A new short documentary about “coming out” within the local South Asian community in the works!

Surrey, British Columbia – Sher Vancouver has begun pre-production to produce its second short documentary film which is tentatively titled, “Emergence.”


Sher Vancouver’s first film, My Name Was January, won 13 international jury awards and garnered an amazing 43 official selections at film festivals around the world.  Following on this success, we are producing a second film tentatively titled, “Emergence.”

Emergence is about the strengths and struggles of LGBTQ South Asian people in Metro Vancouver reflecting on their coming out journey and the reactions of their parents. Emergence is a very valuable educational tool and can help many people, especially youth, deal with their sexuality, gender identity, and coming out journey from a cross-cultural perspective.

It will help people emotionally connect and better understand the issues, concerns, and challenges that LGBTQ South Asian people experience and the potential fear of rejection or love and acceptance that they may receive from their parents.

The film will give a voice to the taboo topic of homosexuality in the South Asian community.  It is very rich to hear from the parents whose acceptance LGBTQ children seek.  For the parents, it is so difficult when teachings or loyalties are split between children and what they may have “known” deeply to be right or moral all their lives.

Many South Asian parents with LGBTQ children also do not know any other parents with LGBTQ children.  They are isolated with limited understanding.  Emergence will help fill this gap. This short documentary film will empower and save lives and create a sense of community and critical awareness for South Asian parents with LGBTQ children.

People of all backgrounds will be able to relate to this film because it deals with issues of fitting in, belonging, acceptance, love, as well as possible experiences we all go through of discrimination, oppression, and rejection and the impact this has on our life.

“Many children who may be LGBTQ are afraid of rejection from their loved ones.  It is so critical for friends and families to reach out and show love and support.  This may save a life.

We are hoping Emergence will shine a light in the South Asian and all communities to create more awareness and education around LGBTQ issues so that everyone is not only understood but embraced for being who they are,” states Producer and Sher Founder Alex Sangha.


ALEX SANGHA | Producer

Alex has a Masters in Public Administration and Public Policy from the Department of Government at the London School of Economics, and a Master of Social Work from Dalhousie University.  Alex has worked as a Team Leader, Clinician, Social Worker, and Youth Counsellor.  He currently runs his own private counselling practice in North Delta.  Alex’s family is originally from Punjab, India and is of Sikh background.  Alex identifies as a gay South Asian male.

VINAY GIRIDHAR | Director and Editor

Vinay completed the Digital Graphic Design Program at Vancouver Community College and a Diploma in Classical Animation at Vancouver Film School.  Vinay completed the animated short film “Loves Age,” which was an official selection at the HollyShorts Film Festival, Sherman Oaks, California, USA, 2011 (An Academy Award Qualifying Festival).

You can check out Loves Ages at this link:  youtube.com/watch?v=Zt5k7TSNo4c&t=23s

Vinay is the current Art Director and Graphic Designer of a local South Asian Lifestyle Magazine.  Vinay has edited numerous short videos for his day job and has done significant art and design and film and video work for Sher Vancouver and the My Name Was January documentary film project.

Here is a video Vinay did to mark Sher’s anniversary. youtube.com/watch?v=y5IvoVHhyIM&t=51s  Vinay is originally from Kerala, India and currently lives in Surrey, B.C.

CHRISTINE LORD | Director of Photography

Christine Lord is an independent filmmaker based in, British Columbia, Canada. Her film company, Sealord Films Canada, was established in 2018 and focuses on short documentaries and promo film encompassing the entertainment and LGBTQ communities. She began her creative process in the early 90’s as a photojournalist and has since evolved into film. Christine’s films have been screened in festivals locally and worldwide.






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