David Plug

David Plug

Ideas that could be innovative and enhance the quality of life, economy and health for Surrey residents and businesses are examined by David Plug. David is a former online & community journalist and healthcare communicator. Born on Vancouver Island, he has worked there, across Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and also at Prince George in northern BC. His interest in Surrey enhancing its cool and useful offerings for families are motivated by the experiences of him, his wife, three kids, two siblings and mother who have resided in Surrey for 13 years. As a graduate in History from University of Victoria, he also contributes stories about Surrey’s legacy which is somewhat informed by his appointment to the Surrey Heritage Advisory Commission.

Concept Plan underway for new Surrey hospital

In December 2017, when the B.C. government announced its commitment to build a new hospital in the fast-growing Surrey city, Health Minister Adrian Dix also stated that a Concept Plan for the hospital will be funded and worked on in 2018. Although the building of a new hospital is touted to take 6-10 years from Concept Plan to Project Completion. The Concept Plan is a first step in planning for a hospital, for its services, size, location and title based upon the growing needs for health care in the community. The B.C. government commits to funding the building after their approval of the final Concept Plan. In early 2018, the Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner did publicly recommend Cloverdale be the location of the new hospital but the plan’s determination for the most appropriate location is not yet public. The new hospital is often referred as the 2nd hospital in Surrey, where some consider it to...
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Multimillion Dollar Tall Tower Applying to Surrey City Council

A new tall, multi million dollar tower is being proposed for an expansion of Elizabeth Manor on 104, just west of City Hall. It will result in up to 359 units and from 6 to 26 stories. Property has been bought and a proposal will be submitted to the Surrey City Council by end of August in the hope for the council to review and approve before the October city election which would delay start of development to 2019. The North America property investors Investment Revenue Realty and partner, Western Canadian Properties Group are targeting Surrey City Centre as the top city in BC for investing in development due to the growing population, businesses and urban development in Surrey. They state, “Invest with an experienced development team in a very strong housing and real estate investment market, Surrey City Centre, by participating in a multi-family condominium development. Surrey is #1 on...

New Made-in-BC Electric Car Hits Road Next Month

Inside the bet that a BC-made, single-seat electric car is the next (really) big thing. The 80% of commuters who drive to work/school by themselves without a passenger and who may want to save gas costs & pollution might begin paying attention to the Solo, the new made-in-BC electric car being released next month at Sept 9, 2016. Electra Meccanica is claiming about $400 million to $4 billion for their first year of sales due to 20,000 to 200,000 orders for their new electric commuter car that is assembled in New Westminster and North Saanich on Vancouver Island. The $20,000 Solo can be driven up to 160 km (100 miles) which is farther than most people’s full-day commute to work and back home. For example, commuting from White Rock near the US border to downtown Vancouver is 100 km round-trip. Although Abbotsford to downtown Vancouver is 140 km for round-trip....

Review: Overcoming Obstacles taught to Surrey by Olympic medalist

Surrey and North Delta residents welcomed a lesson on how each of us can Overcome Obstacles by a Canadian Olympic medalist and world champion at ChangeDay health event at Surrey City Centre Library. ChangeDay girls check out Olympic silver medal with rower Darcy Marquardt Numerous health, emotional and other challenges that were needed to be overcome in order to earn Canada an Olympic medal were identified by Darcy Marquardt, (Wikipedia biography) who is now a professional motivational speaker (Official Website: www.darcymarquardt.com) The 3 main actions recommended by Darcy to achieve success in the face of obstacles were: Deal With It Control The Controllable (don’t let uncontrollable have overly-impact) Never Give Up (or be afraid to try) Darcy linked her lessons right away to the health interests of the audience at ChangeDay who may have committed to improving their health by changing behaviors or other activities. “Your health is your greatest...
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Newton baseball youtubes modern warm-up drill/dance

  Today’s child athletes use much more technology than their parents did. In addition to scheduling & statistics-keeping apps, teams now routinely use music, photography or filming, archiving on youtube and social media to share with the world. Seems a bit more fun with the relaxing warm-up drill shared on Youtube by Newton Baseball of their under-11 Mosquito baseball team. With boy on crutches and even the adult coaches moving to the music, relaxing drills can be so engaging that Newton Baseball claims it may have contributed to their winning at 2015 Burnaby Summer Fun Tournament. So perhaps modern engagement tools do make our children’s teams more engaging and successful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TLhbcQcOjc...

Future scenarios after transit plebiscite failure

Where will Surrey and Metro Vancouver go after the failure of the public-transit tax plebiscite? Negative cuts to transit services or positive city-specific expansions are among 8 possible solutions explored by Fraseropolis blogger Thomas Ian McLeod. Fast-growing Surrey is prominent in scenarios, including one where Metro Vancouver is cut in half with Surrey becoming the center of the eastern portion. His latest article also highlights 3 vaguely cheerful thoughts on Metro Vancouver’s transit vote: 1. End of shilly-shallying made region’s 10-year public-transit plan. 2. Margin of defeat not as bad as early indicators. 3. Broad pro-transit coalition emerged. The informative article is part of ongoing Fraseropolis posts about “Land use, transportation and civic culture in British Columbia's Lower Mainland and can give Surrey residents a fair sense of how our access to transit might be affected in the future. List of 8 scenarios (Excerpt from Fraseropolis) The Treading Water Solution:...