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10 Backyard DIY Projects You Could Start Today



Science shows us that creative projects and outlets help us manage our stress. Finding the time to create something unique and useful in your backyard is the perfect stress-relieving DIY project for you to tackle today!

We have put together a fantastic list of the top 10 best DIY projects for your backyard. From zen gardens to entertainment stations these projects are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Let’s take a look!

1. Edible Gardens

You can turn your backyard into your private grocery store with the addition of an edible garden. Start small by adding a raised garden bed in an area of your backyard that receives ample sunlight.

When choosing what to grow you will want to have a variety of herbs and vegetables, however, if you are new to gardening start with easy to grow crops such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, etc. as these will be easier to manage.

Plan your garden out before starting to help you decide how many crops you will be planting and what varieties. Be sure to invest in good soil so your plants grow strong and big, and don’t forget to purchase some good gardening gloves as well!

2. Outdoor Bar

An outdoor bar is a fun way to create an entertainment station for your friends and family. For this DIY project, you can either buy a bar stand that is already put together or you can give building a custom bar a try. This service area will be the perfect spot to host parties and backyard BBQs.

Consider things like seating and ice and beverage storage when creating the space. Adding the appropriate outdoor lighting will help the area feel more inviting for you and your guests.

3. Gazebo

A Gazebo is a beautiful structure that will add beauty as well as functionality to your backyard. You can use your Gazebo to host outdoor dinners or turn it in do an outdoor studio. If your yard gets a lot of sun a Gazebo is the perfect structure to get relief from the heat.

Another option to the traditional Gazebo is an open-air Gazebo. This style of shade structure allows for some sun and rain to come through making it a good option for those who wish to keep plants growing inside of the structure.

4. Zen Garden

Creating a zen garden in your backyard is a beautiful way to create a meditative and relaxing space. The components of a zen garden are meant to inspire tranquility and appreciation for the beauty of nature. Before you get started on your garden you will need the following items:

  • white gravel
  • Metal rake
  • Wooden zen rake
  • Variety of rocks in all shapes and sizes
  • Landscaping plants
  • Gloves
  • Shovel
  • String and string level

These items are essential to building your zen paradise. Once your garden is built you can use it to find relaxation and meditate. The act of raking the garden is meant to bring peace or zen to your state of mind which makes this DIY project beautiful and helpful!

5. Backyard Fountain

A backyard fountain is a great way to upgrade the aesthetic of your space. The sound of the flowing water is relaxing and will attract birds to your yard for great wildlife viewing. Before you start, consider the size and shape of the fountain.

Depending on the size of your yard it might be a good option to do an above ground DIY option for your fountain by creating a fountain that flows into a galvanized tub or a DIY fountain box. These above-ground options are simple and inexpensive to create and easy to maintain.

6. Privacy Fence

A privacy fence can make your backyard feel like a secluded oasis if done correctly. When planning a privacy fence consider things like material, color, and size. There are a variety of options to choose from when installing your fence that are already pre-stained and ready to install.

If you are feeling extra creative you could try making your fence by buying the raw materials and then customizing the color and shape to your liking. No matter which route you choose the adding privacy will be a great luxury.

7. Update Lighting

The right lighting in your backyard can turn it into a paradise retreat. Consider using a variety of light sources in your backyard to layer the lighting.

For example, along the pathways in your yard use ground stake lights to illuminate the path. In areas where you entertain consider hanging string lighting above the area to create depth and add soft lighting. Outdoor candles are another great source of mood lighting that can also be beneficial for managing those summer pests like mosquitos.

8. Landscaping

Updating the landscaping in your backyard is an essential DIY project for anyone looking to give their yard a facelift. You can start by clearing out any built-up brush or leaves that have accumulated in the yard. Then diligently weed all flower and garden beds.

Once you have weeded and cleaned up the space then you can decide on planting ornamental plants like rose bushes or vibrant lavender. Consider edging your flower beds and framing them with stone or wooden frames for a polished look.

9. Patio

If your yard doesn’t have a patio already then consider installing one. A patio can be used as a relaxing outdoor area, outdoor dining room, area for potted plants, etc. the options are endless!

Consider the material you would like to use for the base such as concrete or wooden decking. Once your patio is finished you can begin to decorate with outdoor furniture and ornate plants to create an aesthetic in the area. To add shade to the area a retractable canopy is another simple DIY project that can turn your patio into an outdoor sanctuary.

10. Sheds

Gone are the days of the old paint-chipped sheds that were eyesores to our backyards! If your shed is looking a little worse for wear it is time to give it a makeover.

