re going to go with GetResponse. It does everything MailChimp does, including email marketing tools, advanced analytics, surveys, and segmentation.

Add this onto webinar and landing page management, plus web event tracking. It’s just a much bigger ecosystem with a ton of growth potential. GetResponse is like having a team of virtual assistants at your beck and call.

Offline Marketing Tools

The bread and butter of marketing strategies that work. These traditional forms of getting your name into the mouths of others require dedication. The biggest obstacle to making these methods work is ambition.

Cold Calling

Why would someone want to speak with a stranger about products or services they never asked about? Well, people have conversations about things they never considered buying all the time. Cold calling gets a bad rep, mainly due to transparent marketing strategies.

Cold calls can be highly personalized and tailored to never feel predatory. Besides, you know your brand is honest and authentic, it’s just about conveying it to potential customers. Cold calling is also a great opportunity to make strong industry connections.

Use exploratory questioning, respect the recipient’s time, demonstrate value, and don’t ask for the sale. You want the person on the other line to feel in control and voluntarily commit.

Flyers, Posters, and Ads

Traditional advertising is all about getting your brand in front of the most eyeballs as possible. The volume of printing isn’t necessarily what’s most important. Start with a good printing service like New Era Print Solutions, then figure out where you’ll get the most receptive audience.

You can hire a few kids to distribute flyers in public spaces, put up posters in high-trafficked areas, or on windshields (strategically!). Share your ads with various print publications, don’t waste a good ad. We recommend community papers and college papers for the budget-minded.

You can run ads for much longer on the same budget as a single ad in a major newspaper.

Guerilla Marketing

This is probably one of the more precarious forms of marketing. It’s a bit of a gamble, but the payoff can be life-changing. You’ll need to brainstorm a really solid and cohesive strategy here. A publicity stunt needs to be more than just naked advertising, for example.

Do something thematic, engaging, and please incorporate it into some sort of social media activity. A simple hashtag is fine, just make sure you push to get it trending.

Some safe forms of guerilla marketing include theater and dance, pranks, stunts, political satire, and creative graffiti.

Business Cards

Don’t underestimate the power of a good business card. There is some solid science behind the effectiveness of a business card. Making a good first impression starts with being accessible.

By not opting for your standard black and white card with flimsy card stock, you’re telling that person that you value your longevity. You don’t want your business card being filed away with the other dozen or so cards at a convention, for example.

A sturdy, textural, and eye-catching card will stand out. Men who carry wallets will also likely “make room” for your card in their wallet. Survival of the fittest (or the thickest in the case), as they say! New Era Print Solutions has some great designs with high-quality printing that will feel like a piece of art.

Seminars, Events, and Activism

This last category of marketing tools comes in the form of classic networking. Face-to-face connections with real people is how you succeed in life. No matter how great your business plan may be, if you aren’t meeting the right people, it could fade into obscurity.

Seminars are great for obvious reasons: you get to hear pitches or give your own and see real feedback. Expos, conventions, and other related events are just giant punchbowl situations where you can connect with potential partners and clients.

The last category of face-to-face networking is more of a recent trend. By getting involved politically, you can position yourself as more than a business. You don’t even need to be in the midst of the most controversial topics and risk alienating your base.

Just put your name on a few universally-good initiatives and be a brand that is more than business.

Diversify and Grow

We hope this article inspired you to try out a few new marketing tools and strategies. Nothing is worse than that ‘stuck’ feeling of being unable to invest financially in more marketing, yet seeing that flat line of growth. You can work smarter, not harder, by incorporating an array of marketing tactics.

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5 Easy Giveaways That Help Build Customer Loyalty



Your brand is the foundation of your business. It’s how customers connect to you and it’s what keeps them coming back. At least, that’s what happens when you have a successful brand strategy.

Branding involves much more than a logo and a set of values. It applies to everything you do, from the way you communicate to users to the products and services you provide. All of these can build – or diminish – the level of customer loyalty your brand has.

If you’re looking to build customer loyalty, try offering special giveaways. Here are five simple, low-cost freebies you can give customers to boost their sense of loyalty to your brand.

