Shara Nixon

Shara Nixon

Shara Nixon loves to hear and repeat the stories of people’s lives and cultural viewpoints. She enjoys deep conversations and people who hold strong viewpoints. In her day job she is a social worker for business owners, helping them meet their goals. As an insomniac, she writes at night to clear her head. She is punctuationally challenged and uses too many !!!. She also believes in creative spelling as an art form. Her super-power is in connecting like-minded people and communicating with an intent to learn instead of respond. She writes about relationships, business savvy, online dating, finance and general things that piss her off. Shara believes that key to peace is education and connection!!!

The Health and Technology District – Putting Surrey on the International Map

From School to World Renowned Research Jobs all in the same city - Surrey, B.C. Canada is the place to be. The Health and Technology District is one of BC's most rapidly growing and dynamic new health tech sector located in Surrey's emerging innovation ecosystem.  The District includes a series of high-tech buildings located and under expansion, immediately adjacent to Surrey Memorial Hospital. The District, created by BC-based developer Lark Group, is a unique cluster of large, multinational and start-up companies, international partners, clinical and research facilities, scientists, educational institutions, innovators and entrepreneurs.  Most importantly, the District is where an abundance of healthcare environments, patients and clinicians are co-located, working in partnership to accelerate the implementation of technologies and solutions towards health care impacts and improvements. Emmanuel Harley, Western Washington University student, Rowena Rizzotti, Vice President of Innovation and Technology, Arlo Virginillo and Aaron Siebenga, SFU students. At the District,...

Last night I promised you wouldn’t die – I rescind that promise.

This is the written response to a real event which took place on Tuesday night at the shooting at 148th and 64th.  Last night I promised you wouldn’t die. I am now rescinding that promise. Last night as I was driving home, I came upon what I thought was a car accident scene. I could hear you yelling for help. I could vaguely see your shape lying on the road in the dark. I saw the cars in front of me turn around and speed away. As I came closer I could see you were lying on your side in a pool of your own blood. When I reached you, you said, “I have been shot. Please help me. I am dying. I can feel it.” You had been shot multiple times. I could see blood pooling from two wounds in your back and what appeared to be another wound...

WHO DOES THIS? Charity Trailer Stolen

Someone stole a trailer full of costumes, props and items belonging to the Royal Canadian Theatre Company. They dumped everything that was inside the trailer onto the side of the road into the mud. Costumes that had been sewn by volunteers, props built and painted by loving hands and items belonging to the set from Hounds of the Baskerville’s all thrown into a ditch. “I had a phone call from an irate lady this morning complaining about us dumping our stuff near her house. She identified it and I told her it was impossible because it was all in the trailer parked in our drive until I looked out of the window..... At least we knew where to find it all.” Ellie King - Royal Canadian Theatre Company License plate: WDP47T. The trailer was taken from the driveway of the artistic director’s home in Langley. “It is going to take...

Photos & Roundup: SEEDS Business Leadership Awards 2017

Congratulations to the SEED winners, entrepreneurs who have learned how to make it on their own terms. SEEDS stands for Self Employment and Entrepreneur Development. SEEDS is dedicated to supporting small business and aspiring entrepreneurs. They have helped over 2,000 people start businesses since 1997 through their specialized courses and business resources. Their programs assist new entrepreneurs of all ages develop business plans, network and give them the tools to succeed. With 20 years experience of improving small businesses and developing entrepreneurs SEEDS has seen many barriers to self-employment. To limit these barriers for the community SEEDS has identified and focused their efforts on seven specific groups Women, Youth, Seniors, Disabled, First Nations, Underemployed and Immigrants Credit: Seeds Website Facilitators from the self-employed business community teach over 33 business courses. An example of one course covers marketing strategies, effective sales skills, and accounting Credit: SEEDS website Financial for business, business...

