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Vancouver-based content creator, Summan Kandola talks about what we think about. Summan talks art, creativity, media, social justice and more. If you can't find her covering a story - you'll find her dressing you in her XOANDHUSTLE clothing line of custom-hand painted jackets. Join the conversation on her YouTube channel: @summankandola. Drip in custom swag:
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Discovering your inner artist with Priscilla Yu

I've lived in the Lower Mainland most of my life and have always enjoyed the vibrant street art within our cities. When I saw Priscilla Yu's mural in Guildford Town Centre, being the journalist that I am, I wanted to know more about her journey, art and dreams. Today, I am excited to share her answers to my q's with you. Take me back to when you first started creating art, what was the energy that encompassed you at that time? From a young age, I had a creative and visually expressive inclination to paint, collage, assemble, and draw so I can’t quite place how the beginning happened. I would imagine that it was the pleasure of being able to express myself and my imagination. It was just fun. When you recognized you could say something visually - what choices did you start to make to start pursing art as...
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VIDEO: Interview with Anumation

VIDEO: Who is the woman behind the captivating illustrations of "Anumation"? Surrey604's Summan Kandola gets up close and personal with Anu Chouhan as she delves into the intentions behind her art and her hustle. Meet Anu Chouhan (Anumation) Anu Chouhan is an illustrator from Surrey BC, Canada. Growing up, she always knew she wanted to pursue an artistic career and spent a lot of time learning about animation and fashion, while drawing inspiration from video games, movies, and nature. Upon completion of her Bachelor of Arts degree and Commercial Animation diploma, Anu worked as a Mobile Game Artist in Vancouver, gaining valuable industry experience. She is currently working on freelance illustration projects from her home studio. Her unique, edgy, and energetic art has garnered attention on social media from major publications, celebrities, and influencers. Upcoming Events Featuring Anumation Catch Anumation June 13 at 5X Art Party and June 28 at...


The WE day movement has been making its rounds from city to city and recently stopped by Vancouver. The star studded event ranged from multi-award winning actor Jacob Tremblay to musical sensations Hedley and Sonrea. Martin Sheen, well known actor and activist also participated in the Vancouver event, as well as lead an open discussion with WE founder Craig Kielburger. As WE day continues to make it’s way across Canada we want you to be in the know of what WE day is and what it means to it’s founder, supporters and participants. What is WE day? WE day is a movement. “WE’s goal is to bring people together and give them the tools to change the world.” Who started WE day? Craig Kielburger, a child’s right activist whose goal is to make “doing good, doable” What's we day's goal? "WE Day is the manifestation of the WE movement, an...
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Stay in touch with Punjabi Culture with City of Bhangra Festival

This past week Vancouver and Surrey were colourfully lit up with the magic of the City of Bhangra Festival. Rupi Kaur at The Vogue Theatre. Early in the week Rupi Kaur took the stage with her inviting presence as she read poems from her highly successful book of poetry “Milk and Honey". Rupi magnetically captivated the audience with loaded words and an approachable demeanor. Rupi Kaur at The City of Bhangra Festival Her book heavily focuses on highlighting the many isolated trials and tribulations of being a woman within the Indian community. Kaur is connecting communities by bringing universal issues such as race, feminism, abuse, and sexuality to the table. A bestseller, Milk and Honey takes the reader through the journey of hurting to healing. Later in the week members of the @DontDoze hosted an Indian art show at Fortune Sound Club which featured several local artists. Artists expressed their relationship...

How Round is your Roti at first annual Voices of Muslim Women Film Festival

Last week Kwantlen Polytechnic University hosted the first Voices of Muslim Women (VMW) Film Festival as well as the first annual Muslim Woman of the Year Awards. VMW creates a space to open up conversation amongst a diverse group of Muslim women. Women of all ages sat together once a week for four weeks to create digital stories highlighting their individual experiences as Muslim Women. Summan Kandola with Executive Director of the HOPE Project, Nidha Yaqub Aisha Aimje, Instructor & Program Coordinator, The Visual Media Workshop The program was lead by social justice visionary Aisha Amijie. “Digital, visual and multimedia literacies are emerging and invaluable skills that are increasingly being mandated at provincial and federal levels of government and within the educational theory. We can no longer think of ‘literacy’ as learning to read words on a page but must think of it as learning to read and write through...

Jazzy B Discusses Folk N Funky 2, Surrey Roots and Hard Work

The King of Bhangra comes home to Surrey Jazzy B (Bains) also known as the King of Bhangra, is currently cruising around the world making noise about his much anticipated new album, Folk N Funky 2. Folk N Funky 2 comes twenty-two years after his original Folk N Funky soundtrack hit the airwaves. Bains stepped away from his infectious hip-hop infused club bangers for some old school true to tune Punjabi hits. As Jazzy would like to say, he’s taking it all back to where it started from. Lucky for you, taking it back to where it started from for Jazzy B is Surrey, BC. I caught up with the international superstar at Sapphire Bistro in Surrey, and grilled him on all things from Folk N Funky 2 to the life of a Jatt boy making it straight out of Surrey. Watch the video above! Video production by Summan Kandola...

