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Europe 2014 Part 1: The Journey to Liverpool, UK


From My Travel Journal:

Friday the 13th, June, 2014

Fatima and I departed for Europe visiting England and Scotland, Luxembourg, Germany and France beginning with Liverpool UK where Fatima must attend a Nursing Conference. It was a bright Sunny day. We cabbed from Surrey and headed for the airport. Her dad called us and we wished him a Happy Father’s Day (Saturday).

I brought “Into the Wild” with me, a (must-read) book I picked up last summer in Juneau, Alaska. Our Lufthansa flight ascended at 6pm and made Munich, Germany in 10 hours. I read for the duration with intermittent naps. Lufthansa is a great airline, and offers free liquor.

Fatima sets off metal detectors at Munich airport in Germany

Our Munich layover was short but we had to pass through security again. Fatima set off the metal detectors as usual.

Bayern Munchen beer ad

I bought a Bayern Munchen scarf for my friend at the gift shop.

Smoking room at Munich airport

They have a smoking room in Munich, which you no longer see in Canada.

Welcome to Manchester Airport

Planes arrive in Manchester, UK

disembarking the plane

moving sidewalk at Manchester airport

Our connection arrived in Manchester, UK a couple of hours later and we trained to Liverpool.

Trans Pennine express train

Trans Pennine express train

Trans Pennine express train seats

Fatima resting on the train

Fatima was very sleepy, having sat beside a horribly smelly man all night (no it wasn’t me). She hadn’t sleep at all.

Fatima on the Trans Pennine express

She is not fond of this travel-weary portrait but granted me permission to publish it.

My book Into the Wild and camera

I nearly finished my book on the ride, and took some photos.

Buildings in UK

Buildings in UK

Arriving at Liverpool Lime Street Station, I asked the cabbies in their funny (old-fashioned-looking) taxis if they took credit but they don’t. We tried to withdraw money from the cash machines but they rejected our debit cards. Fatima withdrew cash from her Visa.

Fatima at Liverpool Lime Street Station

Liverpool Lime Street Station

With her cash we hired a cabby with an accent I could barely understand. Natives of Liverpool are referred to as Liverpudlians and colloquially as “Scousers”, a reference to “scouse”, a form of stew. Around town you see them advertising ‘Scouse Burgers’ and ‘Scouse’ T-Shirts.

Walkers Ales Warrington, Liverpool UK

Just outside Lime Street Station I saw this unique building with a funky sign “Walker’s Ales Warrington”.

McHales Shamrock Pub in Liverpool

Some pubs, Fish and Chips spots shot from the taxi, preparing for some World Cup.

REAL Fish and Chips, Liverpool UK

We arrived at our waterfront Holiday Inn just opposite the Convention Center with large ferris wheel outside. All the buildings in this country seem to be made with bricks. This hotel is quite large. We passed through several wide hallways, and many sets of doors to reach our room.

Fatima and waterfront Holiday Inn Express window view of Albert dock

waterfront Holiday Inn Express window view of Albert dock

view of Liver Building Holiday Inn Express window Albert dock

Our quaint room overlooks the water of Albert Dock. We showered then walked around looking for a place to eat, choosing Smugglers Cove, a pirate’s den with massive fireplaces, chandeliers, and a lounge act – great music and vibe.

Smugglers Cove Pub, Albert Dock, Liverpool, UK
(Photo: Smugglers Cove Pub)

Daman Beatty having a pint at Smugglers Cove Pub, Albert Dock, Liverpool,UK

We cheated on our vegetarian diet to have some real UK fish and chips with mashed peas. Delicious. I had a large beer making me sleepy after the long journey.

It appeared there was a stagette or ‘hen party’ convention going on in Liverpool that night. Never have I seen so many groups of women on stagettes at once, dressed in burlesque outfits, taking over the city. Very odd. If anybody from Liverpool is reading, perhaps you can explain.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and caught some of the England vs Italy World Cup game. England lost 2-1.