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3 KodiAddons for Watching Free Hindi Movies Online


Like Hollywood and the massive film industry there, Bollywood is also the source of some successful and enjoyable movies, accepted worldwide. A massive number of fans and followers for the Hindi movies are known for the vibrant characters portrayed, beautiful songs, romantic scenes, and action-packed storylines.

Whether you are a Hindi movie follower of old classic movies or the latest vibrant movies, it is now possible for the avid Bollywood movie lovers to watch their favorite titles through Kodi. There are dozens of Kodi add-ons that make viewing Hindi movies online possible. While accessing such content online, make sure that you are always using the streaming apps legally and safely. With this being said, we may have to read Kodi’s disclaimer policies before installing and operating it.

Top Kodi addons for Hindi movies

1. Einthusan

Einthusan add-on for Kodi offers a collection of 4000 movie titles. Along with Hindi, there are also movies from various regions of India in different other languages. Some of the options are Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, etc. You can browse the categories as newly released movies, popular, classic movies, old movies, etc.

2. SnagFilms

This add-on is globally available and offered free of cost. You can get access to thousands of independent movies on this add-on, which are sourced from across the globe, including the top Bollywood movies. Along with the film, SnagFilms is also a source of TV shows. In this also, you can see a big list of various categories of content.

Best free VPNs for Linux

Even though there are many open-source VPN clients meant for Linux, not all of them are the same. Only the best VPNs offer you the native Linux client and meet the privacy and security assessments. Here, let us explore a few such choices of VPN for Linux.

Express VPN:

Being one of the most preferred VPN for Linux, Express VPN offers a command-line interface. It can work on a fair number of Linux distros. It will help unblock the streaming sites of various kinds and also provides high-speed access with optimum security.


CyberGhost had recently launched a simple to use CLI Linux ap. This VPN can help unblock the geo-locked content and also offer secure access.


This free VPN for Linuxexcels in unblocking the content restricted regionally. Command-line Linux versions are available for Ubuntu and Debian. The major attraction of using Surfshark is that it permits unlimited connections simultaneously.

More Kodi add-ons for Hindi movies

3. YouTube

YouTube is available globally, but to unlock this platform fully, you may want to have a VPN also. As you may know, YouTube features an endless library of videos, movies, TV shows, and so on. An extensive collection of old Hindi movies is out there on YouTube.

You can find the official add-on for YouTube and also third-party addons for many other movie streaming sources, which makes it easy for the Kodi users to get access to the favorite Bollywood titles. Always use a good VPN while you are accessing content online to protect your privacy and security.