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Surrey604 Community Board

Surrey604 Community Board

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Community Board

Free women’s writing program

Culture Chats is offering a new intercultural women’s writing program that invites participation from women interested in literary arts, storytelling, community reporting and engagement. Our theme is ‘everyday life stories in the community’. The program runs from May 2019 till end of the year and there is no cost to participate. The goal is to support development of stories and articles related to community life as viewed through a multicultural lens. Participants will be provided some training and support in a group setting with an objective to also enable intercultural communication. A commitment of about two hours per week for about twelve weeks will be required. Please email culturechats@gmail.com for further information and registration. Spots are limited and prior registration will be required to participate. A previous writing group member, Blossom has this to say about her experience, “Culture Chats has provided me with an opportunity to feel at home...
Community Board

Run Organizer Needed for Fraser Heights – Surrey Terry Fox Run

Hello Fraser Heights - Surrey, A Run Organizer is needed for the Fraser Heights - Surrey Terry Fox Run. Please have a read through this message to see if you are interested in becoming your city's Run Organizer. If you are interested please contact Donna White by email donna.white@terryfoxrun.org or call 1-888-836-9786....
Community Board

Healthy Living in Early Recovery

Alcohol, within the realms of dating, is commonly used to demolish fears and cultivate “liquid courage.” Perhaps drugs and alcohol make us feel more flirtatious, outgoing, or just overall likable. In general, dating can be extremely intimidating, uncomfortable, and even disappointing. When faced with the reality of doing all of that completely sober, some would gracefully bow out. However, many have done it. Recovery is hard, and dating in recovery is even harder - but many are willing to walk through fear in hopes of finding their significant other.   Many of us have used our addiction to propel the desirable personas suitable for varying situations. Whether we were looking to become more courageous, sociable, or even more willing to welcome vulnerability many of us sought out liquid courage to produce the desired effect. Maybe our only experience dating was wrapped up in the love affair with our beloved vices....
Community Board

Legitimizing Your Social Media Side Hustle (Influencer Tips)

If you'd like to start a career as a social media influencer, know that there is so much potential for success. One of the most amazing facts about social media influencing is that you can be your authentic self, connect with like-minded people and produce content you're passionate about. If you're a cook with loves to prepare amazing Whole 30 recipes or a comedian who loves to talk about pop culture, you can make money. You can start this effort as a side hustle and eventually, build it to a full-time gig. To get this started, you'll want to cover your bases in a few areas. Official Protocol and Correspondence When you're starting out, you'll want to start strong. One of the best ways to do this is by setting up the right systems for your business. Develop a website, business cards and a separate email address. If you don't...
Community Board

‘You got this’ is the message for up-and-coming women professionals on International Women’s Day from DIVERSEcity’s CEO

It’s International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019, with a theme of #balanceforbetter, and Neelam Sahota, CEO of not-for-profit DIVERSEcity Community Resources Society, knows firsthand what it takes for women professionals to take their equal place at the table. For starters, it takes planning and confidence — and a little risk-taking, Sahota shared at an International Women’s Day gathering at DIVERSEcity’s Community Campus this week. “I’m a planner,” Sahota said. “I’ve always known what my professional goals are at five years, 10 years and 20 years into my career. I never lost sight of those things, even when I took time away to focus on being a mother. For many women, especially for those where motherhood comes into the equation, we tend to hesitate and ask ourselves ‘Is it the right time for me?’ But there is no such thing as a perfect time.”   Sahota adds that it’s up...
Community Board

10 Top Surrey Real Estate Agents of 2018 Announced by Rate-My-Agent.com

The top 10 Surrey real estate agents for 2018 were announced last month by Rate-My-Agent.com.  The review site compiled and published the list of top rated Surrey agents based on ratings and reviews received during the past year. In ranked order, lowest to highest, the agents are:   10. Jeff Chadha   9. Narinder Mann   8. Gary Foltyn   7. Robin Kahlon   6. Donna Fuller   5. Vishey Singh   4. Mimi Kates   3. William Tan   2. Dayna Jalbert   1. Rohit Naidu Unlike other agent ranking sites, agents can’t pay to have negative reviews removed or hidden and cannot pay to be included on the list of top-rated agents.  The company says the reviews are verified through a process they wouldn’t disclose in order to protect the integrity of the process.  When asked if they’ve had agents try to cheat, a spokesperson confirmed, “Yes, there have been many attempts by agents to game the...
Community Board

Why Surrey residence singer/songwriter Amrit Bains loves music.

I am very passionate about creating original music with original ideas. I love the freedom of expression that I do express through my music. I believe that music should bring people closer to each others and help in removing the senseless divisions. When I write songs I think about the people of all backgrounds and people of all countries. So I love to write and sing in the language which is understood by most of the people all over the world. In my music and music videos I never promote drugs. In my belief the best high we get is from love and sharing love with people. This passion keeps me going....
Community Board

Managing the Pains of an Office Job

Quick, which do you consider a worse fate—extreme boredom at work or physical pain from sitting all day at work? Boredom can feel mentally painful. Sitting, potentially with poor posture, all day can lead to physical pain. Both things will sap the energy you need to do your work. Must we split hairs? No, we musn’t. We’ll only split the topics here to help you attack them to feel more productive and healthy during your daily 8-plus hour stint. Combating the Mental Pains We might face a number of mental or emotional challenges at work that can range from too big a workload to complicated interpersonal relationships. Sometimes the boss goes overboard establishing unrealistic deadlines. Sometimes our cubicle partner is, well, annoying. Sometimes we’re bored. Science tells us that everyone gets bored and boredom usually presents itself as a sign to get moving. So, when you hit a rut, think:...
Community Board

Finding my Purpose in Recovery from Heroin Addiction

In northwest Arkansas there is a tunnel that runs straight through a mountain in the Ozarks. When you approach the tunnel going 60 mph, you can hear the wind rushing past the car. You hear the tires spinning and creating traction on the road below you. The radio signal isn't very good in this area, so it is an obnoxious mixture of broken up country music and static. When you enter the tunnel, all of this suddenly changes. The orange fluorescent lights are dim. There is no wind rushing by. The radio completely cuts out and everything seems dark, still, and calm. This is how I felt the first time I tried heroin. I grew up in a cookie-cutter neighborhood where all of the brick houses look the same. The Home Owners Association requires that each house have one tree on each side of the sidewalk approaching the homes. Your...

