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Burnaby BC, Kingdom of the Black Crows at Still Creek


(Mark Hamilton Photo)

I’ve been working in Burnaby for a year now. Our office is just down the road from the Gilmore SkyTrain station which is near Still Creek. Every evening, across the Lower Mainland, thousands of crows are seen crossing the skies at dusk, heading towards Burnaby’s Still Creek area where they gather to roost. This phenomenon also occurs at dawn just before the sun comes up as they gather to go looking for food. I often walk into this creepy scenario on my way to work in the morning, or after work on the way home.


On Christmas Eve morning I happened to have my iPhone ready and managed to capture some video of these birds. The footage above doesn’t quite do it justice but you can see just how many birds there are and how loud they are.

Burnaby BC, Kingdom of the Black Crows at Still Creek
(Photo CorvusArt)

The bird shit falls like rain showers. Many women actually carry umbrellas to avoid getting hit, as Jennifer Moreau explains in her very interesting Burnaby Now article “As the Crow Flies, A Special Report” about this huge murder of crows. (Update: The Burnaby Now article seems to have disappeared. Here’s a Province article on it: Murder mystery: The reason why 6,000 crows flock to Burnaby every night)

Below are videos that others caught of the Burnaby Crows. The second is really quite good.