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Local Non Profit ‘Music Lottery’ Takes Big Step Towards Lifting Up Music Venues and Musicians

Music Lottery, a bi-weekly raffle program for music fans in British Columbia, has launched their redesigned website with a subscription offer to make ticket ordering easy for customers -   The new website expands on the Music Lottery program, a bi-weekly Province wide 50/50 raffle, where a single winner takes half of the jackpot and the rest of the proceeds supports live music programming in underserved communities.   Previously sold through a handful of performance venues, raffle tickets are now also available for order through Features of the new site, which is fully responsive and optimised to be mobile-friendly, include a “50/50 Club” subscription offer for easy participation in every draw, multiple modes of participation for venue operators, promoters, festival organizers and other groups that use music as a way to engage community in a meaningful way, and news about upcoming events supported by Music Lottery.   The new...
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Seniors Need Santa Too: Stocking Stuffers for Seniors Donation Drive Helps Disrupt an Epidemic of Loneliness Among Isolated, Elderly Canadians

We often hear that Christmas is for the kids, however for the estimated 1.4 million seniors in Canada who report feelings of isolation and loneliness, a kind gesture from an anonymous Santa during the holidays could be life changing.   Senior isolation is a growing epidemic in Canada. Studies show the effects of isolation and loneliness can have severe negative impacts on the health of seniors. One study found that lonely seniors have a 59% higher risk of physical and mental health decline, and a 45% greater risk of death. Other researchers have suggested that loneliness can be as dangerous as smoking 15 cigarettes a day or being an alcoholic.   In an effort to curb loneliness among seniors during the holidays, London Drugs is partnering with more than 90 senior care organizations to continue its Stocking Stuffers for Seniors holiday donation drive, which will see gifts collected and delivered...
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DIVERSEcity’s Bundle Up Campaign to help refugees keep warm during the coming winter

DIVERSEcity’s Bundle Up Campaign To help refugees keep warm during the coming winter Surrey, BC, November 12, 2019 – With cold temperatures and even snowfall expected this winter, DIVERSEcity is seeking warm clothes, food staples and more for local refugee families, many of whom are experiencing their first Canadian winter. As winter approaches, DIVERSEcity aims to give back to the community with its Bundle Up Campaign, an annual donation drive for refugees and higher need clients to prepare them for the cold Canadian winter months that are fast approaching. Jordan-born Rana Alahmad is the coordinator of the campaign at the Surrey-based non-profit organization. “Many refugees and newcomers to Canada come from warm countries and they are not prepared for the cold winter weather here,” said Alahmad, who is also DIVERSEcity’s Refugee and Immigrant Specialized Experience (RISE) Program Coordinator. “They also have many kids sometimes and can’t afford to get appropriate...
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Vancouver based singer/songwriter Sadé Awele releases the brand new music video for her single  “Apple Pie.”  The visual pairs perfectly with the R&B track, as it features Sadé enjoying her evening with a love interest and friends. She embodies a soulful character of love reflected in her engaging smile and persona. She expresses it through her timeless lyrics and music that ranges from Afro-soul and conscious alternative r&b to neo-soul and contemporary r&b. Her jazzy voice will put you in a soothing trance with familiar tones, yet her sound is in a category of its own. Her most recent work includes a series of singles, including  “Count on Me”, “Nigerian Born”, “Dreams”, “Apple Pie”, available on all music platforms. Each of her singles has an accompanying music video on Youtube. There is so much more to come from her unique sound. The song was written during a jam session with producer...
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By R. Flora Kim. I was first introduced to Clarence Sponagle when I viewed ‘Eighteen’ - a soul touching coming of age story about a teenager named Pip who, like his WWII grandfather, felt lost in the chaos of his environment. Sponagle played Clark, a young street hustler who, strangely, helps Pip discover himself. Though the film wasn’t widely known, Sponagle’s performance was memorable in my eyes. Sadly, I hadn’t seen the actor in a film since. That was until this past Summer, when I made a last minute decision to attend a small film festival put on by InFocus Film School at the SFU Goldcorp Theatre. After films about a woman who changes the life of a homeless man, a world where humans have a finite amount of tears they can shed, and a politically driven-shocker about female menstruation, I was taken aback to see Sponagle again in a...
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Is Your House Haunted? Call Paranormal Spectrum Investigations BC

The definition of the word paranormal is that which can not be explained by science. But what is the paranormal? Sure, the first thing that comes to mind is ghosts or spirits. But there is so much more to it than just that. In fact, there is quite a broad spectrum to the subject and there really is quite a bit that science can’t explain. That’s where Paranormal Spectrum Investigations BC comes in. We are a non-profit team of paranormal investigators that have many years of experience investigating and researching the paranormal field. The team is co-founded by friends, Aimée Bucholtz and Mike Lutke. Aimée brings over 10 years experience as a lead investigator, researcher and case manager. Mike comes to the team with 3 years of investigative experience as a lead investigator and social media manager. Both of us have an unparalleled passion for not only the paranormal but...

Three Compelling Reasons to Outsource Your Bookkeeping Work

If you're a small business owner, you would have very likely contemplated the idea of outsourcing your bookkeeping work. Hiring your own bookkeeping and administrative team to handle year-round bookkeeping takes A LOT of work. And this can be incredibly costly. For example, the average hourly wage in BC to hire a bookkeeper is roughly $21 an hour. according to Payscale. As a full-time employee at 40 hours per week, you're looking at $3,300 per month, or $40,000 a year. On the most conservative level, this is at least 50% more expensive than outsourcing it to a bookkeeping firm - and that's only from a cost perspective. Below, we lay out three compelling reasons for you should outsource your bookkeeping to a bookkeeping firm: 1. Outsourcing your bookkeeping does the job at a cheaper price As we mentioned above, outsourcing your bookkeeping can still help you accomplish what needs to...

