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Give Someone Special in Your Life the Personalized Gift of Art From Photographs!


Personalized gifts are lovely to both give and receive. Many people love personalized gifts because they tend to have a lot more meaning than traditional gifts that are not personalized. When a person receives a personalized gift, they know that a lot of thought and care went into that gift. So, they tend to appreciate them a lot more.

However, despite the fact that many people want to give perfect personalized gifts to people in their lives, they do not know how to find a great personalized gift. helps people turn photographs into custom works of art. These gifts are extremely personalized because they are derived literally from moments in a person’s life.

Paint Your Life as a team of artists who specialize in creating these custom oil paintings. All that they need to create a stunning work of original art is a photograph. When the artists are done with the custom paintings, the paintings are so realistic-looking that many people mistake them for enlarged photographs. However, once they realize that they are actually paintings, they are shocked at how talented the artists are. Custom paintings from Paint Your Life make for excellent personalized gifts for any occasion.

A Most Pleasant Surprise

Part of the reason why custom paintings from Paint Your Life make for such great gifts is because most people are not expecting to receive such a personalized gift. So, they are genuinely surprised when they unwrap the painting to see themselves, their pet, their children, or any other person from their life looking back at them in paint.

For many people who receive custom oil painting portraits from Paint Your Life, it is the single most powerful artistic gift that they will ever get in their entire lives. Oftentimes, it is also the most personalized. Because of this, people tend to have extremely strong emotional reactions to these paintings. In fact, many people well up with tears or shout out in joy when they see the painting for the first time.

Custom oil painting portrait of a man leaning against a wall.

So, anyone who wants to genuinely surprise someone whom they care about deeply can Commission a painting from Paint Your Life. To commission a Paint Your Life painting, one simply has to choose a picture that he or she wants to turn into art, choose an artist, choose a painting style, and submit the picture to The painting will then be completed in a matter of weeks. It’s that easy!

A Great Conversation Piece

One of the best things about custom paintings from Paint Your Life is that they make excellent conversation pieces. People who receive these paintings as gifts tend to hang them in prominent places in their homes such as their kitchens, their living rooms, their foyers, etc. So then, when they have guests over, the guests get to see the paintings in all of their glory.

Many people who own custom paintings from Paint Your Life find that guests are extremely impressed by the paintings. In fact, it is very common for guests to ask them where they got the paintings, how much they cost, how the process of ordering one works, etc.

There are very few artistic pieces that a person can put in their house that will rival a custom oil portrait from a photo from Paint Your Life in terms of being able to impress houseguests. So, the fact that Paint Your Life paintings are such excellent conversation pieces is another one of their many benefits.

A Gift That Anyone Can Appreciate

It doesn’t matter if a person wants to give a personalized oil painting gift from Paint Your Life to a niece, a nephew, a father, a grandfather, a friend, etc. All types of people appreciate paintings from Paint Your Life. However, before a person commissions a painting from Paint Your Life, he or she should choose the photograph very carefully.

This is because people tend to appreciate certain types of photographs more than others when they are turned into paintings. A person should try to select a photograph that captures the personality of the person who will be in the painting. So, if the person is an avid golfer, try to use a picture of him golfing. If a person loves to dance, then try to use a picture of him or her dancing, etc.

Choosing photos that capture the personality of the person in the painting really helps to make the gift more personalized. There is a true power to personalized gifts that makes people feel extremely happy when they receive them. People tend to have extremely strong emotional reactions to Paint Your Life paintings.

You can see some of the reactions that people have had to Paint Your Life paintings by clicking on the link below: