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A Guide to British Columbia’s Casinos


When people think of British Columbia, they often picture idyllic coastlines and beautiful mountain ranges, but Canada’s westernmost province is home to a wide array of cultural hotspots too.

From the vibrant city life of Vancouver to the popular ski resorts of Whistler, British Columbia is home to a variety of experiences. In particular, the state has a lot to offer those with interests in gambling and the culture surrounding it. Across the province, there are a host of different casinos that both locals and tourists enjoy immensely.

River Rock Casino Resort

Whether it’s roulette or poker, there are numerous games that have sky-rocketed online in recent years, with plenty more here to choose from. However, the demand for real- life, vacation gambling is still very much alive. The River Rock Casino Resort, located in Richmond, is a four-diamond hotspot that offers a wealth of experiences within its walls.

From fitness centres to spas, awarding- winning restaurants to live shows, the River Rock has everything for visitors to do in between betting. The casino keeps people coming back too, as it offers a range of table games including roulette, private poker rooms and over a thousand slots to test your luck on. They even offer a collective jackpot prize, which as of mid-2020 stands at $500,000.

Treasure Cove Casino and Bingo

Nestled in the heart of north British Columbia, Treasure Cove is the biggest casino folks will find above the lower mainland. Across its 37,000-square-foot expanse, betting fans will discover everything from table games and slots to daily bingo, which is held four times a day in the casino.

The resort, which is designed with a Tuscan theme and offers live comedy and music shows, is a perfect place to indulge in a wide array of games while soaking in the local culture.

Cascades Casino Resort

People are always looking for new experiences when it comes to betting, so the Cascades Casino Resort south-east of Vancouver may be the perfect sport for those  looking to push the boat out a little.

Situated in the city of Langley, Cascades is a 24-hour betting spot that offers all the favourite kinds of games with a more laid-back, easy-going atmosphere to make both newcomers and frequent visitors welcome. As well as the games and entertainment within the resort, the local amenities offer quiet, relaxed suburban life for tourists to enjoy.

Casino of the Rockies

As you may be able to tell from its name, Casino of the Rockies is the quintessential Canadian casino experience, with it being found in Cranbrook, south-east BC. Surrounded by mountain ranges and decorated with fauna and flora, it’s as good to look at as it is to enjoy its features and attractions.

With a world-class golf course set to the backdrop of the Rocky mountains, being away from the tables proves to be as fun as being on them. With changing regulation and expansion of online gambling, it’s vital that more traditional resorts like the Casino of the Rockies are maintained and cherished as a symbol for the harmony Canadian culture has with its own land.