New Laws Make Online Gaming Legal and Easy

The online world plays a huge role in our daily lives. We use it to shop, earn money, talk to friends, catch up on the news, and even to meet potential love interests. Now in many American states it’s possible for adults to place legal wagers on sporting events as well. This adds an extra layer of convenience, security, and excitement to supporting one’s favorite athletes, not to mention the prospect of pocketing a little extra cash as well. US Supreme Court strikes down controversial anti-wagering law Concerns about the alleged negative effects of online sports wagering led the US Congress to pass the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) back in 1992. Signed by then-president George H. Bush, the act soon proved unpopular and difficult to enforce. The decentralized nature of the Internet meant that Americans and Canadians could simply turn to overseas websites or illegal operators to...
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The WHY behind the creation of SunnySuccess

Motivational Speaker Toastmaster's Contest Winner Toastmaster's Club President Monthly Workshop Facilitator Life Experiencer Growing up in a single-parent household, my life was anything but normal. I did not do well in school — I was the worst in every class and every sport. I had low self-confidence, not many friends and was always told I will not be able to accomplish much in life which I truly ended up believing. Things remained the same even when I was a teenager. I still had that same mindset. In high school, while other students were preparing for post-high school plans, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I still carried that lack of confidence and self-limitations from my childhood. I graduated from high school in 2008 and immediately starting work full-time in retail. Within two years of working in retail, I was fired. I was sick and...

Ebrahim Jadwet’s brand ENROUTE ANDAMANS enters the travel industry to promote Andaman Islands in the international stage..

From a very young boy who left for Canada a decade ago for a better life for himself, to returning to Andamans in 2019 for a better life for doing justice to the ancestors and the future generations of this part of India and the betterment of the people of the islands, Ebrahim Jadwet's life is an inspiration to the young and old. In late 20s when the majority of the young men think of stability and a great life for himself and settling down and that too when born with a silver spoon, Ebrahim, the young Jadwet lad, made a choice to not just continue his family legacy but also to grind to add his own unique touch to that legacy by starting Enroute Andamans which came naturally to him because of his love and passion for his home, the Andaman islands. While in Canada during his study and...
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It’s back to school season. And while some people are leaning towards subjects like criminology, sciences, law, others are contemplating developing a career in the arts. Vancouver’s film industry is on fire right now, with many big TV shows and films being produced in the heart of the city.  Whether you want to be a film writer, director, a 3D animator, a visual effects artist, or otherwise, there are tons of places where you can learn your craft and develop the creativity to become a powerhouse in Vancouver’s film industry. Here are the top 5 places to study film in Vancouver.  Vancouver Film School VFS is one of the world’s most well-known and renowned film schools. The school has won hundreds of awards and their alumni have worked on many of today's biggest films.  Founded in 1987, VFS offers courses in almost every aspect of the entertainment arts including...
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Talent Agency in Surrey

We’re a new talent agency company in Surrey. We organize events and shows for our artists. We get them exposure that their art needs. Contact us for more details. # - 6047168538...
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Free Women’s Writing Program

The Culture Chats Women’s Writing Group is programming workshops to assist participants create their own content. Women are invited to write about community stories through a multicultural lens and some training and consultation is provided as part of this free program. The first session is on September 3 and this phase of the workshops will continue for about six weeks. Contact/Registration/Enquiries: The program is free to participate. One of our group members, Blossom has this to say about her experience, “Culture Chats has provided me with an opportunity to feel at home in the company of women who have similar yet varied experiences; women who have an eye on their past and a hopeful outlook to their future…who are so brave to share their thoughts, challenges, aspirations and stories.” The program benefits from the support and collaboration of our sponsors and esteemed partners. We would like to gratefully acknowledge...
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3 Life Saving Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

The idea of buying your own home is so exciting and moving. It’s one of the biggest dreams of every person, and why not? Having your own home is not only emotionally appealing, but it also means that you don’t have to bear the hassle of dealing with landlords and taking out a huge sum every month for rent. But buying a house is a nerve-wracking and complex process, especially if you are a first-time buyer. First-time buyers get entrapped in so many ifs and buts, feel confused and helpless due to lack of buying experience and knowledge. It is not only daunting, but you can also end up landing on the wrong deal and regretting your decision. The idea of buying your own home is so exciting and moving. It’s one of the biggest dreams of every person, and why not? Having your own home is not only emotionally...
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HERB 2 HOME Launches Revolutionary Online Cannabis Dispensary

Vancouver Dispensary Focuses on Delivering Premium Grade Products Combined with a Unique User Experience Vancouver, B.C., July 2019- Vancouver’s newest cannabis dispensary is expected to heat up the competition with the official launch of HERB 2 HOME. The business is already making waves in the industry with its large selection of concentrates at very competitive prices. Add to that some of the unique aspects of their customer experience, and it’s no surprise H2H has already seen a significant influx of new customers and steady business. Not only does H2H deliver a variety of cannabis products, but they also use the advantages of modern communication to meet their commitment to a better customer experience. With automatic order updates, same-day delivery, and some of the industry’s most affordable prices, HERB 2 HOME is going far, fast. The dispensary also ensures the highest quality by testing all their products in-house, a rare find...
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