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More Firework Complaints For Diwali Than Halloween

According to the Surrey RCMP, Diwali received more fireworks-related complaints this year than Halloween. Diwali is a festival that is celebrated around the world, mostly by South Asians. It was celebrated on Sunday with a bang. The fireworks drew 147 complaints to the Surrey RCMP. Meanwhile Halloween resulted in 121 fireworks-related complaints on Thursday. Constable Richard Wright said the numbers were tracked “over the course of the day” for both festivities. “The bulk of it would be in the evening, because that’s when fireworks are set off. I don’t think there was a specific time constraint put on that stat. It would be during the evening of.” On Halloween, police dispatchers received 359 calls for service during the nightshift. “That’s just nightshift, just Halloween night,” Sturko said. Typically when there are no holidays and festivals going on, the Surrey RCMP receives about 125 to 260 calls in the evenings....
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Free Weekday Parking at White Rock’s Waterfront

Visitors parking at White Rock's waterfront can now park for free during the weekdays until the end of January. There is no charge to park anytime from Monday to Friday for the next 3 months. And if you forget and try to pay, a message on the parking meters will pop up onto the screen: "Enjoy our City By the Sea! 🙂 Have a Great Day! :)". The White Rock council approved the initiative back in July, and also agreed to new parking rates for 'high-demand' and 'value rate' zones, which are $3.75 and $3.25 per hour. After the decision was set in stone, the city manager estimated that the new rates would lead to a budget shortfall of approximately over $400,000....

Interview with DJ Heer for the Canucks Diwali Night

On October 25th, the Vancouver Canucks will be celebrating their 3rd annual Diwali Night before and during the game against the Washington Capitals. There will be a flashmob, and live performances by Jazzy B, DJ Heer, and DJ BIG. And also complimentary South Asian food samples in the concourses. Diwali is one of the world’s most celebrated festivals and the name itself means "row of lighted lamps" with light symbolizing the triumph of good over evil, prosperity over poverty and knowledge over ignorance. We’ve interviewed DJ Jovan Heer, who now lives in Surrey, to learn more about him and the upcoming Diwali Night. Being a huge passionate fan of the Canucks and of music, you've combined both to help spearhead the Diwali Night. How did that happen and what motivated you to take action? I've always been a fan of Punjabi and Bollywood music ever since I was a kid....

Surrey Man Missing for Over 2 Weeks

The Surrey RCMP is asking the public to help solve the disappearance of 66-year-old Allan McCrea. McCrea was last seen on Sept. 23 in the 15900 block of Fraser Highway, near Fleetwood Park Village. He is approximately 5'5" tall, weighs about 170 pounds, has blue eyes and long, dark brown hair. He was last seen wearing blue jeans, a blue denim shirt, a black jacket, and Sperry brand beige shoes. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502....

South Surrey mother wants to thank Good Samaritan

Sasha Risi, a South Surrey mother of three children under the age of three is searching for a Good Samaritan to say thank you. All three children were in the back seat of her car last Thursday. They were stuck in traffic on 152 Street when her two year old son, Lyon, suddenly couldn't breathe. "I see his lips are turning blue and he’s really struggling, he's choking and puking everywhere," Risi said. "I knew right then and there, I have to do something now." She was stuck in the left lane at an intersection during rush hour and could not pull over, so she put the car into park and jumped out, which caused traffic to stop. "Cars are literally just detouring right beside us," Risi said. "It was a terrible situation and they're just honking and giving me the middle finger. I'm whacking him on the back screaming...

SFU receives $17 million for new Quantum Algorithms Institute

The BC government will invest $17 million over the next five years to create a Quantum Algorithms Institute at Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus. The institute, which is one of the first of its kind, will focus on building quantum computing software and algorithms. And it will help SFU collaborate with other research universities in the province to position BC as a world leader in the emerging field of quantum computing technology. In the process, the university will develop a new graduate degree program in quantum computing. The funding announcement is part of the BC government’s commitment to promote the City of Surrey as a second Lower Mainland downtown. With plans to build an innovation corridor that will boost economic growth and increase employment in Surrey and the Fraser Valley. The innovation corridor will be developed in consultation with local government, businesses, First Nations and other partners. BC Premier John...