Congratulations to the 2017 SEED winners

Congratulations to the SEED winners, entrepreneurs who have learned how to make it on their own terms.  SEEDS stands for Self Employment and Entrepreneur Development.  This is a non-profit society operating in Surrey, partnering self employed professional mentors with young entrepreneurs.  SEEDS is dedicated to supporting small business and aspiring entrepreneurs.  They have helped over 2,000 people start businesses since 1997 through their specialized courses and business resources. Their programs assist new entrepreneurs of all ages develop business plans, network and give them the tools to succeed.  With 20 years experience of improving small businesses and developing entrepreneurs SEEDS has seen many barriers to self-employment. To limit these barriers for the community SEEDS has identified and focused their efforts on seven specific groups  Women, Youth, Seniors, Disabled, First Nations, Underemployed and Immigrants Volunteers from the self-employed business community teach over 33 business courses.  An example of one course covers marketing...

City Dream Centre Raising Funds to Provide Mobile Dental Care For Surrey’s Needy

Imagine driving all the way to Chilliwack, winding down a farm road and parking in the middle of a field.  Walking over bumpy grass, rounding the corner in the fading evening light and finding a scene set for a queen. In candlelight and the sweet purple glow of dusk, the fire cracked in the pit behind you.  The smell of roasted chicken and popcorn and in the distance...something vaguely cow like. Soft music is playing and the beautiful people are beginning to arrive.  They mingle among the black tie staff carrying trays of temptations.  It is the kinda of scene that makes you want to watch your language and sit up straighter. I found a table covered with cheese and olives and would have happily spent the entire night there but was curious about this "family style" service of food prepared by White Table catering. The tables were very long...

City Dream Centre – From the Ground Up

I know you have heard about the new mobile dental units that are going to be on the street this fall. These moving dentist offices will be available to support the health of marginalized people. Dental care is one of the struggles that families struggling with poverty often simply can’t afford and yet dental health is one of the most important preventative measures one can take for over all health and longevity. Good dental care for children is an absolute necessity. Some families face obstacles that make it difficult to seek out that care for themselves. Sometimes it just needs to come to them and City Dream Centre is rolling this out to meet that need. That’s not all they do. Under their Adopt-school program, they provide 3000 wrapped Christmas gifts each year. They operate a Girls Club and Boys Club Noon Hour Programs to help equip at risk kids...

Surrey Crime Prevention Society Makes a Difference for Surrey Businesses and Residents.

Crime statistics show that crime in Surrey has decreased by 16% since 2016.  This trend continues in part because of the great work done by our local law enforcement and community volunteer groups like Surrey Crime Prevention Society Surrey Crime Prevention Society is a non-profit agency that deploys staff and volunteers enhancing community safety through a variety of programs. With over 350 volunteers and a handful of staff they assist in the recovery of stolen vehicles, report incidents to the RCMP regarding drivers under the influence, report drug transactions and assist in medical emergencies. Surrey Crime Prevention Society staff and volunteers are the extra eyes and ears of the community, assisting first responders and other community partners while covering a city as large as Surrey. One of the many programs offered is the Community Safety Tours where volunteer in green jackets tour on bikes and on foot observing and reporting...
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10 Ways to Revitalize Whalley into an Arts and Culture Hub

Flamingo Square Art Society Takes on the Streets of Whalley The first myth of world-change is that it is something that government is in charge of or that you have to have money or be an important business person or you have to be a person of power in order to do anything meaningful.  The truth is the world-changers are people like you and me who see a need and put the pieces together to create a movement.  That movement gains momentum and the world changes before our eyes.  This is an easy guide to the steps in world change as seen through a project currently underway in Surrey, B.C.   HOW TO TRANSFORM WHALLEY IN 10 EASY STEPS STEP 1 | IDENTIFY A NEED Passion for change usually comes through pain. You either personally experience a situation or you witness something that you deeply believe is wrong. “Someone needs...

You won’t believe what goes on behind closed doors in this city – Surrey Board of Trade Industry Bus Tour 2017

Forget going to Hawaii this year, never mind an evening at the movies, the PNE or Disney land. For the most fun you can have in a day, you need to join the Surrey Board of Trade’s Industry Bus Tour. Indra Bhan and Anita Huberman of the Surrey Board of Trade Picture Credit: Surrey Board of Trade   Our Bus Tour Guides from Lee and Associates Picture Credit: Surrey Board of Trade I know, it sounds like something old people do but trust me, it is the bomb. Where else can you make new friends, network and promote your business, learn about your neighbours, do a sing-a-long, play trivia, get to go into secret places in City Hall, sit in the drivers seat of large machinery, watch someone crush a car, earn prizes and have great food while listening to an interesting speaker? I am telling you, this is the...

