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CES 2020 – Find The Most Bizzare Ideas For Hardware Innovation


We are demanding. There is no need to deny that. But are our technological demands going to hurt the environment?

When is enough, enough?

Even though some people are careless, others are very worried about our environment. And how couldn’t they be?

But in this post, we’ll show you that it’s not as bad as everyone thinks when it comes to technological advancements.

Therefore, keep on reading to find the top 5 misconceptions in the world of technology – so you can finally end up enjoying the new benefits guilt-free!

Mass Productions Don’t Necessarily Result in High-Carbon Footprint

In order to have a sustainable system, a carbon footprint should be as minimal as possible. But how does mass production of technological products such as smartphones, laptops, or TVs enable a low-carbon footprint?

It’s hard to achieve it, but we’re still keeping it as minimal as possible in a number of different ways.

Apple is one of the greatest examples. They innovate new technological products every year and yet they still keep their carbon footprint as low as possible.

They offer an exchange process, they refurbish their products and re-sell them, but also ensure that the overall value of their products and lifespan is good enough for users to re-sell their products themselves.

Also, by re-use of their products and recycling of the parts – releasing a new product every year is very well justified.

This is a cycle which is very well balanced and in the long run – it doesn’t do any harm to the environment.

At first, releasing a new model of any technological product can be called nonsense. However, there’s a lot more behind the recycling and production of the new products we don’t even know.

Therefore, before judging – we believe that this might be one of the misconceptions.

5G Isn’t as Harmful as We Thought

When the first news of 5G hit the world – almost everyone was initially against it. The main reason was that 5G consists of harmful waves that are not only harmful to the environment – but also for humans.

With this being said, it’s easy to understand why people were so against the 5G.

However, as time has passed – we could see 5G features being integrated into the first laptops and smartphones.

Soon enough, it’ll be integrated into almost every new smartphone, tablet, or even laptop.

But if 5G is so harmful, how come it’s proceeding with its involvement in our lives and the environment?

The truth is – 5G isn’t as harmful as everyone thought.

It was confirmed by the professor of radiology at New York University, Christopher M. Collins that 5G waves do not penetrate the human body or atmosphere. Therefore, 5G isn’t as much of a threat we thought it is.

Therefore, no matter how much mass-produced technological products there are – 5G won’t do any harm to the environment.

That’s one of the reasons why 5G has been given a green light and why it is already being introduced by brands such as Samsung and Lenovo into their latest products.

We were able to see the first 5G being introduced at CES 2020 which is a big deal and we believe that 5G introduction to other products will only follow.

Green Future is Achievable in High-Demand Technological Environment

Technology has advanced drastically in the last three or four decades. However, even before we had LTE and 4G – the world was still working on mass-producing technological devices that will help in our everyday life.

And by the introduction of some of the basic yet important technological advancements about 30 years ago – the world wasn’t damaged in such a period of time.

Instead, the biggest issue for the environment isn’t the technology yet emissions. And while the world is battling the CO2 vehicle emissions by introducing electrical vehicles – the issue still doesn’t stop there.

The higher demand for electricity will be on the rise and all the batteries used will once have to be recycled.

Therefore, when we consider mass production in technology with CO2 emissions – the carbon footprint of mass production for technology is under control.

And yet at the same time, we’re getting the CO2 emissions under control so with all the misconceptions out there – we are still moving towards the greener as a world.

The reason for this is, you might not believe it – technological advancement. If technology didn’t advance over the last couple of decades, we simply wouldn’t have all the abilities to lower the carbon footprint.

Therefore, we should be pro-technology and at least do the research behind that is put upon us. Of course, there will be unethical productions that aren’t very well justified or have a higher carbon footprint than average.

But the most important piece – our mass production of technological devices, is under control and it doesn’t hurt the environment.


Why do you think we are faced with these misconceptions?

Even though we get to choose a certain amount of technology we will rely on in our everyday life – some technological advancements are unavoidable.

A great example is 5G technology. However, even though it’s put upon us – once a professional doctor was enough to break the misconception and give the new technology a green light.

Do you agree that the mass production of technological devices is under control and that its carbon footprint is relatively low?

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