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Generations of Davids & Moving Rocks – Dr. Beatty Personal History


As it is Father’s Day weekend I figured it was time to publish another interview with my father: retired Mount Allison University professor Dr. David Pierce Beatty.

This time he talks about farming life in Williamston Michigan during the 1930’s and 40’s. He speaks about his ancestors and their great love for the name “David.” There have been generations of men named “David” in the Beatty family.


I’ve provided some imagery related to his story below.

First Home in Williamston, Michigan

First Home in Williamston, Michigan

Caption reads: “First home in Williamston, built by Williams Bros., 1839, as taken from pencil sketch made by Crary Grattan 1856.” Obviously the town is their namesake. This drawing came from a program in Dad’s collection for a showboat production called “The Williamston Showboat” – basically a riverboat with live entertainment.

Early Farming in Williamston, Michigan

John Deere Tractor and Will

This photo above was in Dad’s collection entitled “John Deere Tractor and Will.” It may be his childhood friend Wilbur Rykert or perhaps a relative, I’m not sure. Nonetheless, it’s pretty messy looking work.

Horses and Hay

Old school farmer’s and their horses. (source)

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