To start sand the shed down to remove any rough edges or flaking paint. Then access any areas that need repair such as broken boards, holes in the roof, broken doors, etc. Next, you will need to choose a color of paint or stain for your shed and get painting!

Simple Backyard DIY projects

These simple DIY projects are affordable and easy to do! You can change the whole vibe of your yard with any one of these unique projects today.

Surrey604 is an online magazine and media outlet based in Surrey, BC. Through writing, video, photography, and social media, we secure an intimate reach to the public. We promote local events and causes.

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4 Ways To Save Money While Going Green



Let’s face it – it is hard to save money while maintaining eco-friendly habits. In honor of Earth Day this month, here’s a lineup of this year’s best and brightest items that will not only save cash, but the planet too. From sustainable fashion to smart technology that will let you be water-wise, these eco-friendly picks are sure to make Mother Nature and your pocketbook very happy.


Because of the pandemic, most of us are still not going to the spa these days. Now, thanks an innovative line of sustainable cork massage balls and rollers, you don’t have to!

Rawlogy is a company that makes e-cool-logically cool cork stress balls and massage rollers which are great for sore, tired or tense muscles. Plus, these will pay for themselves in one use when you factor in what you’d normally spend for a massage. These ultralight, travel-ready cork massage balls and rollers are eco-friendly and ethically produced.

Whether you are at home, hiking, traveling or even in the office, Rawlogy offers a premium self-massage experience allowing users to de-stress and relieve tension in those sore, tired, aching and or stressed muscles.For more information please visit:

Men’s dress shirts that are unstainable, wrinkle-free and sustainable – it’s a real thing!! The people behind AndCollar have perfected the art of fabric and fashion while helping the environment by using recycled plastic to make their dress shirts and ties.

With one million plastic bottles are purchased every single minute globally, AndCollar is helping because each of their dress shirts is the equivalent of 15 recycled plastic bottles! Instead of sending those bottles to oceans and landfills, & is using that recycled plastic to create high-performance fabric that keeps men cool and dry.

Mixing fashion, fabric and function together, the company’s goal is to make the world a little bit better one shirt and tie at a time. For More Info:

TubShroom/ SinkShroom/ ShowerShroom:


Throw your plumber’s number down the drain thanks a nifty little innovation that prevents clogs in all your drains. The shrooms (named for their shape) are made from recycled materials and prevent clogs by catching hair or other debris that enters the drain, all while still letting water flow freely through the holes in the cylinder.

Perhaps the best part is that the mushroom-shaped invention keeps hair and other yucky debris out of site because it wraps around the cylinder, so it is not visible until you remove it once a month to clean. That means no more time spent cleaning out drains or pouring harsh chemicals down the pipes and it also means less calls to the expensive plumber. For More Info:


Did you know that the average family wastes 9,400 gallons of water annually?! That’s why Nudge Systems has created Pleco, a smart device that provides live updates on water usage in the home broken down by category.

From showers to toilet flushes and water faucets to irrigation, Pleco is smart technology that uses sensors to show consumers in real-time the water being used in their home. The innovative device can even detect water leaks, potentially saving users thousands of dollars in repair costs.

It is the first-of-its-kind device on the market that uses home automation, a smart phone app and display screen to help users understand and reduce their water use. Notifications and colorful graphics make it easy to track and monitor how much water is being used daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

This information allows consumers to make wise decisions when it comes to water and cuts down on that water bill too! For more information please visit:

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Get Ready For Game Day (at home!)



A roundup of local favourites for the perfect Superbowl Sunday

Godmother Cocktail
Godmother Cocktail
Per Se Vodka
Per Se Vodka

Ampersand Distilling Co. has the perfect recipe to sip on while you wait for dinner. Made with their award-winning Per Se Vodka, the Godmother cocktail is simply delicious. Combine 1.5 oz of Ampersand’s Per Se Vodka with 1/2 oz of Amaretto in a rocks glass over ice… and voila!

Sunday Romper - Midnight Black
The Mini Romper - Midnight Black
The Guy Romper - Midnigt Black

Smash + Tess has some cozy Sunday rompers for the whole family to snuggle up in — perfect for game day. The Sunday Romper in Midnight Black, the Mini Sunday Romper in Midnight Black and the Guy Romper in Midnight Black are all available online at, ready for you to lounge in.

