A little Bob Dylan mixed with The Cure – He’s Scott Helman

He’s a little bit of Bob Dylan mixed with The Cure, then add in a shot of self-discovery and courage.

For those with a taste for folk-soul music inspired by legends like Neil Young and Bob Dylan, then youre in luck. Juno Award-nominated Scott Helman is headlining this Saturdays Party for the Planet celebration, also known at BCs largest Earth Day celebration at Surrey City Hall Plaza. There will be a rad lineup of performers, activities, and more. He will be signing autographs at the meet and greet session starting at 6pm on April 23, 2016.

This is how it goes, This is how it goes…

Those are the lyrics to “Bungalow” which is the hit single that shot 20 year old Scott Helman to fame in the music scene. But, we can’t help but wonder, if this is how it goes, and whether he will follow the path of the other Canadian stars who rose to fame -like Aaron Carter or Justin Bieber.

But we have a strong feeling, he’ll make a name for himself without the drama.

At age 13, Helman had wanted to be a songwriter and later began uploading to YouTube. After being discovered, he signed with Warner Music Canada at 15 and was named the first-ever winner of Spotify’s Emerge program among 12 other Canadian youth artists recently. In 2015, Scott spent most of him time on tour. He made his U.S. and Europe debut opening for Walk Off The Earth, and then opening for Matthew Good in Canada. This February, he received two Juno Award nominations and has one of his songs shortlisted by Shawn Mendes on his favourite acoustics music list.

His successes weren’t just handed to him. After high school, he could have gone on to university but he really knew his own desires, deviated from a traditional career path and put in mountains of hard work. It takes a certain type of person to do this.

The young romantic took a leap of faith, and here he is now – an inspiration to us all.

See Scott Helman at Party For The Planet – Free for all to attend.







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