Daniella Javier

Daniella Javier

Daniella Javier is a third-year journalism student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Surrey, B.C. Since she was 10-years-old, she’s wanted to become a journalist. Writing has always been her greatest passion. Daniella’s favourite part about interviewing is that she gets to meet new people each time. She prides herself on her ability to listen to others and to hear their thoughts and concerns. In her spare time, Daniella loves to travel. One day, she hopes that she can combine her two passions – cruising and writing – and to be able to write for a cruise line. She continues to stand on this motto: “Find a career you love and never work a day in your life.”
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Signage throughout the city impedes Surrey’s Sign By-Law

If you’re planning to put up a sign for your business or service somewhere in Surrey, you may want to double-check where you place it. Signs on poles are not permitted. The Surrey Sign By-Law states: “No advertising signs shall be tacked, posted or otherwise affixed to the surface of any structure, tree, pole, hydrant, bridge, or fence owned by the City or utility companies.” If you drive around anywhere in Surrey, you’ll see all types of signs: Taxes, garage door repairs, money loans, restaurants, long distance calls, touring, day cares, mortgages, real estate, and many more. Councillor Bruce Hayne, from the City of Surrey, states retailer sandwich board signs are becoming ineffective, because many of them are accumulating on the streets. Some signs are also blocking traffic signs. Woodland Furniture blocking a traffic sign. In 2014, the by-law was revised to be more comprehensive for others. The City of...
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And the Oscar goes to…The Royal Canadian Theatre Company

While Hollywood stars gathered for The 89th Academy Awards a.k.a. "the Oscars" in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 26th, The Royal Canadian Theatre Company (RCTC) held their second annual Oscar party. The event was held at Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel during the Oscars with 122 people in attendance.  All the fun began at 4:30 p.m. during the red carpet coverage and carried on throughout the award show. Guests were able to enjoy appetizers, delicious mashed potatoes, bread, roast beef and drinks throughout the evening. Mashed potato toppings Roast beef Many of the theatre actors, staff, and board members attended the party with their families, including RCTC's Founding Artistic Director, Ellie King, and President, Shara Nixon. Nixon was also one of the hosts of the evening. Nixon says that events like the Oscar party give participants the opportunity to dress up, have fun, and provide the backbone of support to RCTC's...
Miss B.C. Gloren Guelos poses with fellow Kids Play volunteers and friends, Haleena Parmar and Ashleen Thind

Bullying Prevention Forum boasts proactive measures against bullying

Pushing. Taunting. Cyber-bullying. Today, bullying is still a reoccurring issue in schools and many kids and parents may not know how to deal with it. Holding forums can help promote healthy discussion about bullying and target solutions towards the major issue. Kids Play volunteers, Arjun Sran and Akash Gill On February 8th, The Annual Bullying Prevention Forum, hosted by Kids Play, at Bell Centre for Performing Arts was held as an initiative towards bullying prevention. Various speakers such as Crime Stoppers, Mediate B.C., Bully Free B.C., and Pink Shirt Day, gave their presentations on bullying prevention and even some of their experiences with bullying. Targeted towards the South-East Asian community, this forum aimed at spreading awareness to parents and families of kids. There were also $5,000 in scholarships given to kids at the event. Education is in fact a key factor in bullying prevention and its importance cannot be overlooked. It...

5 Things to Do on Family Day in Surrey

Whether or not you’re planning to celebrate Family Day, we can all use an extra day off. Nonetheless, it’s a unique opportunity to enjoy the day with your family and take advantage of some fun Family Day events. And if you’re looking for an event or activity to take part in, there are many options. Here are five events, in particular, that are taking place on the Family Day weekend. 1. Disney Exhibit Event/ Surrey Museum/ 17710 56a Ave. Who doesn’t love Disney? From now until May 14, 2017, families will have the opportunity to visit the Disney Exhibit at the Surrey Museum. And on February 12th, the museum will hold the exhibit’s opening event for families to take part in. There will be visits from Disney princesses Cinderella and Rapunzel, Disney button making, autography booklets, and refreshments for all. Families will also have the opportunity to take a look...

Back to the grind: Post-Secondary students are great jugglers of work and school

Working hard or hardly working. When you're juggling work, school and other commitments, there's not much time to take a breather; it's usually, "go, go, go" for post-secondary students. From exams to assignments and part-time jobs, things can pile up fast, even the cost of tuition for each school term. That's why a lot of students need to work while they go to school in order to pay for tuition. According to a study from Georgetown University's Center on Education and Workforce, said that over the past 25 years, more than 70% of college students have worked while attending school. The study, mentioned in an article by CNBC, said the number of working students has grown since college enrolment and tuition have increased. Many students tend to work more during the summer and short breaks, while they work less during semesters. Jasmeen Boparai, a 22-year-old English major and medieval studies...