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Google to Launch SDK for Android Wearables


Google is all set to go one up on its competitors in the wearables market with the launch of it very first SDK (software development kit) for Android wearable computing devices. According to a statement made by Sundar Pichai, who heads the Android and Chrome segments of the tech and Internet giant, the SDK for Android wearables will hit the market in two weeks.

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This statement was made at the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin, Texas. Pichai, however, did not clarify when the actual products will hit the store shelves. Industry insiders believe that Google probably wants to garner “feedback” from the developer community by releasing the SDK early. It is possible that the wearable tech products might be launched at Google’s annual I/O developer conference in June this year.

Google’s Forays into the Wearable Tech Market

Google had entered the wearable tech market with the Google Glass. It is a piece of connected eyewear that can shoot pictures and videos. In this context, it is worth noting that Samsung is also working on its own version of connected eyewear.

The launch of Google Glass had fueled rumors about Google’s next tech wearable launch. In fact, Sundar Pichai’s statement has finally laid to rest months of speculation that Google was building its own version of a smartwatch. It is now evident that Google wants developers to be able to create their own “vision” of a wearable using the Android platform. This is not surprising considering that Google follows a similar approach with its smartphones and tablets.

However, not much is known about the Google smartwatch except that it will be powered by Android and will be manufactured by LG. LG, incidentally, had built the previous two Google Nexus smartphones.

Update: Google Announces Android Wear, Its Operating System for Smartwatches and More.

Google has also made it clear that they intend to expand the boundaries of the wearable technology. Pichai has hinted at a smart jacket that will also be powered by Android and will have in-built sensors.

The Buzz Around Google’s SDK for Android Wearables

According to industry analysts, the launch of Google’s SDK for Android wearables has inherent in it seeds of an interesting development. It seems that Google wants to motivate (read: influence) developers to keep working with Android by releasing the SDK. Android is already the global leading platform for smartphones. If Android succeeds in capturing the wearable tech market as well, then there could be a rise of an ecosystem where the various pieces of hardware are seamlessly integrated to provide a rich user experience.

Android, however, has a stiff competition in the wearable tech OS sphere from Samsung’s Tizen. Although Samsung had opted for Android to power their first generation of Galaxy Gear smartwatches, it has since then developed its own operating system, Tizen. Tizen will power the second generation of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatches.

Google has heated up the war in the wearable tech market by announcing the imminent launch of its SDK for Android wearables. But gadget geeks cannot complain because this only entails more options for them.

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