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5 Great Business Start-Up Ideas Requiring Less than $1,000


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Ever wanted to start your own business but felt as though you lacked the funds? Well then 2014 could be the year for you! With the availability of multiple social networks as well as free online resources, you can build the business of your dreams for the price tag of your dreams. Here are five potential business ideas through which could launch your entrepreneurial energies.

1: Tutoring business

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Tutoring can be an incredibly enriching experience for both tutor and pupil, and allows you to utilise a skill or hobby to pursue a lucrative career with few expenditures. Whether you can speak multiple languages, play a musical instrument, or are adept in computer skills, you can teach these skills to others for an hourly fee, on a schedule which suits your lifestyle.
All you need to start your own tutoring business is a website, business cards, some relevant textbooks and equipment to teach your skill, and a willingness to make business connections. You can easily acquire the necessary equipment for well under $1,000, and start making profits on day one. Regular tutoring sessions can pay upwards of $25 per hour, with some students paying up to $65 an hour for sessions on specialised subjects such as maths, computing and foreign languages. Online services such as Maths Doctor and TutorVista connect tutors with potential students making it easy for you to find clients.

2: Events Planning

Events Planning
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Get paid to party! If you have an aptitude for organisation, you can initiate your events planning business for well under $1,000. You can design your own website with a free template so that you only have to pay for your company’s domain name and monthly web hosting. You can use cheap online suppliers such as Vista Print to create merchandise such as fliers, postcards, hats, shirts and even key chains, all of which will help promote your business. You can offer your services to friends and family to build up an events portfolio and then expand to a wider online market. With hard work and determination, you can sustain a successful business organizing a whole host of events, from birthdays to bar-mitzvahs!

3: Exercise Classes

Exercise Classes
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The weight loss industry makes billions of dollars every year as people strive to achieve the perfect body. Capitalize upon this trend by running your own exercise classes. If you have previous fitness experience, such as being part of a sports team in school or personal training, then you can apply the skills and health advice you have learned to help others improve their fitness. All you need are some flyers, a Facebook page and website, as well as a lot of stamina!

4: Editing

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Editorial services are a viable business opportunity with little expenditures, as you can work completely from home. You can offer a range of services, such as website content or magazine article writing, ghost writing, proofreading, indexing or copyediting. Online services such as Fiverr and Elance allow you to reach a range of potential clients with relative ease. All you need is a computer, Wi-Fi and an interest in writing. Failing that a quill and parchment may suffice.

5: Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services
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Although it may not appear to be one of the most glamorous jobs, this is precisely why a cleaning company can become a thriving business. You can use your own household appliances to offer cleaning, washing, organizing or even gardening services. People will be lining up to pay you to alleviate them of the jobs they least want to carry out. A cleaning business allows your customers to have a break from household chores, whilst you rake in the cash as well as their leaves!

This article was produced by Bradley Taylor. Bradley is a motoring enthusiast who loves cars and everything automotive but also writes across a variety of topics.