Esmir Milavic

Esmir Milavic

Born in Bosnia, Esmir’s interests are in journalism, politics, communications, history, culture, sports, books and technology. He has contributed to some of the most innovative independent media projects to come out of Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the earliest members of Surrey604, Esmir now resides in Sarajevo working with Bosnian FACE TV.

VIDEO: Interview with Chris Hadfield: Canadian Astronaut-Celebrity

In this insightful interview, Surrey604's Esmir Milavic sits down with pioneering Canadian astronaut, Chris Hadfield via Skype to discuss his experience in space, life and the future of space exploration. Chris Hadfield, first Canadian to walk in space, became a global celebrity through his Twitter feed while aboard the International Space Station in 2013. Now a published author and musician, Hadfield started his career as an engineer and Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot. He flew two successful space shuttle missions and served as commander of the International Space Station....

Former Senior Advisor to the US National Security Advisor, Samantha Vinograd Discusses World Economic Situation

Surrey604 Foreign Correspondent, Esmir Milavic sits down with Ms. Samantha Vinograd (Former Senior Advisor to the US National Security Advisor) during her visit to Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina to discuss the world economic situation.   Ms. Samantha Vinograd, Vice President, Goldman Sachs - 2016-2017 Millennium Fellow - United States of America Samantha Vinograd began her career in Baghdad working for the US Department of the Treasury, and subsequently served as the Director for Iraq, Director for International Economics, and Senior Advisor to the National Security Advisor at the White House. She joined Goldman Sachs in 2013 where her work has focused on energy and on building public – private sector partnerships across a broad range of policy and business issues. Samantha received her BA in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Pennsylvania and her MA in Security Studies from Georgetown University. She is a Term Member...

Interview with Former CIA Director, General David Petraeus

In this exclusive interview, Surrey604's Bosnian Foreign Correspondent, Esmir Milavić sits down with former CIA Director and commander of the US/Coalition forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, the current Chair of KKR Global fund, General David H. Petraeus. Surrey604 Foreign Correspondent, Esmir Milavic with General David Petraeus in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Petraeus as one of the world's leading experts on security, military strategy and politics. Esmir asks questions about geopolitics, the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), homegrown terrorism and more. Petraeus comments on current issues such as the migrant crisis, and comments on the recent visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina by his successor at the CIA, John O. Brennan and Europe's ability to fight against terrorism following last year's Paris attacks. Petraeus gave this interview during his visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina where he took part at the Sarajevo Business Forum and had several meetings with local politicians as a representative...

Sole Girls are Coming to Surrey

Healthy, happy girls make strong communities Sole Girls is a successful organization aimed at creating and helping the development of healthy, happy and strong girls and is coming to Surrey this spring. If you are looking for an amazing experience to work with girls and develop your leadership skills this summer, then you've come to the right place! Ashley Wiles founded Sole Girls some 24 months ago in effort to help tweenage girls to improve their lives, strengthen their running abilities and all of that supplemented with support aimed to build their confidence, and self esteem. Girls who have mentors are 2.5 times more likely to feel successful, and our parents report 95% of their daughters are more confident after attending Sole Girls. Sole Girls participants are girls ages 8-12 of all running abilities.  Girls are encouraged to run, walk, skip or hop (whatever they feel comfortable doing). Through the 9 week training they will learn...

Is Surrey Wasting Half a Million in Taxpayer’s Money?

Image Source Many Surrey residents are concerned about two very different issues. The first is legal action against City Councillor Tom Gill in a private case related to his publicly stated comments about a local business man. The Second is the issue of funding a "Yes" campaign for the upcoming plebiscite on transportation. According to publicly available information, the City of Surrey chose to cover costs of a legal process brought in front of the court in a private matter against Councillor Tom Gill. Gill is being sued by local businessman, Harjit Atwal over comments he provided to a local newspaper almost four years ago in relation to an incident at the wedding ceremony of Gill's relative, prominent broadcaster Maninder Gill. This decision made by The City of Surrey's legal department is based on a bylaw which allows the city to cover legal costs in cases against Councillors and Mayor....

VIDEO: Council All Candidates Meeting gave us a chance to meet future municipal government

Following first Mayoral All Candidate Meeting organized by SFU Surrey and Downtown Surrey BIA majority of candidates who are running for Surrey Council met at Westminster Savings Theater at SFU Surrey Campus to introduce themselves to the public and to answer some of key questions related to their agenda. In video below you will see those who came that night to present themselves to the public and to give insight why you or any other potential voter should give them support and place them on Council bench for the next term....

VIDEO: First Mayoral All Candidate Meeting without too many surprises

Municipal elections in Surrey are just few weeks away and candidates for Mayor of City of Surrey and City Council are finally starting coming together to discuss all important issues and resolution of same. On Thursday SFU Surrey and Downtown Surrey BIA organized first, of many to come, all candidates meeting for mayoral hopefuls. In first chance to present their ideas and strategies and to compare them with others. As we expected crime, public safety, transportation and moving Surrey forward from current place were of some most important issues to all present candidates. In video below we brought to you entire meeting footage, please share it, comment below and let us know your opinion on candidates promises and their ideas for our City.   Mayoral hopefuls for Mayor of City of Surrey on Thursday had their first chance to sit all together and present their vision and ideas how to...

White Rock’s Kahuna’s Fish and Chips Sends #BalkanFloodRelief

Kahuna’s Fish and Chips on East Beach (15519 Marine Drive, White Rock, BC) joined thousands across the world to help and donate to #BalkanFloodRelief through Red Cross Canada. On June 1st, 2014 Kahuna’s donated 15% of sales towards #BalkanFloodRelief to help people of Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia who are victims of a historic floods over the last 120 years! Up to this moment more than 20 people are confirmed dead, more than a half a million people are homeless and more than a million are displaced. According to authorities in all three countries more than 2,000 landslides are active and many would need immediate help for months following this disaster....