1. A Discount Offer

Nothing gets people’s attention like a flash sale. This is a simple way to generate a buzz in your market and get more people to interact with your brand.

To turn these interactions into loyal customers, though, it’s best to personalize the discount you’re offering. There are a few ways you can go about this.

One method is to send an email blast to users who have not visited your site or purchased something in a while. Addressing each person by name and giving them a discount shows that you care about their business. It tells them you’ve noticed they’ve lost interest and you want to show them you can still provide plenty of value.

Another way to personalize a discount is to share it with users who are already somewhat loyal. These may be people who buy from you every once in a while. Send them a discount to keep them coming back for more.

Make your offer time-sensitive. This will create a sense of urgency and lead to higher conversion rates.

2. A Free Product or Service

The thing about offering a discount code is that you have to make sure everyone understands the terms.

People may not realize there’s a time stamp on their discount if you don’t say it explicitly. They may also try to use their discount on something it doesn’t apply to.

Because of these possible complications, sometimes it’s better to just give an item away for free. This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank, though.

Think about the things you’re already offering customers and how you can provide a little more without spending a lot on your end. If you’re a restaurant owner, maybe you can spare a free dessert or a glass of wine. If you run a software service, perhaps a free audit or system report is reasonable.

Whatever kind of business you run, though, make your freebie mean something. You have to find the balance between wooing your customers with something special and offering so many free things that you barely break even.

A simple way to keep the balance is to offer a free product or service as an add-on to another purchase. So, if a client buys “x” amount of a product at a certain value, they get a special, surprise bonus that makes sense for their investment.

3. Exclusive Meet-and-Greets

Sometimes, the best thing you can offer your audience is time. If you have access to well-known influencers or celebrities, leverage this. Turn your connections into valuable giveaways by running a contest with users to have an exclusive meet-and-greet.

You can do this with musicians and actors, well-known fitness gurus, authors, or the top thought leaders in your industry. If you have any kind of connection like this, share it with your audience. Invite this person (or group of people) to spend a day at your office or attend a trade show with you.

This provides customers with the special facetime of someone they look up to, all thanks to you. When done right, a meet-and-greet is something users won’t soon forget. They’ll feel a stronger sense of brand loyalty to you because of the awesome experience you’ve created for them.

4. T-shirts

Here’s a loyalty-building strategy you may not have thought of: t-shirts! Everyone loves free t-shirts, especially when they’re eye-catching and interesting. T-shirt marketing ideas are some of the best branding tools out there.

All you have to do is find the best way to connect cool t-shirts to your brand. Obviously, this means putting your logo/company name somewhere on the t-shirt, but think beyond that.

Where can you hand out the t-shirts that will create the most excitement? Should you include them as a freebie like the loyalty tip mentioned above, or create a separate t-shirt giveaway?

The more you go over these things, the better the results will be. Don’t rely on the t-shirts to do all the branding work for you. You have to find the best form of placing them and distributing them to make this strategy create powerful results.

5. Unexpected Treats

The final way to build customer loyalty is to send a thank-you gift or a special treat just because. This could be anything. You might want to send flowers, chocolates, or exclusive new product releases – whatever comes to mind.

If you’re having trouble thinking of something. Consider these options:

  • a gift card for coffee or food
  • sweet treats (donuts, cookies, a cake) for the customer and their team
  • a pass to skip the line (if applicable to your business)
  • an invite to a high-profile event
  • a hand-written card

No matter how big or small you go, it’s the thought that counts. Your customers will be blown away by this gesture and their loyalty is sure to skyrocket.

Additional Ways to Build Customer Loyalty

While it’s good to use giveaways and exclusive offers to build customer loyalty, these aren’t the only tools available to help you get the results you’re looking for.

A big part of branding success comes down to how relatable you are to users. They should be able to feel like you’re a trustworthy, passionate business owner, not just someone who’s looking to make a sale.

Content marketing can help you with this. It allows you to create an ongoing conversation with users for them to really get to know the story behind your business.

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