Items from Pepino's take-out menu
Items from Pepino's take-out menu
Meatball Sub and Pizza
Meatball Sub and Pizza

Pepino’s is expanding their take out and delivery hours beginning at 2 p.m on Sunday. This allows for more than enough time to pick up or order in some yummy game day favourites. Take out will be available on TOCK and delivery is available through DoorDash.

Make sure to order early to avoid any delays. As well as their regular take out menu, they will also be featuring a mouthwatering Buffalo Chicken Pizza and Wings.

Caesar Salad
Caesar Salad
La Tana Limited Edition Superbowl Fox Box
La Tana Limited Edition Superbowl Fox Box
'Capo del Pranzo' Meatball Sub
'Capo del Pranzo' Meatball Sub

Lastly, Caffe La Tana is offering a limited edition Super Bowl Fox Box for four! This box includes everything you need for a night of good eats and good football.

The Fox Box includes a handful of Pepino’s fan favourites, made from chef Phil Scarphone’s recipes and fresh La Tana ingredients, sure to satisfy no matter who wins the game!


  • Caesar salad with Pepino’s house-made dressing
  • Baked rigatoni alla bolognese
  • Spinach & artichoke dip
  • 1lb of Harry’s Hot Wings from the Pepino’s patio menu
  • A par baked Nelson the Seagull filone
  • All the ingredients to assemble two large ‘Capo del Pranzo’ meatball subs
  • Pepino’s famous tiramisu ‘Bombolona’.

Each box comes with instructions to heat and assemble. Available for pick up or delivery on February 5, 6 and 7, in limited quantities.

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Lockdown Valentine’s Day Date Ideas and Inspiration



Coronavirus has affected every aspect of life, including romance. However, your love life shouldn’t suffer because you cannot go on outdoor dates.

This article mentions lockdown Valentine’s Day date ideas and how to enjoy your lover’s company indoors. From roses and chocolates to dinners and vacations, lovers go out of their way in search of Valentine’s Day date ideas. But unlike before, this year’s celebrations come in the thick of a pandemic, with numerous travel restrictions and restaurants and other entertainment spots closed.

The good news is that you can still create unique Valentine’s Day date ideas at home. Who knows, this year’s Valentine’s Day date ideas could be the best ones yet.

Remember, the best Valentine’s Day date ideas are about bonding with your partner instead of gifts and outings. After finding your date on best dating sites review, here are Valentine’s Day date ideas during the COVID-19.

1- Cooking

Surprise your significant other with breakfast in bed, including heart-shaped foods to communicate your love. Even if you ruin their heart-shaped pancakes, your partner will still appreciate these Valentine’s Day date ideas because you made an effort to cook for them.  You could also slip a love note beneath the breakfast tray.

Another option is cooking together. For instance, you can recreate a dish from your favorite takeout spot. To make the Valentine’s Day ideas more interesting, save the restaurant’s containers and eat out of them.

Alternatively, pick a recipe from a random country and try preparing it. That way, Valentine’s Day date ideas teach you about new cultures and cuisines. You might even add the country to your post-lockdown Valentine’s Day date ideas.

Feel free to set the mood with cool background music and candles. Don’t forget to dress up. Valentine’s Day ideas are a chance to look attractive without leaving the house.

Note that cooking isn’t just about the food. It also fosters collaboration. You can shop for ingredients while your lover prepares the meal and cleans the dishes.

Couple cooking together
Couple cooking together

2- Movie Night

Movies are perfect for couples who want to enjoy each other’s company without talking. They are also cheap Valentine’s Day date ideas, seeing you only need a film and snacks. Not saying Valentine’s Day date ideas should be boring because you’re indoors.

You can take these Valentine’s Day date ideas a notch higher by creating cinema tickets or printing them from an online template. You could also spruce up the viewing experience by swapping your TV for a projector.

Another option is merging these Valentine’s Day date ideas with games. For instance, you can count how many times a red car appears in the film. Again, movies are an excellent virtual Valentine’s Day date.

Thanks to streaming subscription services, you can watch a movie with your partner and see their reactions when miles apart. Movie nights aren’t limited to Valentine’s Day date ideas. You can have them regularly, for example, every second Thursday of the month.

3- Make a Scrapbook

Scrapbooks use words and photos to communicate particular emotions to your lover. Partners can create separate scrapbooks and exchange them on Valentine’s Day or craft one together.

All you need for these Valentine’s Day date night ideas are photographs, pens, glue, paints, scissors, and glitter. While lined scrapbooks are ideal for notes, blank paper suits photographs, and other craft ideas.