SBOT – Candidates Debate – Questions and Answers Everything you need to know about Surrey Candidates

Photo by Melissa at the Surrey Board of Trade The 2017 Surrey Board of Trade Provincial Candidates Debate was held at the Sheraton Hotel on Wednesday, April 24th. It was standing room only, as the community gathered to hear what the candidates for the provincial election has to say. Moderated by Dr. Greg Thomas, Chair of the Surrey Board of Trade, 17 candidates representing 7 of the 9 ridings in Surrey answered rotating questions. Questions were submitted by Surrey Board of Trade advocacy teams, Surrey Board of Trade members, community members, and by the sponsoring partner of the event, the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board Each candidate had one minute to answer the question. The candidates had no idea what the questions were until they were standing at the mic. Candidates attending included: From Surrey Cloverdale Aleksandra Muniak, Green Marvin Hunt, Liberal, and Rebecca Smith, NDP From Surrey – Green...

Dianne Watts – On the National Stage

From city councillor to the fourth runner up in the world’s best mayor contest, to her place at the federal table in the Canadian Legislature, Dianne Watts is known for having a sharp business mind and an ability to cut through red tape to get things done. This unusual combination of skills propelled her, and the city she was responsible for, to a new level of respect and growth during her years as mayor and continues to move her forward on a national scale. Ms. Watts started out on council in 1996 as part of the strong Surrey Electors Team (SET). At that time, it could have been said that she ran on the coat tails of the strong community support for the experienced Surrey Electors Team under Mayor Doug McCallum. This virtually unknown Surrey city councillor quickly made her voice heard. Although she worked well and cooperatively with the...
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Margaret Trudeau speaks on Life, Sex, Love, BC Bud and addressing Personal Mental Health.

Margaret Trudeau - Photo Credit Peter Bregg The joy of motherhood, the proper use for drugs, sex, career, children, Viagra and the powerful force and wisdom of women in their third act were all discussed at this year’s Surrey Board of Trade, Vancity Sponsored Women in Business Awards with the keynote speaker, Margaret Trudeau. Margaret Trudeau has become the sympathetic, educated and empowering hero in the defense, assistance and face of mental illness for Canadians. She has traveled across the country speaking to groups like the Surrey Board of Trade, exposing the private and painful parts of her life experiences in an attempt to crack open the silent world of mental health and to help defuse the stigma of mental illness. The continual journey through mental illness is difficult both for the sufferer, for the family, friends and co-workers. Talking about mental health is still taboo but the walls are...

Surrey Board of Trade Women in Business Awards 2017 with Margaret Trudeau

A sold out crowd gathered at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford Hotel for the Surrey Board of Trade Woman in Business Awards. These awards highlight the best Surrey has to offer in the success and empowerment of women in business in Surrey. Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade, in her opening remarks, encouraged women in business to consider the necessary ingredients to success. She listed them as being positive energy, the ability to energize others which in turn releases their abilities, the ability to make tough calls or be decisive, having the talent to execute and lastly, having the passion for success. The room was full of women who embodied those principles. Councillor Vera LeFranc of the City of Surrey Representing Mayor Linda Hepner and the City of Surrey, Councilor Vera LeFranc addressed the crowd. She thanked the previous...
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Are you living the glamorous life? Would you like to …just for one night? Want to meet new friends. Join us.

  Sunday, Feb 26th is Oscar night all over the world. The best Oscar party award will surely go to the Royal Canadian Theatre Company celebrating their 10th year in Surrey by partnering with the stunning Sheraton Vancouver Guildford hotel celebrating their 25th year at their beautifully renovated hotel in Surrey. All we need now is YOU. Dress up in your best Hollywood outfit; add bling and then some more bling, cheesy or classy, join us for a banquet and bubbly.   At 4:30pm, you are invited at to walk the red carpet, have your picture taken with Oscar, enjoy world-class star-turns by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Meryl Streep, Jane Mansfield and Clark Gable. Hosted by Joan Fraser Rivers.   Tickets are $50 per person. Sponsor a table and get one ticket for free.   Single? Come join us. Contact our Singles coordinator, Shara at 604 807...
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