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CBD Product Sales Remain Steady In The Midst Of A Pandemic


For many people around the world CBD has quickly become an essential part of their everyday lives and in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, this has again been proven by a steady demand for CBD products. In recent weeks the entire world has fallen victim to the covid-19 virus, in that we must all practice great caution and social distancing to avoid contamination. Throughout this devastation many companies have suffered because their products just aren’t essential, while other products like CBDfx capsules are a must-have, and are keeping big name CBD brands like CBDfx in business.

In January, 2020, the world first heard about Covid-19 appearing in China and quickly causing a large number of deaths. Americans, and the rest of the world lay in wait with baited breath to see if the virus would spread. It did unfortunately and we are beginning to fear that it might kill a frightening percentage of the population. After China, the virus started to surface around the globe. Iran, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom were some of the first to experience the rampant spread of the potentially deadly virus. Their governments responded by implementing closures, and curfews to help stop the spread of the virus. In Italy the virus spread at an incredible speed, and though they had implemented curfews, and lockdowns, they still experienced hundreds of deaths in a matter of weeks.

With the virus being spread from person to person around the globe, political leaders and the general public began to fear the worst, and flight bans were implemented as well as curfews, lockdowns, and business closures worldwide. Suddenly, just about anyone traveling internationally was stranded abroad with no way to return home, and often no safe place to self quarantine. For many people stranded in airports and public places, social distancing was not even an option, and many were subject to a much higher risk of being exposed. Some countries have been able to send private jets to pick up stranded citizens and bring them home where they can self quarantine with their loved ones.

Flight restrictions have caused Airlines to lose an incredible amount of revenue and many have tried to compensate by offering exceptionally cheap flights to locations that have not yet been restricted. This attempt to recuperate lost revenue was particularly appealing to millenials who, in their youth, might not be able to fully grasp the magnitude of the current situation. Many of these brave, naive millennials are already starting to experience the repercussions of traveling at such a tumultuous time. Some of the countries that were not yet restricted travel zones have since been declared as such, leaving hundreds of travelers stranded, often in third-world countries that do not have the medical infrastructure to support their own citizens during a pandemic, nor do they have the resources to take on the influx of sick travelers from around the globe.

Though the Airline industry is certainly suffering right now, they are not the only ones. Businesses around the world are seeing tremendous revenue losses and are expecting this financial trend to continue for at least the next two to three months. Many of these businesses are trying to find alternative means of maintaining their staff and keeping everybody busy and paid by utilizing remote work programs and applications. Unfortunately, with the general public terrified of being exposed to the virus, many businesses just aren’t amassing the amount of revenue to make it possible to keep paying their employees, and as such they have been forced to close down temporarily in an attempt to save their business.

With so many companies suffering great financial losses, and others being completely shut down, it can be hard to imagine what products will continue to sell throughout this trying time. Well, there are some obvious ones like food, water, and toilet paper. Canned goods are especially useful and almost impossible to find at this point. But there are some products that are not only maintaining their veracity on the market, but have been deemed essential by many governments. CBD products have seen not only a steady revenue income but a few of the top-tier CBD companies, like CBDfx, have actually been experiencing an increased revenue and are projecting this to continue gradually over the coming months.

Well-known manufacturers like CBDfx, who have established a not only a trusting client base but a reputation as a company who manufactures a variety of high quality products, also offer online marketplaces where their customers can purchase their products. This has allowed them to provide for their customers even through lockdown conditions. Fortunately, CBD users are able to order CBDfx and other brands online without leaving the safety of their home. This offers the top tier CBD companies a vehicle for continued business.

People are terrified to leave their homes, in fear of being exposed to Covid-19, and it has taken its toll on the economy. Businesses have been closed left and right because they have been deemed non essential, and the businesses that aren’t closed are suffering great financial loss because even though they are legally able to remain open, people are scared to leave their home. So companies are not only losing revenue from people not going into their stores to buy things, but they are losing money by keeping employees staffed at each location. CBD companies have both the advantage of having been deemed essential by many governments, including the U.S government, and the fact that the bulk of their business is done through online orders. It is the perfect recipe- People trust CBD companies like CBDfx as a health and wellness brand, these people don’t have to leave their homes to order products online, and the products are shipped from the manufacturer to the clients home, so there is no need for human interaction or putting yourself in a situation where you could be exposed to Covid-19.