The next step is deciding the scrapbook’s theme. For instance, you can devote your book to vacations. Don’t forget to write down the memories you wish to include lest you forget them.

Additionally, compile relationship memorabilia, from chocolate wrappers to your first movie tickets. The cover is an essential component of these Valentine’s Day date ideas since it’s the face of your scrapbook. You can put your names, photo, and the date you met.

4- Spa Day

With the pandemic forcing people to juggle between remote work, homeschooling, and parenting, spa days are welcome Valentine’s Day date ideas.

The first stage of these romantic Valentine’s Day date ideas is setting the ambiance. Start by clearing clutter from your living room or bedroom. Likewise, buy essential oils and your favorite scented candles. Ensure you dress comfortably; for example, wear slippers and loose-fitting clothes like robes.

This goes hand in hand with cool classical music or soothing nature sounds. While at it, switch off your phones and TV to limit interruptions. Feel free to sip wine or herbal tea on your spa date.

You could have bubble baths and give each other massage. The best part is you can substitute some beauty products with food items. For instance, you can create a face mask with avocado.

Spa procedure
Spa procedure

5- Treasure Hunt

Adventure sets treasure hunts apart from other Valentine’s Day date ideas for couples. However, these Valentine’s Day date ideas demand preparation.

Start by making your treasure hunt clues. You can use sticky notes or write your clues on a pack of cards. The number of clues determines the length of the hunt. However, the goal of Valentine’s Day date ideas is having fun and not completing the challenge quickly.

You can spread these hints in the house and backyard. Don’t forget to include prizes at the end and middle of these Valentine’s Day date ideas to make the search worthwhile. This could be treats like candy, chocolate, wine, even an engagement ring.


Coronavirus may limit this year’s Valentine’s Day date ideas, but this won’t always be the case. With promising vaccine advancements and the world embracing the pandemic, lockdown is an opportunity to plan future dates.

Besides growing shared goals, joint date plans provide relationship fulfillment and adventure opportunities. You can come up with date ideas individually before merging them with your partner.

While at it, do small fun things together in anticipation of big dates. Have you ever had a Valentine’s Day date at home? Share your indoor Valentine’s Day date ideas in the comments section below.

Author bio:

Mrs. Aria Green is a family photographer, and writes about relationship psychology. She’s a wife and a mother of two adorable kids who won’t get bored even for a minute.

She completed a photography course in college. She’s passionate about photography and writing. She loves personality psychology and to help the couples with advice on the relationship.

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Sensible Solutions for Holiday Gifting



Practically every year there’s at least one person on your holiday gift list that seems to have it all. One way to think outside the box is to sift through wants and needs to find something that can truly be put to use on an almost daily basis.

For example, tools, binoculars, vacuum cleaners, knife sharpeners and security solutions can serve as practical gifts that give your recipient a functional piece of equipment for daily life. These types of presents show your thoughtfulness and can provide your loved one a frequent reminder of the relationship you share each time the gift is used.

An Eye-Catching Gift

If you’ve got someone on your holiday gift list that enjoys pursuits such as sports, concerts, nature viewing or stargazing, help bring the action closer with a gift like the Bushnell Powerview 2 binocular.

An evolution from the popular line, the versatile, general-use binoculars deliver clear views in multiple sizes and magnifications. The binoculars feature an aircraft grade, aluminum alloy chassis built for durability, and high-quality, soft-touch black rubber armor and brushed metal texture finishes provide eye-catching exterior design, easy handling and a confident grip.

A Cut Above the Rest

This holiday season, get the chef or outdoorsman in your life a gift that keeps on giving, such as the Wicked Edge Go knife sharpener. Made from high-quality materials, it’s easy to use for both new and experienced knife sharpeners.

It offers guided angle control, can sharpen a variety of knife types and makes cutting more efficient while increasing the longevity of your knives.

Cleanliness On the Go

Give the gift of cleaner living spaces anywhere and everywhere with the ultra-portable Raycop GO vacuum, which uses UVC light technology to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses along with dust mites.

It’s less than 2 pounds, easy to assemble and stores in four pieces, making it simple to take in the car, to the office or on vacation. It can even sanitize phones, handbags or luggage, and the battery lasts 30 minutes without recharging.

The Gift That Protects

If you’re looking to secure connected toys and devices received this holiday season, consider internet security products that allow you to protect your family. With advanced protection for all your devices, ESET’s Smart Security Premium solution helps protect against identity theft with the latest malware detection, online banking, password security and smart home support.

