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4 Best Luxury Fashion Gifts For Men With Style


Having a man who loves fashion in your life is wonderful, but when it comes to buying them gifts, it can be hard knowing what is right for them – you don’t want to buy something out of style or not to their taste! We’re here to help – below are plenty of ideas you can invest in for the men in your life who love fashion, so you don’t need to worry about buying the wrong thing again!

Beard Grooming Kit

If your man has some facial hair that he likes to take good care of, investing in a luxury beard grooming kit can be exactly what he needs to look his best and keep that mane tamed. Most kits tend to come with some sort of razor, clippers, trimmers, and various heads for these, so he can get whatever cut suits him best. Some nice beard oil can also leave his beard looking slick and smooth.

If you feel extra special, you can even search for individual products and put together your own handmade grooming kit, so you can personalize it exactly to his taste, but a pre-made kit is still a great choice and can be a great way to give him everything he needs to make sure that facial hair is looking great. Here are the 8 best beard grooming kits to keep that facial hair in style.

Versace Rings

Rings in men’s fashion are an up and coming trend. They can be a great way for your man to add some bling to his outfit without going over the top. There’s a lot of variety in rings, but for something sleek, the winner has to be Versace. You can browse a huge range of Versace Rings here, meaning you can find something that suits your man to a tee, as well as fit the kind of outfits he likes to wear.

The great thing about rings is not only are they wearable in any situation, but they have a sentimental tone to them. It’s not just the dedication to selecting a ring that suits him, looks good, and is in style, but also the emotional meaning behind something as valuable and as meaningful as a ring, which is enough to make him melt with joy. Rings are a great choice for a really special occasion coming up, such as an anniversary, to really show you care.

Fragrance Sets

This is good for those who struggle to pick something that they think their man will wear. Fragrance sets can give a lot without you needing to know a lot, making them a good pick for those who are really stuck with what to choose. There are lots of scents to choose from, meaning you can opt for something you know he likes (maybe he prefers a fresh scent over something musky), and by buying a scent, you can get a few things at once so he’s got plenty to use and experiment with.

If you know his favorite designer or brand, this is even better – many brands such as Ralph Lauren have branched out into fragrances, meaning you can find a fragrance made by that particular designer to complete his look or add to his collection. This shows you know him without needing to know everything about fashion, and can add a nice, personal touch to a gift he’ll be bound to use all the time.

Wireless Earphones

Wireless earphones combine the best of both worlds – not only are they incredibly in right now, meaning your man is bound to love them, but he can listen to music on the go, whether that’s at the gym or on the commute to work.

These are worth investing more into – spending more money means that he’ll get much better sound quality and so be able to enjoy them much more than what he may use now, as well as last a long time. Many brands offer a variety of colors, meaning you can add a little personal touch to them by choosing his favorite color. If you’re feeling extra romantic, you could even create a playlist of love songs or his favorite songs to listen to during the day.

Not only are you giving him a stylish and valuable gift, but you can turn this gift into something much more personal, making it a great choice for those who want to pour their heart into their gift. These are our favorite gift ideas for men who like to keep up with trends and make sure they’re up to date with fashion. These will make sure that not only is your guy looking good, but he’s feeling good and are the perfect way to show you care about him and his passions.