[VIDEO] At Julie Paskall Vigil, Husband Appeals “This is a World Problem”

Before the hundreds of people gathered in Holland Park last night at a vigil for murdered hockey mom, Julie Paskall, her husband, Al, said some powerful words. "We don't need to change the laws. We don't need to change the courts. We need to change ourselves." - Al Paskall" He recounted a story of Julie's great values. She took it upon herself to help a total stranger get their citizenship papers. He asked us to use this as an example, to work harder and make our world a better place by simply loving and caring for one another. There was a short service with Mayor Dianne Watts, and Surrey Minor Hockey Association President Harb Bains saying a few words. As Mayor Dianne Watts told the crowd. "We will not allow this horrible tragedy to define who we are as a community." - Surrey Mayor, Dianne Watts Photos from Julie Paskall Vigil, Holland Park, Surrey...
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[VIDEO] A Tour of Newton’s Danger Zone with Doug Elford

The community safety situation in the Newton region, especially after the random, inexplicable murder of 53-year-old hockey mom Julie Paskall, is one of the hottest issues in Surrey, BC. City officials are trying to convince the public that everything is under control and the city is doing enough for this community, while residents paint a different picture. Some critics claim the whole Newton security situation is just hysteria, but the people of Newton are living in fear. In an effort to provide a broader image of what's really happening in Newton, we walked around the neighbourhood with Doug Elford from the Newton Community Association. Mr. Elford kindly showed us the key problematic areas and pointed to simple solutions for this community's problems. Watch the video for more....

Surrey Civic Treasure Awards 2013

Arts are an integral part of every community and without the arts our cultural, social and creative development would suffer. They often work behind the scenes, but we must celebrate those who devote their lives to learning, performing and teaching arts in our community. Every year, the City of Surrey honors these “invisible” faces with the “Surrey Civic Treasure” award. The “Surrey Civic Treasure” awards are given to several highly valued, successful local art masters for their life-long dedication, devotion to work with younger generations and continuous development of the arts scene in Surrey. This year four women from our community, Ellie King, Kelly Konno, Patricia Dahlquist and Maxine Lloyd Howchin were honoured at the tenth annual Surrey Board of Trade Arts and Business reception. The ceremony was emceed by local actor Jackson Davies. In the absence of Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts, Acting Mayor Councillor Mary Martin presented awards to...

Surrey Marathon Geek Live-Tweeted & Video Blogged During 2012 Race

Last year my Surrey604 colleague and 'evil twin brother' Daman Beatty ran and completed the full Surrey International World Music Marathon. While he ran, the silly guy live-tweeted, video blogged, and Skype-video conferenced us from his iPhone during the whole 42 km run. He sure got some funny looks, but I think he's used to that! For a guy who barely trained and didn't even run at all for a month leading up to the event, we think he did alright at 4 hours, 55 minutes! Watch clips from his video above. Daman's good friends the CHCPB Surrey Pipe Band (featured in his run video) who performed along the way, show the race from their perspective last year in the video below. Surrey International World Music Marathon 2012 Video Watch highlights below from last year's inaugural event. You can catch Daman's interview right after his completion of the race at...

Surrey’s First Community Summit: Engaging the Public

Communication between a municipality and its citizens is a crucial element in the development any urban area.  For a substantial period of time Surrey’s Municipal Government has been working with numerous community groups and organizations to improve the communication process. The very first  Surrey Community Summit will take place on April 6th with the cooperation of 38 different organizations as well as businesses and residents. The Surrey Community Summit was born as a result of last year's series of Town Hall meetings that aimed to learn more about residents' needs and problems and discuss ideas for the future. The upcoming Summit will provide an opportunity for communication between the City, community and experts involved in many of the important areas of urban development and transformation. The Chairwoman of the Summit, Councillor Barinder Rasode, who leads the community communications process and was involved in organization of the Town Halls in 2012, says that the aim of...

Surrey Regional Economic Summit 2012

On October 4th at the Surrey Sheraton Guildford Hotel, Surrey hosted some of the most influential economists, journalists and entrepreneurs in the world at the Surrey Regional Economic Summit (SRES). This year's keynote speaker was entrepreneur, philanthropist and activist Sir Richard Branson.  Branson's insights brought inspiration to the two hundred attendees at The SRES. This year's summit posed questions such as: What is the state of our present and future economy and society? How will multilateral relations and economic recovery be affected by either Obama’s re-election or Romney’s victory in November?  The City of Surrey invited UC Berkley Professor Christina Romer, Wall Street Journal economist Stephen Moore, The Daily Beast / Newsweek journalist Eleanor Clift and CNN contributor and radio host William J. (Bill) Bennett to provide their commentary on the state of the political and economic climate. Branson to Youth: “Just get on, and try it” or “Screw it, let’s do it” In previous...

Surrey’s Poverty Reduction Strategy

Recently the City of Surrey unveiled its Poverty Reduction Strategy  to tackle one of the most important social issues in the City. This strategy will not only include actions on a local level but will also cooperate with provincial and federal authorities to fight against poverty. The City of Surrey wants to not only improve access to job search and social services, but  also wishes to do more in area of education and  literacy. We recently asked Councillor Judy Villeneuve, President of the Surrey Homelessness and Housing Society and Chair of the Social Planning Committee, some questions regarding the Poverty Reduction Strategy. Councillor Judy Villeneuve What is the history behind the creation of the Poverty Reduction Strategy and how long has the City been working on it? The City started working on the plan as “poverty reduction” was identified as the one of the major social issues in Surrey that...
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