Get the Job Done

Help the handyperson in your life finish the job quicker with the Milwaukee M12 Drill and Driver Kit, the only tool in its class with an all-metal locking chuck.

Its compact, lightweight and durable design delivers comfort and efficiency along with an onboard LED light and fuel gauge to help increase productivity and avoid interruptions.

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Protect Yourself From “The Grinch”, Pandemic Porch Pirates And Unsavoury Online Crooks This Holiday



Everyone’s heard about people who lose their online purchases to thieves scouring front porches for valuables – perhaps right in your own neighbourhood. Its hard to resist when all that merchandise is brand new, nicely packaged, easy to carry – and best of all – already paid for. Easy pickings if left unattended for long, but a lot of people still seem happy taking the risk anyway.

Protecting those packages is more important than ever with 2020 being the year in which online Christmas shopping has soared due to the pandemic. So as holiday deliveries start to peak, it’s time for our holiday season update from Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers on how to avoid becoming the next porch pirate victim (see tips below).

“Ironically, so many more people were actually working from home in 2020, so their houses weren’t left unattended as much. Yet, porches went unwatched anyway as people spent hours in the den on video calls, in the kitchen or streaming TV shows,” says Linda Annis, Executive Director of Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers. “If they just spent two minutes to think about how they might monitor the front door better, there would be fewer thefts.”

Crime Stoppers reminds us that anyone seeing a crime in progress should call 9-1-1 or the local police. However, if you have information that could help solve or prevent a crime, and want to remain anonymous, call us at Crime Stoppers by phone, online, or through our “P3” smartphone app. The information you provide is passed directly to police and your anonymity is guaranteed by the Supreme Court of Canada.


  • Everybody’s ordering online like there’s no tomorrow – so don’t let all those deliveries sit on your porch for long. So many packages on so many porches make for easy pickings. If you’re not home for the delivery, or can’t watch for it while busy at home, ask neighbours to help watch for anything left on your porch. You can return the favour for them too.
  • Don’t get taken in when shopping online. Buy from proper, established businesses instead of relatively unknown sources, and be wary of online deals that don’t feel right. Shoplifted goods often get sold to the public online or through flea markets, with the money going to fund gangs dealing in drugs or illegal weapons. It’s bigger than you think – organized retail crime costs all Canadians almost $5 billion a year.
  • Use home video security cameras to watch for deliveries and crooks. Feed the images to your smartphone, and you might even spot a crook stealing from your Christmas lawn display.
  • Watch for counterfeit items. Lots of fake goods enter Canada though our ports of entry from Pacific Rim and other countries, so it’s easy to smuggle in goods that are poor quality, or even unsafe.
  • Ask yourself, “why is this so cheap”? Be wary of counterfeit or poor quality “bargains” from market stalls or a “pop-up” retailer that’s in business one minute, and can be gone the next.
  • Close the blinds. Make sure gifts inside the house aren’t visible outside. Peering through the window and seeing piles of gifts sitting beneath a Christmas tree is irresistible to burglars.
  • Don’t leave stacks of cardboard lying outside your house. Boxes from expensive gifts left outside your house are a billboard announcing what’s new inside – great for a burglar treasure hunt.
  • Etch it – mark your property. Ask your local police to help etch your property with your driver’s license number. Photograph valuables and show the make, model and serial number. If something’s stolen and later found by police, there’s a better chance that you’ll get it back.


  • Don’t make your car a “crook’s candy store”. Before you lock up, leave nothing visible inside your car. Not even pocket change or empty bottles and cans.
  • Don’t “park in the dark”. Find a busy, well-lit section of the parking lot.
  • Lock your gifts in the trunk. We say this every year – yet people still leave presents in plain view in the back seat.
  • Guard your garage door opener. Leave the remote at home when shopping, or tuck it in your pocket so a smart car thief can’t just let himself in if he figures out your address

About Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers

Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers is a non-profit society and registered charity that offers rewards for anonymous tip information about criminal activity and provides it to investigators in the communities of Metro Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Anonymous tips may be provided though Crime Stoppers’ downloadable “P3” app for Apple and Android phones, calling Crime Stoppers at 1-855-448-8477 (new number) or 1-800-222- 8477, online at, or by following the link on the Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers Facebook page.

Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers accepts tips in 115 different languages and will pay a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest of a criminal, recovery of stolen property, seizure of illegal drugs or guns or denial of a fraudulent insurance claim. Tipsters stay anonymous by using code numbers to check back later and collect their rewards.

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