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Aiming for a Graduate Degree in Web Design?


If you are currently in college or already hold a diploma from a four-year institution and want to pursue a master’s degree in web design, there are several paths you can take to maximize your long-term career success. For starters, it helps to choose an undergraduate major that fits well with a grad school course of study in web design. There are other smart strategies you can employ to enhance the quality of your education and training. Here are some to keep in mind as you consider which grad school to attend.

Pick a Relevant Undergrad Major

The most relevant degrees for prospective web designers include some of the more common ones, like business, computer programming, and communications. You could still get into a good graduate program without one of those degrees. The point is to make your post-college studies easier to digest and based on subjects you are already partly familiar with. Additionally, having a related undergrad degree means you’ll be that much more attractive to prospective employers when the time comes to interview for jobs.

Apply for Student Loans Early

You can apply for graduate school student loans well before your degree program begins. As long as you know the school you’ll be attending and how much you want to borrow, you’re good to go with making an application. Don’t put this step off until the last minutes because you’ll likely be wrapped up in details related to your academic program and orientation later on.

One of the key advantages of getting an education loan for a master’s program is that you won’t have to worry about paying next semester’s tuition and will instead be able to hone in on your studies. That means a lot when you are in a top technical program that is challenging enough to keep you busy every day of the week.

Consider Working for Two Years After College

If you really want to supercharge your long-term job prospects, consider working for one or two years immediately after college to gain valuable experience in your chosen field. Then, when you add a master’s diploma onto your resume, employers will take notice. Even if you take a leave of absence for grad school and return to your original employer, your chances for a key promotion will improve significantly.

Start Networking Now

It’s never too early to begin building a professional network. The saying about the importance of who you know includes a grain of truth, at least.

Maintain a separate file on your desktop and label it something like “contacts,” so you’ll be able to add to it every so often. Collect business cards, attend industry events, join the chamber of commerce as an associate member, and do whatever you can to make contacts with professionals in your line of work. Some of the world’s top business gurus say this is one of the most important ingredients for success. Never doubt the power of personal connections.

Hunt for Remote Internships

Always be on the lookout for remote internships in web design. The benefits include being able to work as little or as much as you want, building a network of professional contacts, and learning essential skills that will stand out on your resume.