The Breathing Room, providing a safe place for Muslim Youth in Surrey

While I'm mindlessly scrolling through my news feed I get a good dose of everything that causes me fomo, motivates me and inspires me. I love catching up on articles, photos, videos of my friends chasing their dreams. Me, being as curious as I am, I always want to know more about what inspires them to create. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to sit down with my good friend Nidha Yaqub and pick her brain about the safe space she is creating for marginalized Muslim youth in Surrey. Find all about The Breathing Room below: What is The Breathing Room? “The Breathing Room is a space where we work collaboratively to create dialogue, share perspectives and address some of the social causes of mental health issues by holding a regular meet up once a month. This space works towards providing a non-judgemental, confidential, respectful space for vulnerable...

KPU’s DigitaLENS Program Challenges Stereotypical Images of Surrey’s Youth

DigitaLENS is a digital literacy education program for young novice storytellers. The program creates a space for the youth of Surrey to share their individual interactions with the media, race, religion and social pressures of growing up in Surrey. DigitaLens is in community partnership with The Visual Media workshop, The Surrey School District, Princess Margaret Secondary School and Kwantlen Polytechnic University with generous funding by Telus. Youth are encouraged to challenge stereotypical images of Surrey's youth – who are reduced to images of gang violence, cultural and religious conflicts. Students learn to create their own digital shorts on their experiences as well as bond in a community of diverse students from across the city. Once the digital shorts are completed they are presented at a film festival for family, friends and community members to watch. I had the pleasure of attending the film festival and was blown away by their...
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Local artists showcase a world of colour and beauty

“To make available at a convenient location, an opportunity to further one’s knowledge of the intricacies and complexities of art, to challenge one's abilities in the creation of art, and to foster fellowship among artists.” Chapter Mission Statement Patricia Peters, *The Golden Hour*, acrylic on canvas, 102 cm x76 cm. Join The Surrey Art Centre as they showcase a collection of diverse artists that make up the Federation of Canadian Artists. You will experience different works of art ranging from cityscapes, rivers flowing between mountains to the simplicity of recreating a selfie with paint. Different materials ranging from oil, acrylic, ink, pencil and watercolours create an original feeling of each of these 2D paintings and drawings. Deborah Strong, *Untitled (Mare and Foal)*, coloured pencil onillustration board, 46 cm x 20 cm. Who is the Fraser Valley Chapter? In 1992 there were several groups of different Canadian artists who were working...
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Crawling Around Vancouver’s Eastside Culture Crawl

Vancouver’s very own Eastside Culture Crawl took place this past weekend and it was nothing short of captivating. What is the Culture Crawl? The culture crawl is a four-day visual arts design and crafts festival held in East Vancouver. The festival features over 475 artists in their studios across 78 buildings in the area. The festival receives more than 25, 000 guests yearly. Why ‘crawl’ around East Vancouver to 78 different buildings? Vancouver’s Culture Crawl attracts art lovers and admirers from all around the lower mainland to expose local artists, studios and galleries. This gives an opportunity for local artists to engage with art lovers and first timers about their art. The art showcased at the event range from portrait paintings, 3D designs, film photography, design and much more. What did I see? As I strolled around galleries every artist did an amazing job at showcasing their diverse art for...
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Ethical Bean Goes Green-er

If you’re anything like me then you too guzzle down cups of coffee almost as much as water. If so, I’m sure you too understand the importance of how fast that coffee is in your hand, ready to drink, in the morning and during the afternoon slump. Odds are you’re already a big fan of Ethical Bean Coffee, however, I’m about to give you one more reason to fall in love with our very own Vancouver-based Coffee company. The Vancouver-based company famous for their delicious organic coffee beans just added a major edge to their game. What is this upgrade I’m talking about? Besides Ethical Bean coffee being extremely conveniently sold at local stores around the tri-cities and online, the pods that contain all of your morning happiness, are officially 100% compostable. Yes, you read that right! Recycling these bad boys has become that much more ethical. Ethical Bean’s Keurig...
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Local food from farm to table at Trading Post Taphouse and Eatery

How often do you think about where your food comes from? You go out to eat and order off the menu. A waiter brings you a beautiful plate of food that you want to devour but do you know where each food item is sourced from? Recently, I took a trip to A Rocha Farm in Langley. The farm is a part of an international Christian organization that focuses on environmental stewardship and education, sustainable farming and scientific research. The beautiful farm was donated by a local family to A Rocha. Although we are in the middle of fall, there are still some beautiful veggies growing in the fields including the fall favourite pumpkins! We saw how they take great care of their chickens and discovered that purple carrots exist.. Who knew? The food isn't just for the community around the farm but it also heads to Trading Post Taphouse and...

Hanging with Vancouver Femcee, Missy D

If you haven't had a chance to listen to Missy D yet then you're missing out! Come join us while Summan Kandola gets up close and personal with Vancouver's very own Female, bilingual femcee Missy D!   Watch Missy D's Official Music Video for "Too Many Feelings" the debut single off "When Music Hits You Feel No Pain" now available on iTunes. Follow Missy D on Instagram: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!...

All Hail the People in White! Diner en Blanc 2016

Diner en Blanc has gathered friends and families from cities across the world since 1988. Originating in Paris, a group of friends were set to meet one another for a picnic in a park when François Pasquier requested they all wear white to ease the chaos of finding one another. Since then, Diner en Blanc has sparked a worldwide phenomenon growing to take place in 70+ cities around the world. This elegant dinner made its way to Vancouver’s cityscape five years ago as attendance grows substantially each and every year making it the largest dinner party in Canada. We caught up with Diner en Blanc attendees including Suzette from Big Brother Canada! Take a sneak peak into a picnic you can’t afford to miss next year!...