Joseph Kafka

Joseph Kafka

I am at heart a video content creator and storyteller with love for photography. I have discovered three important truths about marketing and creativity so far: (1) Whether you're Business to Business or Business to Customer, it’s all people to people, (2) The shortest distance between two people is a story, (3) openness to discovery is the pathway to creativity and sharing.
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The Change Makers – Episode 4 | Perminder Chohan

I first met Perminder in a small Starbucks in Delta. It was late summer, and it felt like everyone around me was trying to enjoy the outdoors as much as they could before the sun and warmth would trade with the cold and rain of winter here in the lower mainland. The couple ahead of me in line ordered their Cold Brews to refresh themselves before heading back out into the evening sun. There were those, like me, who welcomed the air conditioning and took seats inside. Paarull, Perminder’s public relations specialist, arranged our meeting. She loved our show, and what we are trying to accomplish with the series, and like any good PR professional, she believes in her client. Up until this point, all I knew of Perminder was the hype. Author of two books, a managing director with over 500 advisors and 7 offices in the lower mainland,...
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The Change Makers | #webelong | Part 2 | There is a Future

How you build relationships, how you include people is not just about integration but how do you include people with disability into community. That is something I never thought can happen here. And now I can see, I can see there is a future here. Maria Medrea, Co-Founder of the House of Grace It has been a long journey for Virginia and her team. In Part 1, we followed her team to Hunedoara Romania, where they made friends at the center, lead presentations at schools, professional development seminars for Romanian social workers and teachers, met with government officials to improve accessibility and took the time to visit families supporting members with a disability. Part 1: Experience Something Different has been shared around the world. If you haven't watched, liked, and shared that video, please head on over there and do that first. In Part 2: There is a Future, Virginia...
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20 Years in the Making | #webelong

Did you know that BC was the first province in Canada to close all it's large institutions that segregated people with developmental disabilities? (Inclusion BC). That was 1996! In 2007, Canada signed the UN Convention on Rights of Person's with Disabilities, which required member nations to develop legislation that promoted the human rights of person's with disabilities and create a more inclusive society. (CCD) And in 2009, Canada's first and largest institution, the "Huronia Regional Center" once known as the "Orilla Asylum for Idiots" finally closed. (Wikipedia) Canada has come a long way in 20 years! Now, those who were segregated are full participants of our culture and society. And that's because of Change Makers, who worked tirelessly over the last half a century to make a difference one person, one action, one moment at a time. That's why we are excited to share our next episode because person's with...
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The Change Makers | #webelong | Part 1 | Experience Something Different

"I don’t know of any other organizations that have taken people with developmental disabilities to another country, not just for pleasure but to have some sort of a mission, or a vision, or a purpose." ~ Virginia Sawatsky, Executive Director & Vice-President, Pathways For those who don't know me, I began my career as a social worker and an advocate for person's with disabilities. While I believe that each organization that serves this vulnerable population are genuine in their mission and values, when I met Virginia and her team at Pacific Development Pathways (Pathways from here on out:), I was truly taken back with how they have challenged themselves to take seriously their mission statement, "Better Lives." "Better Lives" for persons with disability begin when they truly belong in a community. They are afforded the right to live, work, learn, and play in the community. They are given the opportunity to...
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Should Public Bathrooms Supply Free Pads and Tampons?

Taran and Bunny Ghatrora, the founders of Ellebox believe that public washrooms should stock pads and tampons. Learn more about why they are passionate about this important conversation and join the discussion with us. Pads and tampons are some of the most needed and least donated products across Canada. Why? They’re often forgotten about because talking about periods is still taboo for many. For women living on or near the poverty line, food and other basic needs are  often prioritized over menstrual hygiene products. Menstrual products are also necessities, not simply a want. Every person with a period deserves access to pads and tampons. Toilet paper is free in every bathroom, because like menstrual products, they are necessities. Whether it be a business or a school, all bathrooms should provide pads and tampons. I know some of you are thinking - women should just be prepared...? Well, MOST of the...
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The Change Makers | Creating Better Periods | #nomorelimits

Meet Taran and Bunny Ghatrora, the creators of ELLEBOX and Blume, a subscription service that provides organic feminine hygiene products for menstruation and self-care. They want to change the discussion around menstruation, and foster normalcy and dignity for women and girls around the world. In episode 2 of the Change Makers, we follow them as they host a menstrual hygiene drive at the West Village Cafe, in Surrey BC. Their mission is to collect 75,000 pads and tampons for the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre. That’s enough pads and tampons for an entire year! Join Ellebox/Blume in helping to raise money for Days for Girls, to support menstrual equity and education around the world. Ellebox will be matching all donations up to $1,000. Why a Menstrual Hygiene Drive? The fact that 50% of the population has periods, pads and tampons are essential as toilet paper, so the fact if they are not provided in schools,...
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Connect With Our Local Audience | Sponsor Surrey604 and The Change Makers

This may sound off topic, but follow me for a moment. From the early days of humanity, as we evolved and gathered around fires, we developed a unique way of communicating like no other animal. Or, depending on your faith, this special way of communication was given to us. Regardless of belief, I am talking about story. Jonathan Gottschall wrote that: “the human imperative to make and consume stories runs even more deeply than literature, dreams, fantasy. We are soaked to the bone in story” (The Storytelling Animal, 18 - Available on Amazon). Although the fire has changed color, from orange-yellow pits we sat together around to blue boxes that we carry in our hands, we are still engrossed in the act of storytelling. I am not just talking about YouTube and subscription services such as Netflix, but the very way we serialise our autobiographies on Facebook and Instagram, or...
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The Change Makers | Jasleen Kaur | #weareallmaple

Meet Jasleen Kaur, a young filmmaker with a powerful documentary ‘Maple: A Documentary.’ Her film is about the murder of Maple Batalia, a young woman slain at SFU in Surrey in 2011. Jasleen, also an Indo-Canadian woman from Surrey, was drawn to Maple’s story because they were born in the same year and share a birthday. Her film has become a voice for not only Maples family, but other victims of violence who are seeking change in our community. The final public showing of her film, took place on what would have been her 26th birthday, March 4, at the Westminster Savings Lecture Theater on the Simon Fraser University Surrey campus. There were not enough seats for everyone who came to support Maple’s family and watch the film. In this episode of The Change Makers, Jasleen shares with us her journey and why she created the film. Why do you...
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Introducing ‘The Change Makers’ | A New Surrey604 Original Web Series

Everyone wants change, but how do we make change happen? We seek answers to that question through our new web series called the Change Makers. In this series we discover remarkable people and organizations who are making a difference, and share their stories with you. We want to inspire and show people that no matter how small or great the change is, it is possible. All that is needed to make a difference in the world, and our communities, is one person, one action, one moment at a time. Our first collection of stories begin May 11th with the story of Jasleen Kaur, a young filmmaker with a powerful documentary. Her film is about the murder of Maple Batalia, a beautiful young woman slain at SFU in Surrey in 2011. Jasleen was drawn to Maple’s tragedy because they are both young women from the South Asian community in Surrey BC,...