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Desire Amouzou

Desiré Amouzou is a Photojournalist and Documentary Filmmaker. For over a decade Desiré worked as a Corporate Investigator in the private sector, specializing in Forensic Interviewing and Organized Crime Investigations. That was his bread and butter, and it still holds a special places in his heart. Never reluctant to jump back into the mix when needed. His first love however has always been Documentary Filmmaking and Investigative Journalisms. He has been mentored over the years, firstly in college by his Professor Deborah Angrave, TV and Documentary Producer and Educator, in learning story telling and narrative and developing a love of cinematography. In the field under the wing of Commercial Producer Dru Adams, And finally through his Interviewing mentors in the private sector as well as federal law enforcement whom shall remain anonymous due to the nature of their work. Growing up as part of a mixed race family, from an immigrant African father from New York and a British Okanagan Girl, he was made to feel any that he belonged, wherever he was. During his time in Africa and In Ontario and B.C., his unbiased upbringing has made him ever more appreciative of diversity in culture and keeps him remaining inquisitive, wanting to know more and ask questions. His parents taught him, that if you didn’t have anything good to say, don’t say it...unless you have to speak up. And though it’s been years since they’ve both passed away, Desiré still speaks up and ask questions, the hard ones and listens, and captures the film and photos that speak for those who can’t or won’t speak.

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