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Author: Andrew Ling

2018 BMW X1 review

Does BMW’s smallest SUV live up to its name? When the first-generation BMW X1 first made its debut, many wondered if the marketplace was ready for yet another BMW model, let alone another BMW Sports Activity Vehicle. When the second-generation X1 made its debut in Spring of 2015, BMW proudly announced that more than 730,000 units of the first-generation X1 had been sold globally. Therefore this provided irrefutable evidence that the world’s audience was indeed ready for yet another premium-badged compact utility vehicle in the marketplace. Overview Despite being the smallest BMW SUV, the BMW X1 treats the premium...

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2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring Review

2017 Honda Accord Touring Hybrid Did you know that Toyota wasn’t the first manufacturer to come out with a hybrid vehicle to the North American market? Before the start of the current millennium, in 1999, Honda snuck in the original Insight hybrid into the U.S. market, beating the Toyota Prius by just a few short months. However, as hard as they might have tried and in spite of arguably superior engineering, the “Prius” model name has reigned supreme, and Honda hybrids have not posed a serious threat to the Toyota brand. Back and better than before The Accord hybrid...

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[REVIEW] 2016 Subaru Crosstrek

The compact utility vehicle (aka CUV) market has continued to expand year over year over the last few years. Less econobox-looking and visually more rugged than the standard compact car, it is not surprising why young couples or families have flocked to this market segment. In rainy Vancouver, the added availability of all-wheel-drive on most of these CUVs is an added safety net. After all, no one wants to be stuck when escaping the city with friends on a weekend jaunt up to the local ski hills or campsite. Anton Pawczuk, Subaru Canada’s Director of Product Management and Sales...

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[REVIEW] 2016 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD

The definition of “remarkable” is “worthy of making a remark”. When I drove the Acura RLX for the first time almost a year ago, I thought that it was a competent albeit slightly boring large luxury sedan. The same could be said to apply to the RLX Sport Hybrid, but in its case, beauty is far more than skin deep. It may not look it upon first impressions, but this is one of the most advanced sedans currently on the market. While it still is a bit of an uphill battle for Acura to get their brand in front...

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[REVIEW] 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata

Several years ago, Mazda’s divorce from its 30-year-plus partner, Ford, deprived the Japanese brand of critical economies of scale. Many who loved the company’s affordable fun cars were worried that with the gravy train of low-cost access to platforms and drivetrains gone, Mazda would be in trouble. With the race to develop ever more efficient engines and lower curb weights driving up manufacturing and development costs for all manufacturers, Mazda’s future seemed uncertain. Fast forward to today and if there is one car that showcases how much Mazda still has to offer, it would be the 2016 MX-5 Miata....

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