7-Eleven Launches Tree Planting Program for Gas Customers

7-Eleven Launches Program to Offset Tailpipe Emissions All of Surrey’s 10 locations chosen to pilot the green program Surrey, B.C. (October 2018)  | With a goal of planting 20,000 trees across Canada by October 2019 with Tree Canada, 7-Eleven, Inc. has launched RENEW, 7-Eleven’s emissions offset program. RENEW is now available at sixty-one 7-Eleven fueling locations in the Lower Mainland with hope that it will expand across Canada. Customers at participating 7-Eleven fueling stations across the lower mainland can offset their tailpipe emissions by purchasing the same high-quality fuel. There is no other program like it in Canada. For every litre of fuel purchased as a part of the 7-Eleven RENEW program, an investment will be made in reforestation, green-scape projects, wildlife protection and/or renewable energy projects designed to help offset tailpipe emissions. Depending on the amount contributed, tailpipe emissions may be offset by up to 30 percent. In addition...
Community Board

My Dissolution of Prescription Drug Abuse to Full Blown Cocaine Addiction

My whole life I was told to sit pretty and keep my mouth shut… little girls were meant to be seen not heard. I was pretty good at my job of doing this and was the little girl that dreams were made of. Sugar, spice, and everything nice. I smiled, said please and thank you, wore pretty pink dresses, and never disobeyed. Little did anyone know I was slowly dying inside. My little brother was born when I was 3 years old, from the day he came home he was not easy, and that’s putting it nicely. As he got older he was always getting into trouble and my parents were always dealing with him and I became invisible. Because he was so difficult even more pressure was put on me to be perfect, and not rock the boat. I was put in every extra curricular activity you can think...
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OPINION: Reflections on Surrey’s 2018 Municipal Election

By Cindy Dalglish This campaign was eye-opening, enthralling, difficult, and fun. It was exhausting, disgusting, invigorating, and disappointing. Many times, over the past several months, I heard from people that they ‘aren’t into politics’, or ‘I don’t get political’. My, what a privileged stance. I know many that just didn’t bother to vote, too. Not only did many die for the privilege, here is what you need to know. Unless you are a hobbit living in the forest, completely off the grid and eating food you catch yourself, you are political. Have a bank account? Political. Eat food from a store or a restaurant? Political. Walk on sidewalks? Did you go to school? Kids in school? Drive a car? Take a bus? Go to a movie? Play a sport? Have your kids in sports? Are you older and needing medical care? Are you younger and broke a bone? Do I...
Arts and Entertainment

The Art of Art: A Westcoast Formal

Indigenous carver Zachary George has come full circle. On Saturday, November 3rd he returns to a once familiar place, the Downtown Eastside, but this time as a strong and thriving adult, creating art live at the Imperial. Zachary is helping raising funds for at-risk and vulnerable youth, as part of Youth Unlimited’s Art of Art: Westcoast Formal Fundraiser. When Zachary was young, he knew there was something different about him. He recalls not being able to leave his bed as a kid, wanting to sleep and hide from the world. He self-medicated, using drugs as early as 12 and lost himself on the Downtown Eastside. Though he grew up in a supportive family who noticed something wrong, they did not know how to help. At 19 Zachary was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. He replaced drugs with medication that helped keep his life steady. Out of this balance, Zachary discovered...

Emily Williams’s Vocal Strength and Message Display her Distinctive Sound in her Debut EP Unbreakable.

Emily Williams, a pop singer-songwriter from Surrey, B.C., releases her debut EP Unbreakable on Friday, November 9th 2018. Unbreakable will be Williams’s first release since she started performing at the age of 9. Williams writes all her own music and draws from her own life experiences. The EP was recorded, produced, and mastered by local musician and producer Graham Gomez (Good For Grapes, Groove Saloon). The EP will feature guitar and vocals by Williams in combination with energetic pop instrumentals. The produced pop tracks are a new development in Williams’s sound and she is excited to get to show off her new sound to the public. Emily Williams is a strong advocate for mental illness in the community and this is evident in Unbreakable. She references her own struggles, experiences, and triumphs with mental health in her songwriting - a topic that many people can relate to. When talking about...

Surrey DPAC Organized ‘All Candidates Meeting 2018’ For Board of Trustees Candidates

An All Candidates meeting for Surrey School Board of Trustee candidates was organized by the District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) on October 16. The event was held at the Surrey Schools District Education Centre. A video recording of this event will be available on the Surrey DPAC's website (surreydpac.ca) until after the election. Candidates checked in at 6:20 pm and drew numbers to determine seating arrangements. Candidates were able to display their materials and mingle with attendees before the meeting. Surrey DPAC’s acting President Jyotika Jasuja called the meeting to order and began by welcoming parents, guests and 21 of the candidates running for the Board of Trustees. Jasuja also appreciatively introduced the current DPAC Board of Directors, Secretary Amanda Grimson, Treasurer Anissa Riemer Ly and Directors Robert Ran, Jagwinder Mahal, Peter Johal (absent), Nicole Cook (absent). Jasuja was proud of this new team’s efforts for their contributions towards this event and regular DPAC activities. She...
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